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  1. 2017/01/07, 12:05:14 ALiVE [m_25|220] Module ALiVE_sys_weather INIT 2017/01/07, 12:05:37 Weather was forced to change 2017/01/07, 12:05:37 ALiVE [m_25|220] Module ALiVE_sys_weather INIT COMPLETE TIME: 23.461 Looking good? No error with "*weather*" found.
  2. Hi, is Afghanistan/Kandahar a valid entry for real weather?
  3. @scooterperpetual You can even create a complete, big living map with ALiVE and I'd always suggest to use a dedi if you have the resources. If you work "clean" all the time, your map and your game would open to your friends in case you want to invite them.
  4. this is awesome! Simply into the initPlayerLocal.sqf and my players will never again get shot for friendly fire?
  5. Hey guys, I'm, working on a persistent mission that will run for month through alive and it's already testing the server performance. My problem: Some players might cause collateral damage and I can not prevent that. Some players might end up in a position where they kill sozens of civilians because someone else gave them wrong coordinates. The question is: How can I make sure that they never get negative rating and how can I do it in the best way? I've read triggers are evil so what is better and performance friendly? I found this sniplet: if (hasInterface) then { [] spawn { while {true} do { if (rating player < 1000) then {player addRating 5000;}; sleep 15; }; }; }; If I understand it correctly, then I should put this into initPlayerLocal.sqf, correct? Is this a good way to do it?
  6. FYI: I'm rebuilding the complete setup on a different server now as a countercheck. Same procedure: source Repo on new server middle Repo with Filezilla FTP Server on new server public Repo at the hoster
  7. I guess I found the reason: Source a3s Destination a3s edit: I reinstalled ALIVE and found a funny bug: When he tries to recreate the @ALIVE he starts creating .a3s/.a3s/.a3s in a loop... Also I found this: (000465)28.11.2016 12:14:33 - 337277-tmp2 (> type=file;size=574;modify=20161126145155; /@ace/addons/ace_viewdistance.pbo.ace_3.8.2.13-1c8955d9.bisign (000465)28.11.2016 12:14:33 - 337277-tmp2 (> 250 End (000465)28.11.2016 12:14:33 - 337277-tmp2 (> CWD (000465)28.11.2016 12:14:33 - 337277-tmp2 (> 250 Broken client detected, missing argument to CWD. "/@ace/addons" is current directory. (000465)28.11.2016 12:14:33 - 337277-tmp2 (> CWD @ALiVE (000465)28.11.2016 12:14:33 - 337277-tmp2 (> 250 CWD successful. "/@ace/addons/@ALiVE" is current directory. (000465)28.11.2016 12:14:33 - 337277-tmp2 (> CWD addons (000465)28.11.2016 12:14:33 - 337277-tmp2 (> 250 CWD successful. "/@ace/addons/@ALiVE/addons" is current directory. (000465)28.11.2016 12:14:33 - 337277-tmp2 (> CWD /@ALiVE/addons (000465)28.11.2016 12:14:33 - 337277-tmp2 (> 550 CWD failed. "/@ALiVE/addons": directory not found. (000465)28.11.2016 12:14:33 - 337277-tmp2 (> disconnected. There is no @ALiVE in @ACE/Addons in the source Repo. Will reinstall A3S and Java, just in case.
  8. Maybe I'm simply doing a few things wrong here. After A3S wouldn't do any changes anymore, I uploaded to a local FTP. Then I transfer from that folder via Filezilla in binary mode to the internet FTP. Then I try to connect directly to the real FTP und suddenly he stays at "Deleting extra remote files..." for nearly an hour even though there is nothing to delete. And even after doing both... (successfully as both program say), I still miss files on the destination internet-FTP. I doublechecked the source Repo and stuff and everything looks perfectly fine. It's just that when you click sync, he doesn't show these files on the client.
  9. Old problem again: I changed a the directory name of @CUP_Terrains. After 12+ hours of upload and delete, he said he finished. But when I tried to sync, he said no changes. So I clicked upload again... and he again says 11 hours... I didn't use FTP for direct access. Access rights are in perfect condition as we are using this Repo for a long time now. It's only big updates he can't handle. That means now: Rebuilding Repo, deleting remote content, reuploading everything and in the end the Repo was down for nearly 3 days. Can we please please pretty please get the possibility to upload manually too?
  10. mech

    Project OPFOR

    The problem with fantasy equipment is, that you have to add a complete different realistic class to make sure you don't screw up everybody else's missions ;). And having armor with Talibans is like having alien guns, because anything they had was destroyed so fast. They never "had" it, they found it and nearly instantly got killed in it.
  11. Can someone from the modders pls answer? It's really confusing if people have to download a different Mod directory for every server because every team chooses a name on their own. Thx!
  12. Thank you for the info, will check it out!
  13. Maybe helps: I get this a lot on local connections when connecting through external IP.