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  1. Mission Statement The United States Army Special Operations Command (USASOC) is a military simulation group set to emulate the Combat Applications Group (CAG), formerly known as Delta. We are an 18+ community run by veterans of both the Armed Forces and ArmA with a combined experience of 20+ years in and out of game. Our objective is to provide a professional, organized, and fun community centered around mature individuals that are seeking camaraderie and esprit de corps. The unit is still in its infancy though command and personnel within the unit have founded successful units in the past such as 2nd MRB (2015 - 2019), 5th Special Forces Group (2013 - 2015), 173rd Airborne Brigade (2007 - 2008), 75th Ranger Regiment (2008 - 2010) to name a few. Our focus this time round is to build a unit that takes focus in maintaining a professional, skilled player base that can form real world friendship with those shared qualities at heart. Information Roles in the Unit The role within the unit, relating to CAG in particular, is referred to as Operator, though an operator can have various schools under their belt to make them more skillful and useful on the battlefield, this can include but are not limited to; JTAC Qualified - Operator has attended and passed the course designed to teach the skill of communicating with aircraft to direct fires, infil, extract and other forms of ground assistance. SOCM Qualified - Operator has attended and passed the course designed to teach the operator in advanced medical procedures and the tools in which these procedures require. Advanced Sniper Qualified - Operator has attended and passed the course designed to teach the operator in advanced sniper techniques, used to better equip an operator in the art of target acquisition and target engagement at intermediate to long ranges. These are just a few of the courses available, others will be worked on when required by the unit. The 160th SOAR will form at some point in the future, this all hinders on when we have built the foundation of the ground element as that is our priority at this point. Contact Information Website http://specialmissionunit.net Teamspeak ts.specialmissionunit.net Discord https://discord.gg/naaA6du8 Enlistment Requirements Own a legitimate copy of ArmA 3 and Apex. Are at least 18 years old when applying. Can speak, read and write in fluent English. Have a good standing in the ArmA community. Have a clear understanding of what a MILSIM (Military Simulation) unit necessitates. Will follow the policies of the unit when utilizing the website and other platforms associated with the unit. Understand the schedule of the unit regarding Training, Operations and Events in general. USASOC Youtube https://steamcommunity.com/app/107410/discussions/10/3046104862445636359/
  2. Special Operations Group The Special Operations Group is an attempt to make a small group of like-minded individuals able to focus on realism and gameplay without requiring a large player base. Operations focus on small unit tactics, diverse covert mission sets, players utilizing multiple skills, and joint operations with like-minded units to facilitate larger operations.[/h1] SOG strives to create a balance between extreme realism and game play within the world of Arma. We seek to keep our unit small and tight nit, in order to form a brotherhood in the game and out. Operations are detailed, varied, and realistic. You won't find yourself in Takistan for the 8th time. Our core group of members have been playing with each other for several years. Most are US Army and Marine Corp Veterans who have served overseas. With that being said, we are looking for service members, veterans and experienced Arma players to fill the few slots remaining on our teams and aviation. We do not want to train new players. Background: The Special Operations Group or SOG is the clandestine action arm of the CIA, they have recently come into public viewing but SOG/SAD operatives trace their origins to the OSS and MACV/SOG in Vietnam. SAD operatives paved the way for operations in Afghanistan and facilitated the capture of Osama Bin Laden. Organization: Our SOG loosely attempts to replicate operations and organization of the CIA’s Ground and Air Branch. SOG is organized into small teams of 4, composed of “Operators” utilizing multiple assigned “Skills”. Teams will be organized in an ODA fashion where every operator has a specific role to carry out besides being just another shooter. Aside from their assigned role, operators will have an additional skill that they are cross-trained on to facilitate a wide variety of operations with a very small team. For example, your assigned Weapons operator might also hold the “Medical Skill” and can act as an alternate medic if the team splits or the primary medic is down. Roles and positions can be rotated after a set of operations if members want to step up or down from assigned slots. Operations: Operations are conducted once a week. Weekly missions are organized into 1-3 part “Operations” and will begin with gathering intel on a specific target or objective and culminate with actions against the assigned objective. Operations separated into 1 to 3 parts will ensure that maps and missions don't get stale or repetitive. A combination of Zeus and ALIVE missions will allow mission makers to take part in the action. Membership: To become a member you must simply pass a short selection process… But once you complete this selection you will be assigned to ‘Global Response Staff’ or GRS. GRS will serve a dual purpose. It will be a platform for individuals who want to be full-time members to train and apply for a position on a team after a time period has elapsed and optional training has been completed. Members who do not have enough time to commit regularly to the group can remain in GRS and play when they are available. However, if you are assigned to GRS you will not have a set position within a team and you are slotted on an as-needed basis. This provides “Tiers” in membership the players can be assigned to if they're schedule does not permit full time activity. It also allows members to strive to ascend onto a full-time team. Members who meet the requirements to be assigned to a full-time team will be titled Special Skills Operatiors. They will be assigned a team, position, and call sign. If a full-time member does not meet the allotted requirements, they will be reassigned to GRS until they can once again meet the requirements. This allows unit leadership to identify a solid player base and adjust operation scale and recruiting efforts. Dual clanning is allowed. Decision Making: Most Arma units fail due to dissension, lack of communication, and egos. All major unit decisions will be conducted by a vote. All full-time members will be allotted one vote, regardless of position. For example, the current team leader sucks? Vote him out, Want a new mod in the pack? Vote for it. This will ensure that one member isn’t calling all the shots and leaving other members with lesser experience. Recruitment: As always we are striving to find like-minded individuals who want to play Arma tactically. Our focus is to find a quality, not quantity. Veterans and experienced Arma players will be targeted, and those, not savvy enough will be weeded out through the selection process. 99% Need Not Apply Message me for more information or join our Discord Youtube: Operation Pulwar 04
  3. Rodrigo68

    3rd Special Forces Group [18+ Only]

    Update: Seeking Rotatory Wing Aviation Pilots for 160th SOAR (MH6/MH60) Looking for experienced players or Mil Veterans to fill Operations Sergeant/Intelligence Sergeant Positions. 18 and above only NO EXCEPTIONS
  4. My server wont even launch. I keep getting this error in the RPT "Conflicting addon cba_ui_helper in 'x\cba\addons\ui_helper\', previous definition in 'x\cba\addons\ui\' If I run CBA alone the server is fine. As soon as I add ACE or RHS It wont run. Command Line: -profiles=C:\games\208_167_243_7_2312\1385653\arma3\config -config=server.cfg -port=2312 -IP= -world=empty -gtqueryport=2313 -mod=@CBA;@ACE;@ACEX;@RHSUSAF;@RHSSAF;@RHSAFRF;@RHSGREF
  5. 3RD SPECIAL FORCES GROUP ODA 355 I 160th SOAR INTRODUCTION The 3rd Special Forces Group (3rd SFG), will be a small tight knit community centered on good laughs tactical, and realistic game play. The core focus of the group will be small unit tactics and solid communication. We do not use a ranking system and will follow a loose chain of command based on position. Maturity an mutual respect are key components withing our organization. OPERATIONS 3rd Special Forces Operations include preemptive, pro-active counter-terrorist operations, Long Range Reconnaissance, Foreign Internal Defense, and direct action operations against terrorist organizations to overt operations against conventional forces critical infrastructure. TRAINING All candidates will attend a rigorous assessment and selection. 99% need not apply. During our selection process you will be tested on multiple tactics and techniques applicable to ArmA, including Small Unit Tactics, Land Navigation, and more. Upon completion selection and our culminating exercise you will be assigned a role and placed into the ODA. WHO ARE WE? A group of mature like minded players who want to play ArmA right. Implementing the right mix of realism and fun to achieve a an enjoyable atmosphere. No drama welcome. We consist of adults 18 years and older. Most are veterans and currently serving military personnel. WHO ARE WE LOOKING FOR? Only the best. You must: Be 18 or older. NO EXCEPTIONS. Must have a working Microphone Must have Arma 3 and APEX DLC Must be committed and mature, drama is not welcome here. CONTACT INFORMATION TeamSpeak: Steam: Rodrigo916 or K3DO
  6. Members of the 13th JTF's Combat Applications Group are briefed by a CIA Paramilitary Officer in Zargabad. TACP's and Pararescuemen from the 13th JTF's 24th Special Tactics Squadron provide medical aid and close air support to FIA resistance fighters in Malden. Members of 13th JTF's Combat Applications Group conduct a short halt during a Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol on Altis. An Operator from the 13th JTF's Combat Applications Group engages local fighters during a weapons exchange. Members of the 13th JTF's Combat Applications Group establish a support by fire position to assist FIA resistance fighters against Russian Mechanized Infantry. An operator from the 13th JTF's Combat Applications Group engages Russian Mechanized Infantry with an M240B. VSM, RHS, CUP, S4, MILGP, SMA.
  7. Members of 13JTF's Combat Applications Group pull security during MOUT operations in Tanoa. A Reconnaissance team from 13JTF's Combat Applications Group traverses a swamp in Tanoa. Members of 13JTF's Combat Applications Group and AFSOC use MRZR All-Terrain Vehicles to conduct hasty ambushes on AQ elements in Takistan. An HH60 along with Pararescue jumpers from the 13JTF's AFSOC attempt to MEDEVAC a wounded 13JTF operator during COIN operations in Afghanistan. Elements of 13JTF's Combat Applications Group search a warehouse in Chernarus for insurgent weapons caches. MODS: CUP, VSM, MILGP, RHSUSAF, SMA, S4.
  8. 13TH JOINT TASK FORCE The 13th Joint Task Force is an Armed Assault III realism unit that was formed in June of 2017. The 13th JTF replicates an combined US Special Operations Task Force consisting of the most elite warriors in the world. The 13th JTF was formed under the ideals that no member is valued above the other. Members from the 13th come from all over the Armaverse, which gives us an immensely diverse background. A good amount of members within the 13th are either prior or active duty military service members, giving us access to military insight and real world tactics to utilize in game. We also realize that there needs to be a healthy balance between realism and fun in any MilSim unit. Most of us have been in many units prior, so we have a proficient grasp on what the line between realism and fun is. We strive to provide a balanced mix of realism and fun to provide a Special Operations Forces experience in Arma III. The 13th has many benefits that we can offer you during your time with us. We work non-stop to make sure that you have the most enjoyable experience possible. We have dedicated instructors that will guide you through your first steps, and will educate you on everything you will need to know in order to prosper as a member of the 13th. We also have a team of veteran ArmA III modification specialists, who take time in curating the best modifications to utilize for our Armed Assault III experience. We also have dedicated in-house modification creators, who can give us custom content when there is none to be found elsewhere. Finally, we have a modification repository. We understand that the most difficult thing about ArmA is modifications. Our goal is for you to have fun, not to be stuck sitting for hours desperately trying to figure out how to modify ArmA yourself. Leave the heavy lifting to our repository servers. SPECIAL FORCES OPERATIONAL DETACHMENT DELTA (DELTA FORCE/CAG) We replicate Special Forces Operational Detachment Delta, other wise known as Delta Force or the Combined Applications Group (CAG). Delta Forces is an elite special mission unit of the United States Army, under operational control of the Joint Special Operations Command. The unit is tasked with specialized missions primarily involving hostage rescue and counterterrorism, as well as direct action and special reconnaissance against high-value targets. Delta Force is the U.S. military's primary counterterrorism units. Delta Force and performs most highly complex, classified, and dangerous missions in the U.S. military, as directed by the U.S. National Command Authority. AIR FORCE SPECIAL OPERATIONS COMMAND (AFSOC) . AFSOC provides all Air Force Special Operations Forces (SOF) for worldwide deployment and assignment to regional unified combatant commands. The 25th Special Operations Wing directly supports our assets on the ground. the 25th SOW and AFSOC provide the 13th JTF with Close Airsupport, Combat Air Patrol as well as ground support operations such as CCT/TACP/Para Rescue Personnel. AFSOC's mission is to deploy highly trained, rapidly deployable airmen who are equipped with specialized aircraft. These forces conduct global special operations missions ranging from precision application of firepower, to infiltration, aviation insertion, close air support, exfiltration, resupply and aerial refueling of SOF operational elements. In addition to the pilots, combat systems officers, and enlisted aircrew who fly AFSOC's aircraft, there is a highly experienced support force of maintenance officers and enlisted aircraft maintenance personnel who maintain these complex aircraft and their support systems, a cadre of premier intelligence officers and enlisted intelligence specialists well versed in special operations, as well as logisticians, security forces and numerous other support officers and personnel. TRAINING In order to operate with the 13th Joint Task Force you will need to pass a wide variety of assessment and selection processes whether you are assigned to the SFOD or AFSOC. Some of this training includes; Basic Combat Training: Learn the basics of Arma III and familiarize yourself with our weapons, and procedures, Advanced Individual Training: Learn land navigation, Military Operations in Urban Terrain, and React to Contact. Special Forces Assessment and Selection: Put your skills to the test and escape and evade current SFOD members as you manuver to objectives. Special Forces Qualification Course: Choose your MOS and Role within the SFOD and Qualify as an Engineer, Weapons Specialist, Medical Specialist, or Communications. Advanced Combat Controller Training: Learn how to call in close air support and transport from every aircraft in the USAF arsenal. Selection Instrument Flight Training: Learn how to pilot a wide variety of fixed and rotary wing aircraft assigned to AFSOC. These are just some of the entry level training's that you will have to endure, there are much more once your prove yourself as a member. DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES? LINKS: 13TH JTF YOUTUBE 13TH JTF WEBSITE 13TH JTF TS:
  9. Name: Rodrigo Age: 21 Time Zone: UTC + 04:00 Looking for: A laid back Realism or Tactical group that doesn't require a large amount of time commitment and that has English speaking members from different countries/timezones. I'm deployed and would like to have a good game of Arma when im not on shift, which usually revolves around a non-consistent schedule. Been playing Arma/OFP since the early 2000's so i'm not looking for any highspeed training or anything of the sort.
  10. Rodrigo68

    US Military Mod (80s, 90s)

    So they won't start up at all and require a slave just to leave the motorpool? Excellent!
  11. TASK FORCE RONIN 浪人 TASK FORCE RONIN 浪人 A RÅnin 浪人 Is a samurai with no lord or master. BACKGROUND In the midst of a peak of international conflicts and terrorism attacks across the globe and the formation of the Canton Protocol Strategic Alliance Treaty, an idea for a new special operations unit is proposed. A unit that could autonomously seek out and engage the enemies of the free world without limitations. No guidelines, no rules of engagement, and no politics. Just action. Soon after Special Operations Forces from the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada began joint exercises and training. Task Force Ronin is formed. UNIT/STRUCTURE Task Force Ronin is a fictional Special Operations Forces unit. A unit that breaks away from traditional special operations. A unit that answers to no one, a unit without a master. A Ronin of sorts. Task Force Ronin is based off of actual joint special operations units such as TF88, TF20, The Devil's Brigade, etc. We utilize structure, tactics, equipment, uniforms, and weapons from American, British, Canadian, and Australian special operations forces. Task Force Ronin is divided into 3 Task Forces. TASK FORCE KATANA US/CAN A US based group structured off of a US Army ODA. It is composed of 12 operators each specialized in different roles that complement each other to complete a common goal. It combines techniques, uniforms, and equipment from NSW, US Army Ranges, Special Forces, AFSOC, and MARSOC. TASK FORCE TANTO UK/EU/AUS A UK based group with a fictional composition. It is composed of 12-14 operations each specialized in different roles that complement each other to complete a common goal. It combines techniques, uniforms, and equipment from British SAS/SBS/SFSG and Australian SASR. TASK FORCE YOKAI AVIATION A international aviation unit that operates both rotary and fixed wing transportation and close air support aircraft. It combines techniques, uniforms, and aircraft from the 160th SOAR and AFSOC. OPERATIONS Task Force Ronin Is based off of SOF. So we operate as such. Task Force Ronin conducts Direct Action, Unconventional Warfare Operations, Counter Insurgency, Conventional Operations, Foreign Internal Defense and other operations in the scope. Most operations are conducted by small groups of determined men behind the lines and require meticulous planning and execution. MEMBERS Task Force Ronin Is composed of a small group of 20 or so members from around the globe. All with varying degrees of experience. Around 50% of Task Force Ronin is or has serving/served in their respective countries armed forces. The other half are experienced gamers and well versed in the Arma universe. Together we try to play Arma in a laid back but tactical atmosphere. We are tight knit laid back group of brothers, only looking to play the game the way its meant to be played. No ranks or drama here. HOW TO JOIN Officially Task Force Ronin doesn't exist, nor does it recruit, but if it were you would have to submit to become a candidate and go through a rigorous selection process to be considered a slot in Task Force Ronin. If Task Force Ronin did exist they would most likely be looking for the following: 18+ Years of age Headset and TS3 installed. Experience with Arma 3 and mod/addon installation. Experience with previous online groups. Willing to play the game tactically using real TTP/SOP. (NO RANKS) Contact us on the Bohemia Forums Or At Task Force Ronin
  12. Looking for realism-ish/Tactical group in or around a similar time zone to play with. (US/UK/AUS) (Speaks English) I'm an American currently stationed in South Korea. (UTC +9) I've been playing the ArmA series since OFP. I've got plenty of realism experience. Just recently was the XO of the 5thSFG but due to the time difference and work, I was not able to lead the group so I stepped down. I don't do the whole "Yes SGT/SIR thing" Got enough of that as it is. Once again just looking for a tactical/Realistic group, in my timezone, that speaks good English. SOF/Infantry type stuff. Contact me on here. Any questions just shoot!
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    MK18 Mod 1

    I love you bro.
  14. Rodrigo68

    FHQ Accessories pack

    Just a pet peeve of mine, don't know if anyone else mentioned it but, could you make the bolt carrier a more blackish/Grey-ish color, I haven't seen a shiny silver bolt carrier ever.... Edit: Shit wrong thread, but its meant for your M4s =)