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    Rate the first episode!

    It's not about hunting for hunting's sake. However, since it's a survival thing, hunting might just be another excuse to start a mission. You leave the camp with a couple of guys, in the first part of the mission you track an animal, you even kill it if you're lucky, but then something happens, blahblahblah. Sure, it would require more work: animations, voice acting, cutscenes and so on, but that's just one idea.
  2. funnyguy1

    Rate the first episode!

    Imo the only good thing about the campaign so far is the fact that there is one... I'm a big ofp/arma fan(boy), and to be honest it's kinda sad the first episode sucks so much. I'm surprised it's that bad, especially after ArmA 2, which had a really engaging story. What's wrong so far: - poor mission design from the gameplay and military logic/common sense perspective - lack of realism - lack of variety - regurgitated SP showcase ideas - lack of cutscenes - not enough voice acting, no interaction between characters - no real bond between the characters - the camp thing serves no purpose, and gets boring after the second mission - wasted potential (not even close to Resistance) - some of the missions seem to be les thought through than the showcases What would be cool in the future/should be in the first episode already: - gathering supplies from the civilians, sneaking into the villages for meds etc. - recon missions - ambushes - hunting animals? - more interaction with the resistance and civilians - tough choices that force us to find workaround solutions, collateral damage vs mission objectives - sneaking, spying, dressing up as enemies
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    Welcome back Ivan & Martin!

    Welcome back guys, and good luck!
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    Chivalry Medieval/War of Roses

    I was really hoping the Chivalry will be something fresh (didn't play Mount and Blade), but with every single trailer they've shown my interest gradually dropped lower and lower. I mean, come on, it looks like multiplayer lightsaber battles from Jedi Outcast:) They even admit that what they're going for is based on hollywood movies (which is the case with most games anyway). I'm not saying it's bad, I don't think I'll be playing it though.
  5. funnyguy1

    How ArmA III should really look like

    Mother of god. You should get a free copy of ArmA 3 for that. This vid is made of awesomeness... Nostalgia'd hard.
  6. BIS should really make friends with the Oculus team and add support for the HMD in ArmA, like, right now. Even just for the publicity sake. Guys behind HAWKEN did it, and they're the second company (the first one being ID Software) that'll have a product working with the Rift. Palmer is getting a lot of attention right now, so imagine him saying ArmA 3 would be the ultimate game (because, well, it will) to play with his HMD. Here's the video
  7. Convergence AND IO (interocular, or stereo base). When viewed on a normal 3D display, stereoscopy needs to be exaggerated to be even noticeable. IO and convergence tends to be a lot bigger than it should be, and stereoscopy isn't even the most important depth cue in real life. It's one of many other cues that allow us to percieve depth. Moreover, there's not a single 3D display solution that's free of problems. While using HMDs (with great FOV and accurate headtracking) stereoscopy can be reduced to the role of depth enhancment. Once you move your head, and your VR avatar reacts the right way (provided there's no latency on the tracking software/hardware side), your brain is sold. That's why I'm so excited about the Oculus Rift project. I'm a 3D enthusiast, and it seems like the perfect 3D solution, ironically without so much emphasis on the stereo 3D itself. As a gamer I pursue immersion and realistic simulation, so ArmA/Rift seems like the perfect mix for me:)
  8. In my opinion the most important thing about HMDs (and Rift in particular) is the FOV. Stereoscopy is just a side effect, and you don't even need to play in 3D using your HMD. 2D HMD with a large FOV and accurate headtracking is (to your brain) a lot more "3D" than a stereoscopic monitor with limited FOV. Besides, perception of artificial stereoscopy is affected by a lot of different factors, one of them being your natural ability to percieve it. I'm working with 3D video on a daily basis, do a lot of 3D gaming and test 3D equipment (monitors, 3dtvs, projectors, camcorders), all this with no eye strain or headache. My gf on the other hand can't take more than a couple of hours of 3D. Using a HMD like Oculus, you don't need to pump the stereoscopic effect up too. Perception of 3D using a set like that is much more natural (no window violation, ghosting etc.).
  9. R6 -especially the main theme in RS, all Hitman games, Morrowind, Max Payne 1/2, Splinter Cell maybe, Mafia 1/2, GTA series, Doom, UT. Also the Force Commander one
  10. I've been looking forward to the project since it popped up on mtbs3d forums. Now it looks like it's literally kickstarted for good. Despite the low res it's the most advanced HMD to date. ArmA games would really benefit from this device as it combines 3 very important things for immersion: stereo 3d, wide FOV and accurate headtracking!
  11. funnyguy1

    Operation E3

    Haven't been here for a while... Waiting for the E3 goodies:)
  12. funnyguy1

    FCS for helicopters.

    We have been waiting for something closer to real life when it comes to tanks' and helos' weapon systems since a looong time. I think it's high time BIS introduced proper FCS simulation in ArmA3. I'm not a dev and I don't know anything about making games, but I think such things should be doable since the modders can implement them already. I'm not asking for uber complexity, the community will take care of it. edit: I'm also a big fan of the more sophisticated tank/helo DLC idea.
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    Helicopter flight model from TakeOnHelis

    Wrecking havoc with hamoc anyone? Flight model is one thing, and I'd love to see an upgraded version of it in ArmA3, but what's more important to me, or at least equally important, is combat. Futuristic setting aside, they'll probably include some good old helos too, and what I would realy like to have is some sort of decent helo combat simulation out of the box.
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    Cover system for Arma3?

    Realistic cover system - why not [for players and AI]. Arcade sprint-jump-backflip-slide to cover-like rubbish - nope.
  15. funnyguy1

    AUDIO! Make it right this time!

    Let me correct this one: this is how a tank cannon [recorded with just one mic, probably of poor quality, uploaded to youtube, and played back on my laptop speakers] sounds. Not to mention the obvious environmental factors.
  16. funnyguy1

    Arma 3 Officially Announced!

    Great news BIS! After the TOH annoucnement I thought you would need more time to start working on ArmA3. How nice to see that I was wrong:)
  17. The memories... thank you guys, even looking at the pics makes me want to install ofp again.
  18. So, I've heard you're taking on helicopters? Good to hear there's something new going on;)
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    Share your thoughts if you own one, or just tested it. Here's my little review of Panasonic's VT20 50-inch 3D Plasma. I just copypasted it from mtbs3d.com forum. Generally it's a great TV, both in 2D and in 3D. The THX mode almost doesn't require calibration. In 3D however, it's important to adjust the brightness because of the glasses. 3D is a HDMI-only thing (you can watch 3D television via the standard connector though) which means you either plug your computer or console to the TV, or you really should consider buying the 3D Blu-ray player. You should buy it anyway, because the 3D movies look just great in the 3D Blu-ray format. The glasses...well, I have mixed feelings about them. They work ok, but I think the Samsung ones are more roubust and practical. They also look weird. The TV has 2 USB ports, but you can't watch 3D movies from your pendrive, unless you plug it to the Blu-ray player, the same goes to D-Sub an any other port. You can forget about streaming 3D directly from Youtube while using the wireless usb dongle, because of the ugly quality of Youtube movies. When using the TV internet connection the movies look much worse than the regular 360p Youtube quality. We didn't test the external HDD recording option, because it requires formating the disc. You can then play the content back ONLY on the TV that recorded it. Maybe, just maybe there's an option to record 3D too, and then play it back while the HDD is connected to the player. Cloudy with a chance of meatballs looks great in 3D on that TV, but I think you could throw a lot more 3D effects into the movie. Don't get me wrong, it's 3D through the entire movie, and there's a couple of pop up moments, but still, I could use some more cowbell, I mean 3D. We also had the Panasonic 3D Blu-ray demo disc. Well, some of the clips were cool, some weren't, but the best of them is to my surprise the coral reef one. It didn't have a lot of depth, but it certainly had this chillout-ish atmosphere of fish floating in front of the screen. Animals generally look great in 3D. Especially macro shots of insects and other scary little creatures. 3D pictures also look amazing. I recommend downloading the .mov slideshows from cesarsommer.com and playing them on the TV - just wow. Football looks kinda cool too. Especially when the camera is closer to the action. It's more immersive than the regular 2D version for sure. [ARMA 2 RELATED] Gaming... It's awesome! Really, if you're a gamer, 3D gaming on a 3DTV is like the holly grail. I tested ArmA2 and Avatar, and both games are fantastic in 3D. ArmA2 looks much more realistic in 3D. Weapons, optics, iron sights, vehicle interiors - just wow, everything is just...well 3D:) You have this feeling that you could just reach out and grab it. The aircraft carrier from the menu looked really cool, but my jaw almost fell off when I actually started a mission. Flying in a helo really feels like being inside the real thing. I desperately wanted to test Richard Burns Rally, but I somehow couldn't properly set the iz3D driver, which is strange, because RBR is on the supported titles list. [/ARMA 2 RELATED] The biggest disadvantage for me is the lack of dedicated 3D buttons on the remote. Imagine that you have a couple gigs of 3D movies downloaded on your PC, a lot of them uses different 3D settings, and in order to watch them you need to constantly change things, and experiment a lot by turning the 3D on and off. There isn't even a 3D on/off button! And you NEED to turn it off in odred to do anything on you PC. Clicking blindly on a blurry screen isn't an option, believe me. To access the 3D menu you need to click the viera tools button, then select the 3D option, chose the proper mode ("Top and Bottom" or "Side by Side") and the 3D sequence, and then exit the menu to even see if it's working. Cons Glasses (it's not a real issue, they just seem to be just a bit less robust than the Samsung ones) HDMI-only 3D, again afaik Samsung does 3D from USB No 3D buttons on the remote No 2D to 3D convertion, not a big issue, but with it the TV would be perfect Pros Everything else Polish version of the VT20 3D Plasma review http://www.3dready.pl/recenzja-plazmy-vt20/ I'm going to review the Samsung 7000 LED LCD next week, so if you have any questions, feel free to ask.
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    Nope. To be honest, I played the games for just an hour or so, but I had the tv for over a week, and I must say I didn't feel any side effects, even though I was watching 3D 2 to 3 hours a day (minimum). During this period I've seen a lot 3D, nonetheless I've never felt tired or something like that. Besides, I've seen a whole football match in 3D before (passive 3D on LG 3DTV), and a couple of Roland Garros tennis matches on the same Panasonic 3D Plasma - no sideefects too. My gf, and my friends also didn't feel anything. One guy just said his eyes feel funny after watching a couple of demos, but that's it. I think that if your eyes are ok, there should be no problems.
  21. Really good job with those frogfoots... Not that we didn't have similar rambo missions before in ofp/arma, but c'mon!
  22. If you still need a translation, here's a short summary of the polish article: The game ran smoothly @high settings on AMD Phenom II X4 940, 3.00 GHz, 4GB Ram. Zargabad though is a real benchmark for your PC (the town map?). There's no big difference when it comes to eyecandy in comparison to ArmA 2, but everything looks nice (buildings, water, vegetation). There are 3 maps: Takistan, Desert and Zargabad. Everything is polished and nicely balanced when it comes to desert vs green areas. Almost all buildings are enterable, and the destruction system works nice. The only new thing in the previewed version's editor is the "Town Construction Set". He didn't have time to properly test the editor though. AA warning systems work on vehicles with radars (sound beep and flashing red marker on the radar). AI handles countermeasures really well. No new anims, apart from the wave hello thing. The old ones seem to be polished a bit. Still no shooting from vehicles, trees and bushes still are able to stop sabot rounds and are hard to knock while moving fast in a tank, vehicle destruction system needs to be polished. Grenades still bounce like tennis balls. Apparently the flight model was improoved, there are some new ambient sounds. Locking the Javelin now has three stages "search" "lock" and "ready to fire" with an appropriate sound sample, AA is also realistic. edit: in the previewed version there was no option to adjust the sights, but there's a thermal scope and it works great
  23. Oh look, it's that trashy cover design again... Everything else looks cool. Give me LOAL/LOBL for AH64 and FCS for MTB and I'll be a really, really happy man.
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    ugly defacing of Polish victims in Belgian press

    vilas i was there in Krakow filming it for the student tv... It wasn't just a couple of PO (PO is a liberal polish party) activists. It was a massive crowd of about 800/900 ppl. Not only young ones. Besides, the protest are taking place allover the country, and it has nothing to do with lighting candles. I know a lot of pro-Kaczynski or pro-PIS guys who are saying that Wawel is "too much". I mean, come on, first of all, he had nothing in common with the city, he did nothing to Cracow besides taking back the money for historic preservation and was here twice. Don't get me wrong, I've never been a right wing/PIS/Kaczynski supporter, but don't think PO is the right alternative either, I just think that beside the fact that he died in a plane crash he did nothing to deserve Wawel. In fact I can't think about anybody who did deserve it recently? Walesa? Whith all this controversy sorrounding him:/? edit: When it comes to the candles...I would light one too. Why not? It was my president too. But I just don't think he deserved Wawel, that's all. edit2: One more thing that really pisses ppl off is the fact that cardinal Dziwisz and/or Cracow authorities had more in common with the idea than the ppl or Kaczynski's family. You know, it just heats up the liberal vs extreme right-wing/church thing.
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    ugly defacing of Polish victims in Belgian press

    Even though you're offended, what you're saying is much worse than what the newspaper did. They just made fun of an accident, you want them dead. Sure you have the right to be angry, but they have the freedom to say what they want - that's how the freedom of speach works. Besides, afaik the newspaper has already apologized. What's outrageous is the lack of one voice concerning the Kaczynski's burial, and it's not something from abroad, nobody is making fun of us this time. I really don't know what's worse, the idea to bury him among the polish kings in the Wawel Cathedral (which sucks imo), or the fact that (despite the fact that the decision is irrevocable) all this fighting, screaming and protesting takes place during the national mourning while the whole world is watching.