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  1. funnyguy1

    Rate the first episode!

    It's not about hunting for hunting's sake. However, since it's a survival thing, hunting might just be another excuse to start a mission. You leave the camp with a couple of guys, in the first part of the mission you track an animal, you even kill it if you're lucky, but then something happens, blahblahblah. Sure, it would require more work: animations, voice acting, cutscenes and so on, but that's just one idea.
  2. funnyguy1

    Rate the first episode!

    Imo the only good thing about the campaign so far is the fact that there is one... I'm a big ofp/arma fan(boy), and to be honest it's kinda sad the first episode sucks so much. I'm surprised it's that bad, especially after ArmA 2, which had a really engaging story. What's wrong so far: - poor mission design from the gameplay and military logic/common sense perspective - lack of realism - lack of variety - regurgitated SP showcase ideas - lack of cutscenes - not enough voice acting, no interaction between characters - no real bond between the characters - the camp thing serves no purpose, and gets boring after the second mission - wasted potential (not even close to Resistance) - some of the missions seem to be les thought through than the showcases What would be cool in the future/should be in the first episode already: - gathering supplies from the civilians, sneaking into the villages for meds etc. - recon missions - ambushes - hunting animals? - more interaction with the resistance and civilians - tough choices that force us to find workaround solutions, collateral damage vs mission objectives - sneaking, spying, dressing up as enemies
  3. funnyguy1

    Welcome back Ivan & Martin!

    Welcome back guys, and good luck!
  4. funnyguy1

    Chivalry Medieval/War of Roses

    I was really hoping the Chivalry will be something fresh (didn't play Mount and Blade), but with every single trailer they've shown my interest gradually dropped lower and lower. I mean, come on, it looks like multiplayer lightsaber battles from Jedi Outcast:) They even admit that what they're going for is based on hollywood movies (which is the case with most games anyway). I'm not saying it's bad, I don't think I'll be playing it though.
  5. funnyguy1

    How ArmA III should really look like

    Mother of god. You should get a free copy of ArmA 3 for that. This vid is made of awesomeness... Nostalgia'd hard.
  6. BIS should really make friends with the Oculus team and add support for the HMD in ArmA, like, right now. Even just for the publicity sake. Guys behind HAWKEN did it, and they're the second company (the first one being ID Software) that'll have a product working with the Rift. Palmer is getting a lot of attention right now, so imagine him saying ArmA 3 would be the ultimate game (because, well, it will) to play with his HMD. Here's the video
  7. Convergence AND IO (interocular, or stereo base). When viewed on a normal 3D display, stereoscopy needs to be exaggerated to be even noticeable. IO and convergence tends to be a lot bigger than it should be, and stereoscopy isn't even the most important depth cue in real life. It's one of many other cues that allow us to percieve depth. Moreover, there's not a single 3D display solution that's free of problems. While using HMDs (with great FOV and accurate headtracking) stereoscopy can be reduced to the role of depth enhancment. Once you move your head, and your VR avatar reacts the right way (provided there's no latency on the tracking software/hardware side), your brain is sold. That's why I'm so excited about the Oculus Rift project. I'm a 3D enthusiast, and it seems like the perfect 3D solution, ironically without so much emphasis on the stereo 3D itself. As a gamer I pursue immersion and realistic simulation, so ArmA/Rift seems like the perfect mix for me:)
  8. In my opinion the most important thing about HMDs (and Rift in particular) is the FOV. Stereoscopy is just a side effect, and you don't even need to play in 3D using your HMD. 2D HMD with a large FOV and accurate headtracking is (to your brain) a lot more "3D" than a stereoscopic monitor with limited FOV. Besides, perception of artificial stereoscopy is affected by a lot of different factors, one of them being your natural ability to percieve it. I'm working with 3D video on a daily basis, do a lot of 3D gaming and test 3D equipment (monitors, 3dtvs, projectors, camcorders), all this with no eye strain or headache. My gf on the other hand can't take more than a couple of hours of 3D. Using a HMD like Oculus, you don't need to pump the stereoscopic effect up too. Perception of 3D using a set like that is much more natural (no window violation, ghosting etc.).
  9. R6 -especially the main theme in RS, all Hitman games, Morrowind, Max Payne 1/2, Splinter Cell maybe, Mafia 1/2, GTA series, Doom, UT. Also the Force Commander one
  10. I've been looking forward to the project since it popped up on mtbs3d forums. Now it looks like it's literally kickstarted for good. Despite the low res it's the most advanced HMD to date. ArmA games would really benefit from this device as it combines 3 very important things for immersion: stereo 3d, wide FOV and accurate headtracking!
  11. funnyguy1

    Operation E3

    Haven't been here for a while... Waiting for the E3 goodies:)
  12. funnyguy1

    FCS for helicopters.

    We have been waiting for something closer to real life when it comes to tanks' and helos' weapon systems since a looong time. I think it's high time BIS introduced proper FCS simulation in ArmA3. I'm not a dev and I don't know anything about making games, but I think such things should be doable since the modders can implement them already. I'm not asking for uber complexity, the community will take care of it. edit: I'm also a big fan of the more sophisticated tank/helo DLC idea.
  13. funnyguy1

    Helicopter flight model from TakeOnHelis

    Wrecking havoc with hamoc anyone? Flight model is one thing, and I'd love to see an upgraded version of it in ArmA3, but what's more important to me, or at least equally important, is combat. Futuristic setting aside, they'll probably include some good old helos too, and what I would realy like to have is some sort of decent helo combat simulation out of the box.
  14. funnyguy1

    Cover system for Arma3?

    Realistic cover system - why not [for players and AI]. Arcade sprint-jump-backflip-slide to cover-like rubbish - nope.
  15. funnyguy1

    AUDIO! Make it right this time!

    Let me correct this one: this is how a tank cannon [recorded with just one mic, probably of poor quality, uploaded to youtube, and played back on my laptop speakers] sounds. Not to mention the obvious environmental factors.