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  1. OH, indeed! My apologies: now, after your latest message, I've read once more your previous issue and realized that it was I who has misunderstood what was actually the difficulty. Cheers!
  2. JCataclisma

    Simple Single Player Cheat Menu

    Thank you, Janez. But for the record, I gotta mention that, at least for me, it worked just perfectly from the very first attempt on my recently restart on "Old Man". 😎 Cheers!
  3. A few months ago, inside his "Invade&Annex" framework, Quiksilver has managed to kind of deal with that, @h4wek . We were having a similar issue with that flatbed truck: it could only carry a single small container at once, instead of two, even if the sizes and weights were ok for more. I don't know how did he tweak that, but your issue might be related to that little game bug as well. And I won't dare to offer additional suggestions, because every single incursion of mine in such subjects were ALWAYS outside the regular/original set up from the game, so as you can see in this topic specifically, I could only make them work with the help of the savy guys around here. 😎
  4. JCataclisma

    Simple Single Player Cheat Menu

    Hello, guys! Don't know whether anybody is still rocking with this script. I have recently used it for the first time, and all works fine. But now I am trying to run it with Contact and/or Sahara DLCs, and the "Load" button doesn't show on the map. Any suggestions on a workaround? Cheers!
  5. JCataclisma

    Removing smoke from campfire

    There are some awesome tips regarding smoke within Larrow's answers in the topic bellow. They helped me a LOT in other similar situations. They will probably NOT help you solving what you want, but I thought that maybe you could experiment by changing the "alpha" color of the smoke to null/zero, so the game would emit a kind of invisible smoke... ? 🤔
  6. For starting tests, you could try something like this to init box for your player in editor ( I haven't tested it yet). Add the class of the specific pistol that should be shot to work, and "cursorObject" should guarantee it only works upon the unit in target. But this could potentially "heal" dammaged vehicles as well, so you might want to remove the "setDamage" line. this addEventHandler ["Fired", { params ["_unit", "_weapon"]; _unit = _this select 0; _weapon = "" // add here the class of the pistol that must be used; cursorObject setUnconscious false; cursorObject setDamage 0; }];
  7. JCataclisma

    Simulation for balls

    I would guess it might be related to simulation as well. At least for some pulling/tow vehicles systems we have in Invade&Annex, it's known that the pulled vehicle will stop almost instantly once the lead truck no longer receives input from player.
  8. JCataclisma

    Notes on blackboard/billboard

    The closer I have seen, long ago, was a system which would spawn a billboard at specific places - every time players would reach there - and, providing the variable/conditions status, would show a different image on it. So the mission makers had several pre-defined images to use, and whether this or that objective was successful or failed so far, a proper image would appear showing that.
  9. JCataclisma

    Quick Travel

    You shouldn't and you actually don't HAVE to 😉 Just go for the editor, create a new VR. Add a trigger which activates on player presence, making it execute those "teleport" codes for the units you add also in the editor. You can test all those suggestions almost instantly. And don't make them your enemies: add friendly units in another group, so you can watch closely, with no intervene except by activating the trigger.
  10. Try and use moveInCargo for the wounded units. Until you get the hang of it, name a wounded soldier "wounded1", and a helicopter "rescue1". Then create a trigger which activates when helicopter lands near the unit and, in the trigger execcode, use: wounded1 moveInCargo rescue1; I think that could give you a first look, so you can plan whether such path is want you want to follow. Also, check the NOTE from Killzone_Kid, especially for helicopters: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/moveInCargo#Notes
  11. JCataclisma

    CfgORBAT missing `}` bug

    A better answer was given in the next message. Oh, yeah, much better! I have thrown your code into notepad++, and it shows a missing "}" for the very first "{": class CfgORBAT { So just try and add it followed by semicolon at the very end, to see whether it works. So your last lines should be like: Assets[] = {{I_Plane_Fighter_04_F,5},{I_Plane_Fighter_03_CAS_F,5}}; }; }; }; }; };
  12. JCataclisma

    CfgORBAT missing `}` bug

    Hello. Please, EDIT your message and add all your code inside the specific box that appears when you click the "code" option in the message's upper tool bar - preferably post it using the "C++" option. Otherwise, it's not only awful to read it here, but it will show several "false" error codes whether we try to paste it in another software to check.
  13. You might have better luck at this other segment of the forums: https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/forum/200-arma-3-find-or-offer-editing/
  14. Hah, nice move! What the eyes don't see, but the health feels. 😱