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    [SP] The Collective

    Thank you! Sorry for the late response. Mission has been updated to 1.1: * Moved enemies, story elements, and some hazards closer to the critical path * Made some changes to how scripts should perform
  2. Eskabahh

    [SP] The Collective

    The Collective is a single-player, survival horror mission. Description: The Collective is a survival horror mission. You will need to watch your resources, scavenge, solve puzzles, and survive. Featuring full voice acting, a save room system, random events, custom monsters, scripted sequences, and plenty of horror and scares. Traditional combat is light but is an ever-present threat. The Collective is a government funded secret agency in charge of a project to connect the consciousnesses of multiple individuals in a virtual environment. Their efforts have been paying off as of late, having thousands of users successfully immersed in the system. However, something has gone wrong, and contact with those still connected to the system has been all but lost. The small bits of audio and visual data that could be recovered from inside reveal a nightmare for those currently plugged in. No one is able to be extracted from the system without effectively leaving them brain-dead at best, and any agents sent inside have not returned to or communicated with the outside. You are being called in as a last-ditch effort to extract the remaining living people from The Collective's systems and shut down the project. You are to be transported to one of The Collective's Immersion facilities, plugged into the system, and solve the problem lest thousands perish, and the project become a complete failure. If you run into any issues or get stuck, check the Steam page for a guide (spoilers are marked, but be warned some parts of the mission are meant to be discovered on your own), or ask me in the comments there or here. Thanks for playing, and I hope you enjoy. This took a lot of effort on my part to make, and I hope it was worth it. I have another horror mission, Witch Hunt, on my Workshop page (or the old post here) if you enjoyed this one. It's a bit older, a lot shorter, a bit jank, and won't be updated (probably). This is my third ever mission, the second one I've published publicly. Any and all feedback, questions, suggestions, and other comments are welcome. Features: Save room system, ala Resident Evil or The Evil Within Full voice acting Custom saveroom music (made by me!) Tense atmosphere Use of many of Arma's existing systems in new and unexpected ways Full storyline, with some exploration should take an hour or two to complete Monsters, government plots, light combat, UFOs, anomalies, and many other surprises along the way Entire island of Stratis to explore and discover monsters, scares, resources, story, and random encounters Good performance and cleanup scripts Easter eggs Requirements & Recommendations: No DLC or mod requirements, and should support most common singleplayer mods of your choice. Recommended to play alone, with headphones, in the dark. Images: Trailer: (coming soon) Credits: ALIASCartoons for several scripts - https://aliascartoons.com/ The BI Forums, wiki, and Reddit for a countless amount of help, examples, and explanations Viper The Rapper for the easter-egg music Downloads: Steam Workshop link (Current Version): https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2875388859 Google Drive Link (Version 1.1): https://drive.google.com/file/d/11jqfCp3gcdofMC-pW3PfOl7qaJfPmGzp/view?usp=sharing
  3. Eskabahh

    [SP/CO4] Witch Hunt

    Any feedback more than welcome. One of my first full missions, and I've learned quite a bit along the way. Bugs, additions, suggestions, and the like, I'm here to hear.
  4. Eskabahh

    [SP/CO4] Witch Hunt

    A terrible curse has fallen on the small island. Those that survived have been evacuated. You've been sent to find the source, and if possible, end the horror. The last plane off the island just left, you're the last hope anyone has. Steam Page A short single-player/COOP mission designed to be an atmospheric survival horror experience. Combat isn't an option this time, although your gun is the only thing protecting you from sudden death. Explore the island, solve its mysteries, and banish the demons before it's too late. No mod or DLC requirements. Thank you so much for playing. As I'm new to mission making, I ask that you leave any bugs, feedback, or suggestions that come across your mind. Many of the content in this mission comes from feedback on Steam or from playtesting friends. I hope this mission will provide a unique and different experience than is expected from an Arma 3 scenario. Thanks again for your time. Trailer: Official Trailer https://youtu.be/VEq4yn7jprA Corporal Gray's full playthrough: Full Playthrough https://youtu.be/MxRvWkoQQT4