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    Secret Weapons Reloaded (WIP)

    Looking foward to this, any news on the release date of heavy metal? I'd love to fly the lancaster and b17.
  2. Hey, does anybody have the download link for the mission? The posted one is deleted...
  3. Great script, I've used it before and it has worked. But when I've tried using it recently it says "TOV_fnc_SimpleConvoy|#| = { params ["_convoyGroup",["_con... ERROR Missing ;" This appears when I paste the script into any init. It has worked before I don't know how I've messed it up this time. Please help, thanks.
  4. Did you ever find a fix for this?
  5. I sent you an email about play testing this mod - I could also try create free promotional screenshots for this mod for you. here’s an example of one of my screenshots