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  1. Porkeld


    Look at my github under exile stuff https://github.com/Porkeld
  2. Porkeld


    v0.669 Added : enable/disable mines for all factions.
  3. Porkeld


    v0.668 Fixed: FaceWear was not being loaded for some classes. Added : "missionrange" to config // how many meters away from player before mission will initialize. Added : Separated heli and vehicle chance for each invasion class. Disabled max vehicles for now.
  4. Well some stuff are broken in vemf_reloaded. If an AI spawns with "srifle_DMR_06_camo_khs_F" it´s because there was an error in loadout. This happens mostly if apex is enabled because the code for apex call is not working as intended. I have reworked vemf and fixed alot of those errors. /Porkeld
  5. A3_vemf_Re_reloaded Vemf_reloaded was originally made by IT07 and last commit on vemf_reloaded was in 2017.... I really like this mission script, but in my opinion it was missing some essential features compared to other mission systems. So I decided to add and fix some of the stuff for vemf. Check the Changelog for fixes and new stuff. All credit goes to IT07 for coding this and also a big THANK YOU to Ghostrider [GRG] for helping and always being helpfull when needed 🙂 Check readme and how to install.txt Download https://github.com/Porkeld/A3_vemf_re-reloaded If you have any questions/bug reports or ideas for vemf_re_reloaded then find me on discord Porkeld#1506
  6. Porkeld

    Roaming AI A3XAI

    Yeah this is actually the newest version of A3xai https://github.com/Nitedawn/A3XAI-2 Long story short: Face the creator of A3xai stopped development of "version 3 aka 3.0". Years after Kuplion picked up tha last "working" version 0.2.1 and put it up to date with exile mod. More years after that I added some changes to Kups version ( stuff from Faces v3 version ) So now the most up2date is v 0.2.2 I plan on looking at some stuff in A3xai in the future.. one issue is that the ai dont get equipped with scopes/attachments. I will put it on my github when ready https://github.com/Porkeld /Porkeld