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  1. by Mixuray Description: "Survivors of Stratis" is a singleplayer mission which takes place during the events of "The East Wind". You play as Corporal White, a NATO soldier and former member of Charlie. After Charlie got attacked by CSAT, during their invasion on the island, and you retreated into a small forest, it became clear that you'd have to escape from Stratis. Information: Playtime: About 45 Minutes Made in: About 2 Weeks Voice Acting: Mixuray - Corporal White Gamse - Private Taylor Download: Steam Workshop Even if our voice acting is not perfect, we still hope that you'll enjoy playing our mission! 😄 Explore the map a litte. Maybe you can find some small secrets. 😉 Screenshots:
  2. Hello there! I've made a remake of the Arma 3 Prologue campaign with the BWMod recently. I've tested everything and it works fine. Then I've uploaded the campaign to Steam with the Publisher tool from the Arma 3 Tools. Now here's the problem: When I start the game with my campaign loaded in, it won't show up the campaign menu. What am I doing wrong? It's propably really easy but I don't know what to do! I'll attach some images of the PBO file and the campaign directory. Thanks in advance! PBO File: https://ibb.co/Zx5rS3s Campaign Root: https://ibb.co/nD7StqX Addons Folder: https://ibb.co/Np5xWQW
  3. Hello there! I'm working on a remake of the "East Wind" campaign where I replace every NATO unit with a Bundeswehr unit (BWMod). I'm currently working on the first mission of the campaign, now here's my problem: There's a game logic entity where MacKinnon's vehicle is supposed to lie on the side. I replaced the Hunter with an Eagle. Now when I'm starting the mission, the Eagle is stuck in the ground. Mods: BWMod Bundeswehr ReTex Pack CBA_A3 I'm not a programming god and I have no idea how to fix this issue! Any ideas? Thanks in advance! Images: Game Logic in editor: https://ibb.co/2YqB3Rm How it looks like in the mission: https://ibb.co/9y1k8wy Game logic code: https://ibb.co/YWs2tLc Vehicle code: https://ibb.co/PgFG74h PS: Sorry for my english skills...
  4. I'm trying it! EDIT: It works!!! Thank you so much man!
  5. Here it is: https://www.file-upload.net/download-13557622/A_in.Stratis.zip.html
  6. Thanks, but it's still not working. Can i give you the pbo file of the mission so it's easier to figure out whats wrong?
  7. Didn't know that works tbh ._. class Item7 { side="WEST"; class Vehicles { items=1; class Item0 { position[]={5031.0117,214.66179,5886.9077}; azimut=180; special="NONE"; id=11; side="WEST"; vehicle="BWA3_Eagle_Tropen"; leader=1; lock="LOCKED"; skill=0.2; text="BIS_offTruck"; init="clearWeaponCargo this; clearMagazineCargo this; clearItemCargo this; clearBackpackCargo this; this setCaptive true; this setBehaviour ""CARELESS""; this engineOn true"; }; }; }; class Item92 { side="LOGIC"; class Vehicles { items=1; class Item0 { position[]={5690.8989,100.55788,5313.7993}; azimut=-120.07909; special="NONE"; id=128; side="LOGIC"; vehicle="Logic"; leader=1; skill=0.2; text="BIS_logic2"; }; }; }; Changing the height of both, the vehicle and the game logic entity, didn't do anything. It's still stuck in the ground. I forgot to say that BIS_offTruck is starting position is at Camp Rogain Images BIS_offTruck starting Position: https://ibb.co/7XKRv25