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    3CB Factions

    Ah, ok! I just wasn'T sure if this was known or if it was a problem with our settings. Thanks again for your hard. contiuned work!
  2. Nagrach

    3CB Factions

    Hey, firstly I really like your job, it adds so many new possibiltys for mission making that are missing in RHS. Especailly the more low-tech Vehicles and factions like the Livonian AF. Secondly, I noticed something strange with the Tanks. There seems a problem with Damage and/or Armor valius, or its a combination of mods in our Modset. Since nobody else seems to have these problems I assume its a mod conflict on our end... But if I have a fight between certain tanks, for example M1A1 from 3cbfactions and T72AV. They seem to be incapble of destroying eacht other. The fight basiclly only ends when one of the tanks runs out of ammunition or the crew is killed (shooting at the front of the tanks). I also noticed that when i have a duell betwen M60 and T34 (both 3cbfactions). The AFPDS of the M60 seems to higly overpenetrate (when i stand behind the T-34 I can see the rounds coming out of the back of the tank after being hit), but no damage to the vehicles, only crew kills. When I use Heat, though the T-34 is often a one shot kill. Something similiar is happing when using 3cbfaction tanks against RHS tanks, but i figured that you use just different Damage/Armor values. It also seems to be almost impossble to destroy most Tanks with the RPG 7 tandem warhead, even from behind. Our Main mods are: RHS, 3CB factions,, 3cb weapons+vehicles+core BW-mod, FAP units, ACE and Real Engine. I don't know if this information might be helpful, but i just thought it might be good do let you know?
  3. Oh I think I see what I did wrong. Ok thanks I will try it out when I have time.
  4. Hello! I wanted to ask a little question if thats ok. I used JEBUS in a Mission to create a Squad that Hunts the players via the BIS_FNC_stalk function, but it seems there is a conflict. The Units do, indeed respawn but they never chase the players. The Waypoint never gets created. When I delete the Jebus function from the Groups INI, it does work. Is there a workaround for this or is it just not possible to use Stalk + JEBUS? Thanks for your help..
  5. Wow! That was a fast answer! Thank you very much! I will try out as fast as I can.
  6. Ah, Hello... I have a "little" question I wanted to script your "addFunds" in a way, that, each players gets an amount of X Money in an intervall of X seconds if a specific Sector (created with the sector module) is controlled by there own faction... So since I'm a completly noob at scripting things like this I really have no clue if this is even possibly. I would be glad if someone can help. So thanks already.