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    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    This is a really good mod for improving the AI's active behaviours such as searching and CQB. It's unfortunate that development seems to have stalled; the current stable version is only one or two fixes away from being perfect and the next update was supposed to fix those. Hopefully we'll at least get that in-progress update finished at some point, even if it stops there.
  2. Given that the mod won't be updated any more, would it be possible to give some insight on the config for a weapon in DS2? That way users can make their own config-only patches to make the existing sounds also apply to other weapons. That would really help to unify things, e.g. making the CSLA M2 also use the Dynasound M2 sounds, and it wouldn't require any new sounds or updates on your part. Edit: never mind, I figured out how to do it myself
  3. Is there any possibility of the Light Placer tool being updated to add the new scriptable directional/spot lights (#lightreflector)? The Light Placer is super useful for point lights and it'd be nice if it could be used for spot lights too, now that that's an option.
  4. Change the vertical mode to "above sea level" and turn off surface snapping. If you lower the platform the legs will automatically adjust. The platform will still sometimes return to its default height if you move it horizontally, though. I expect by "a lift for cargo platforms" they mean...a lift. So you can get from the ground to an elevated platform. I don't think Arma would handle that very well though - a platform variant with stairs or a ladder would be better.
  5. ED-1E causes a script error for other players if you fire the biopsy lance in multiplayer:
  6. Everyone's saying it's been like that since Tanks DLC, which came out...oh, about 1.5 years ago. It's just being brought up again now because it also affects the new Mora reskin.
  7. The railway at the station in Grabin doesn't seem to be...properly supported. There are other instances of this in most other locations where the flat gravel object is used, but this is the worst one I've found. The sloped gravel object is fine since it accounts for terrain irregularities.
  8. The rail bridge at Topolin seems to have been "fixed" by placing several canal wall objects under the centre pier. I have to say, I don't like it. The open corners look unfinished and would never be done on a real bridge - they'd catch the current and erode. Honestly, you'd be better off making a new large square plinth object. Use the same textures, even; us editor users would be very glad of a square concrete object that doesn't have hazard stripes. And unrelatedly, at the factory southwest of Sitnik (10900,8970), between the tallest chimney and the building it's attached to, there's a spread of debris floating in midair.
  9. That's because it's a fan-created image using custom loadouts (and the "ship" is the vanilla HMS Proteus stood on its bow). It's not an official screenshot.
  10. If you aim down the GL sights with the Promet GL, while wearing CSAT fatigues, the camera clips into the player model.
  11. The centre pier of the rail bridge at Topolin doesn't reach the bottom of the river.
  12. This is probably the rifle belonging to the gunner or commander, which they'll be able to use when they turn out. It's just placed down there out of the way in the "sitting in vehicle" animation, so it's not visible in the interior while turned in.
  13. FWIW, the NATO Pacific variants they added semi-recently work perfectly for NATO Woodland. And the LDF skin can be loaded on to the existing offroad technicals in the virtual garage.
  14. The Cyrus 9.3mm is based on Russian weapons and would make an adequate Spetsnaz marksman rifle. It would be nice to have a black Rahim to use though, since it's more AK-style.
  15. The Spetsnaz Granit suits have the same armour values as CSAT fatigues. So they should have an equivalent level of protection to any CSAT unit wearing an LBV harness, and only slightly less protection than Viper units. It would be nice to have a green version of the Raven vest or something, though. edit: though the existing Tactical Vest (Olive) works quite nicely with the Granit suits
  16. It bugs me a bit that the Modular Carrier Rig is a stripped-down bare rig, while the "Lite" version has stuff all over it. Seems backwards. Also, it would be really great if we could have "no flag" versions of the woodland NATO kit. The uniforms and plate carriers would be super useful for European NATO militaries, but you can't use them for that because they've got US flags all over them. Edit: the new Kitbag (Green) is just a duplicate of the vanilla Kitbag (Green). Please consider making it a different colour, firstly so it's not completely redundant and secondly so it can match the bag on the back of the Spetznaz vest.
  17. It's unneeded in the sense that the LDF already has a marksman rifle, but it would be nice to have a black version so it can be used on Tanoa or Livonia (or at night) without looking out-of-place. Same for the Mk20. The LDF isn't the requirement, so much as the cover story for filling the requirement.
  18. NikkoJT

    Arma 3 DLC - CONTACT

    The trailer title says "Expansion", which is a term historically used for large updates like Apex, smaller items being "DLC". They could break tradition, though. Personally, I expect science-y or alien-y content as well. But let's not read too much into it. Alchemist and Sapphire are callsigns. Military callsigns are often "dictionary picks", or have indirect meanings. "Alchemist" could be a commander who's trained as a chemist, for example, or it could be a unit working with explosives. (Or it could be NBC...) "Phase line" isn't science-related at all. It's a military term referring to a line drawn on a map. An operation might have several "phase lines", which the participating units move to during each phase of the op, to keep from advancing too far ahead of each other. "Stay tuned" literally just means "keep listening", as in "stay tuned to this radio or TV frequency". It's a common phrase, especially in Arma's military context (lots of radio use). So there's room for it to be a nuclear attack as well - or maybe even something offbeat like zombies.
  19. The devs have said that the bridgelayer is something they want to add, but weren't able to get in for release due to engine limitations. It still needs some work.
  20. NikkoJT

    Arma 3 - Creator DLC Discussion

    It's been advertised on /r/arma, on the Arma Discord, on the Arma Twitter, presumably on the Arma Facebook, on the Arma website, and I expect there will be an advert of some kind on Steam when it actually releases. I'm not sure how much more you expect them to do. This has had the same level of propaganda as any other A3 DLC - more, in fact, since CDLCs in general were announced months ago, and the GM devs have been actively talking to the community about it since it was announced.
  21. NikkoJT

    Arma 3 - Creator DLC Discussion

    Fair enough. I'm impressed if they managed to do enough different voices between the two of them for the mission VA, plus a new set of radio protocol. I don't think that detracts from my overall point about the price being justified, though.
  22. NikkoJT

    Arma 3 - Creator DLC Discussion

    BI is providing technical assistance and QA on this project in order to keep it up to DLC standards. They are also allowing the mod to be monetised as a DLC, which is the only way to pay for the time spent (the DLC devs themselves have said the mod would have been lower quality or never released without this). It's quite possible that BI provided up-front payment to support this as well, although this hasn't been confirmed. So they're doing the following things that are usually considered to deserve payment: - Technical support - QA time and resources - Possibly providing actual money - Promoting the mod as official DLC - Allowing someone else to profit from their game - Oh yeah, and developing the game it's modifying - [edit] one of the GM devs has mentioned that legal protection against asset ripping is a major reason they wanted to use the CDLC program BI's support is required for CDLCs to reach vanilla standards. BI is unlikely to provide the level of support needed without getting paid for it, and the CDLC devs need to be paid for the time spent as well (which requires BI's approval). So, yeah, it's pretty reasonable for BI to take a cut of CDLC money. Other cost drivers: - Someone has to pay the VAs for the new audio - The devs deserve to get paid for essentially working a second job on this (again, it wouldn't have happened without them being paid for it) For sheer amount and quality of content it's fair to charge for this DLC. BI gets a share because they helped and it's their game. The price is very reasonable. It's less than Apex, IIRC, for a similar amount of content of the same or better quality. It's silly to be upset about it just because it was done by (essentially) a contractor instead of BI's internal employees. Locking the content in the way that's been done is not something most people are happy about. Even the DLC devs wanted to use the Apex model instead. But that's really not related to the price. A cheaper DLC would have exactly the same problems, only it would probably be lower quality. A free DLC with the same model wouldn't have had the community division problems - but it also wouldn't have been able to happen at the quality level that GM is happening.
  23. If you're concerned about getting too modern, you don't necessarily have to go straight to Leo 2. You could bring in some Soviet intermediate tanks like the T-62, or improved models like the T-55AM and Leopard 1A4/1A5.