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    This one is shooting me an error. 0:03:06 Error in expression <+ random 30, (_jump_alt max 200) + (12 *_index)]; waitUntil {(getpos _unit selec> 0:03:06 Error position: <_index)]; waitUntil {(getpos _unit selec> 0:03:06 Error Undefined variable in expression: _index While I am content with my generic non-scripter workaround, I will try anything that you post and give you whatever feedback I come across. 🙂 Thanks, Brian
  2. Beyaco


    I am going to post what I came up with even though there is probably a better way to accomplish it 🙂 Maybe it will help someone else. I went to line 48 and changed _MGI_units = (units _caller) select {local _x && alive _x && _x distanceSqr _caller < 100000 && isnull objectParent _x}; to _MGI_units = (units _caller) select {local _x && alive _x && _x distanceSqr _caller < 1 && isnull objectParent _x};
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    That works perfectly! I really appreciate your help! I have one other question, is there a variable that can be changed to make it a solo jump instead of group jump?
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    Hello, thank you for the awesome script! I have a question that I am hoping that someone can help me or let me know if it is even possible. Instead of an object (flag pole), is there a way to execute the code on the fly with the debug console? Or possibly a small script that could be tossed into a .sqf file and then executed?
  5. I am also having this problem, any help would be appreciated.
  6. Hello, I am wondering if there is an example mission utilizing grad-listbuymenu - class based buy menu and grad-moneymenu in conjunction with one another? I cannot figure out how to add funds to the "side". I have playable BLU_F characters and I execute [WEST, 5000] call grad_lbm_fnc_addFunds; and no credits are added. Any help would be appreciated. Are all BLU_F players considered "WEST"? grad_lbm_fnc_setFunds This function sets funds of an account. Effect is global. Syntax [account,funds] call grad_lbm_fnc_setFunds Parameter Explanation account Object or Side - The unit or side whose funds to set. funds Number - The funds to add to the unit. Example [player,5000] call grad_lbm_fnc_setFunds; [WEST,2000] call grad_lbm_fnc_setFunds; I did get [p_1, 5000] call grad_lbm_fnc_addFunds; to add 5000 funds to my BLU_F character named p_1.
  7. Beyaco

    Virtual Reality ARMA - Oculus/HTC Vive

    You can use a VR or WMR headset in conjunction with OpenTrack and get great results (wear it like a hat or over an actual hat). I would definitely recommend trying that out before buying a TrackIR. I used my PSVR to test OpenTrack with Arma 3, loved it. Then I picked up a Samsung Odyssey+ for $300 when it was on sale... I just bought VorpX and can say that Arma 3 has some serious potential if modders would take a look at making some custom HUD's and tweaking a few things to accommodate playing in VR...
  8. Hello Grumpy Old Man, thank you for sharing this script! I am having some problems when using it on a dedicated server. I have it set up to teleport the player to a few different vehicles choices. It seems to work perfectly, but then at some point, I am unable to teleport to that vehicle anymore. However, I can still teleport to other vehicles. Also, when using the object to select the vehicle, it starts to multiply the selections. As an example, I have 8 vehicles selections to choose from, after a few uses, there will be 24 available selections, 3 of each...I am thinking the vehicle respawns with a different object name, not sure why the selection menu keeps multiplying though. Any help would be greatly appreciated. After searching a bit more, I came across this post: I believe I found what I was after. I wanted to share the link for anybody else that may need it.