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    [Release] Simple Weapon Shop System

    HI, Wonder if anyone can help me? (I've only just started trying to this a week ago so my knowledge of scripts is really limited) I am running ravage mod with this as well and also have areas where higher end vehicles spawn. I currently have a basic script running So it allows me to take ownership of vehicles that have spawned in through ravage or any other means but it also means I can take ownership of other players vehicles. I tried to make something that would check for ownership but just couldn't figure out how to get it to work. if anyone has the time to help its appreciated.
  2. Monosyllabicben

    [Release] Simple Weapon Shop System

    I run this along with the ravage mod and get $ and xp for killing zombies.
  3. Monosyllabicben

    [Release] Simple Weapon Shop System

    I was having A bit of an issue with vehicles so i tried it on the provided mission and still have an issue where I can see inventory or empty vehicle but I can not enter the vehicle. Made a video of me unpacking. then editing the suv price to $100 so I can buy one then load up arma and run the mission. Let me know if i'm doing something stupid please. I've got this running in a single player and everything else seems to work spot on.