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  1. I just want to start off by saying I've been playing this game for 3 months and I have been enjoying it except for a specific factor that I am going to address. Before addressing this issue I'm going to take it to account that this is still a game preview in that the community is very small so I understand that it may be hard to get into Duo's sometimes. at the same time, in the solo division, we have not just to people but sometimes even three people teaming up distracting the flow of the solo mode. so anyone who's playing this game and decides to read this I just wanted to let it be known that from this point forward until the community gets bigger and the game Flow is ran at an acceptable rate I am going to be reporting people to Xbox LIVE who decide to bring partners with them into solo matches. again, I understand the community for the game is small but that is no reason to bring people into solo matches for cheating. I've lost a lot of hard earned weaponry and equipment do to this and it is quite sickening. Banana duck6996, sevdaliza and electriccola339 are a few of the cheaters and they should be banned. if I run into any more of them I will be commenting their names under this post for future references. the game is very dope and fun but once we run into these cheaters it distracts the flow of the game. my shelter is a level 7, I'm able to create all of the ammo and I have quite a few blueprints that take time to craft, i.e. ADR and AUR HBAR-T. Again, I understand the community is small but this is no excuse for Cheating in this manner. God bless.
  2. kinggunter

    No Encounter Sites

    Same here..... map seems to have not switched over properly
  3. kinggunter

    Xbox Home Screen

    Lucky you. All of my stuff is taking away every time this happens
  4. kinggunter

    No maps???

    Seems map never changed properly.......
  5. kinggunter

    0.6 update

    Same here.
  6. kinggunter

    No maps???

    All maps are closed. You guys okay over there???
  7. kinggunter

    Unfair "co-op"

    Well even with the Duo's out now, people are still teaming up in the singles division.... is there any way this could be stopped???
  8. kinggunter

    Unfair "co-op"

    Cool Well even with the Duo's out now, people are still teaming up in the singles division.... is there any way this could be stopped???
  9. kinggunter

    0.6 update

    Really depressing..... issues are costing me hard earned loot....
  10. kinggunter

    0.6 update

    Also my current issue, jedimfp
  11. kinggunter

    0.6 update

    As we speak I am broadcasting. I appreciate the overhaul and the improvments that you made on the game. I most definitely give you props for that. Before I go further with my issues I want to let it be known that I am aware that this is a game preview. My issue seems to be servers crashing. At one instance I'm looting and I find someone else looting. I flank him inside of the barn and kill him. The server crashes and sends me back to my shelter. The very next game I get three legitimate kills. I catch the airdrop. I take the airdrop to the leaving area. The time runs out and I am dropped from the service yet again to lose all of my loot AND the airdrop i earned. I'm wondering if anyone else has had this experience since the 0.6 update. It's frustrating because I do love the game to the point to where I take my time and tactically earned my keep and for it ending result being what it is..... I'm sure you get the point...... any insight from anyone. Thanx in advance. https://mixer.com/King_Gunter_III
  12. kinggunter

    Unfair "co-op"

    From what I see Vigor is supposed to be a free for all multiplayer. There seems to be people who are bringing in thier friends to help them win. I feel this brings an unfair advantage to the game. May I suggest a separate multiplayer where you can have co-op available for this matter. I understand the game is a work in progress, but in the same instance I feel that people bringing their friends in to help them brings and unfair advantage..... Just my 2 cents. Thanx.