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  1. Olivier Raherisoa

    Empty my magazine

    Whoa, before that happened from time to time but now.... Did you make the problem worse? It put 3 times in the same game I shoot a bullet and my magazine empties!!!!!
  2. Olivier Raherisoa

    Kill bonus...

    Just one crown for one kills and 5 crowns for threat👍
  3. Olivier Raherisoa

    Make the unboosted crate rarity random

    Just change 100white crates too 1 golden crate .100 white cartes it's 100boxes wins in game so verry long but it's possible. It's good idee
  4. Olivier Raherisoa


    Pyrit how you know it's like IRL bohemia kills some person ???? ;D
  5. Olivier Raherisoa

    ASK! - Devstream 21st of November

    I think 6days for 1 map is to long maybe 3 or 2 days ? In the airedrop i find 3 time rpk74 blueprint it's normal? 9airdrops for nothing. The skills was up for the 0.6 it's good more and more challenge that rly good! Weapons are very fun like aur a1 a74-ksu pm-63 rak but i never see someone use weapons like m1 carabine ppsh-41 or adr-97 so why? And all shot guns are unplayed but lot of new weapons are very fun ! And CHEMICALS are very rare i find chemicals just in draug fort in others map it's impossible ..... (Sorry for my english) And did you see in Twitter my friend and me find a hole in draug that kills us, we screen and post that on Twitter And sometimes we stay blocked by aiming or can't crouch Yes vigor has a lot of flaws but I spend my free time on, nice job ??
  6. Olivier Raherisoa


    I think knives just need delete
  7. Olivier Raherisoa


    I find maybe 4or5 chemicals in 1 game so, i think it's possile but it's normal you need time to find but yes it's very rare
  8. Olivier Raherisoa

    ASK! - Livestream 🍂 November 7

    Death cam in duo ? If i die i can see my mate's screen ?
  9. Olivier Raherisoa

    Death cam in duo

    What do you think about see your mate when you'r die ? In duo after death it's possible ?
  10. Olivier Raherisoa

    Broug Fort - Glitch thru floor

    Hey bro post it in vigor-official xbox one community
  11. Olivier Raherisoa

    Can't connect to online

    Yeah and some freez and backwindows...
  12. Olivier Raherisoa

    I can't loot the box on people

    And i crash 1game for 5
  13. Olivier Raherisoa

    I can't loot the box on people

    When i kill body who take the drop i can't take the box in him.... it's very very very dably
  14. Olivier Raherisoa

    0.6 update

    For me my game just said " User can't play Online" and the game was instal for my friend....
  15. Olivier Raherisoa

    User can't play online

    I don't my game is dead when i go in vigor the game just said "User can't play" my friend can't play too and we don't no why ...