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  1. s1r james ii

    Healing Items

    I usually do take things slow and stealthy, but I get shot at I usually just zig zag and I survive most of the time unless the person is having an off day. But I see what you mean now how the meds can easily save your life..if you know what you're doing. :) I'm gonna test some things with the meds like I said
  2. s1r james ii

    Healing Items

    Hmm, maybe I'm just unlucky. I'll have to experiment with them a bit more.
  3. s1r james ii

    Healing Items

    It seems to me now with the new shooting mechanics, healing is pointless. As from what I have gathered so far, if you get shot at, you ARE going to die. Using the Thompson mainly I've noticed it takes one shot to the head to kill, same with the Luger. If you are getting shot at from a distance and get hit, you have a chance to heal if you bothered to bring some meds. Other than that, since the shooting mechanic update, medical items are kind of pointless imo. Unless you're supposed to use them just for fall damage lol, I don't see meds being useful for the time being. Maybe a buff or a complete change to them and how they're used?
  4. s1r james ii

    Can't connect to online

    Also a Dev on their Discord said a fix is coming soon. The patch notes should be on here soon :)
  5. s1r james ii

    Can't connect to online

    I usually go in with nothing and be sneaky and grab what I can. And if I get enough ammo for a gun I pick up I try for the drop :) therefore I never got a drop yet I think lol
  6. s1r james ii

    Can't connect to online

    Yeah something is going down :( probably something to do with the map expiring and switching to another map. But they recently changed it so during off hours there would only be one map. I'd say it has to do with that.
  7. s1r james ii

    0.6 update

    There was a progress wipe with the new crafting and weapon system implemented.
  8. s1r james ii

    User can't play online

    Good to hear! :)
  9. Its a game Preview... Also they reworked just about everything imo and its such a different feel now. The wipe was necessary for this, and to see how the players would accommodate to the new crafting system. In short, it's not a fully released game yet and things will change to better it.
  10. s1r james ii

    User can't play online

    I replied to another post with this just a bit ago, but in general discussion.
  11. s1r james ii

    User can't play online

    Also what version number does your game say? The latest is .6.29886.
  12. s1r james ii

    User can't play online

    Try power cycling your xbox :) i.e. hold the power button for 10 seconds. Wait 30 secs and unplug the power for it then wait another 30. Plug and start it up again :) Hope it helps!
  13. s1r james ii

    Livestream 10/10 ASK Questions!

    -Anything about possible PvE? Whether it be AI bandits, or wild animals? -Some times when I spawn, it seems other players spawn very close by. And within seconds I am in a gunfight. Any upcoming spawn adjustments? Especially with duos coming I'm sure. -Do you have any plans for more modes? For example, a 6v6 mode fighting for the loot drop or and other items.