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  1. Thanks, i'll have a look. I really want to host my own server though :)
  2. Incase anyone ever wondered: the 32 bit linux dedicated server performs a whole lot slower in comparison to running the 64bit windows server under wine64. Just tried it out, same config in both instances (1DS + 1HC), but the wine64 one still runs at 49fps in situations where the linux one already severely dropped (<25)
  3. Well it didn't say that there was no AI commander on the friedly side, so going by my CTI experience from older Arma and operation flashpoint, i just assumed AI would fill in all vacant roles. Still, this is a great mission, keep up the good work :)
  4. Guess i'm blind heh :D Thank you! Will give that a try later today. I think i remember you from Operation Flashpoint CTI times :)
  5. Hi, I've spent the last few days setting up and optimizing a linux dedicated server on my i9 rig and i am now looking to play big-scale cti and warfare missions alone, because i prefer AI to real humans (and got noone to play with anyway) The things i would like to see are: - Headless client support in the mission for big scale AI battles - AI Commanders on both sides (i don't want to command) So far the only mission i could find was Dissension, which sadly does not seem optimized enough and only has one HC slot. As soon as the game has been running for half a day, server fps drop severely. I added zbe_cache and reduced AI count to combat this, however i sometimes even get rubberbanding when server fps are 40+. Also the whole town-grid-thing seems buggy, sometimes AI isn't able to take a single grid within 10 hours of me being idle. Also looked at Liberation, which does not seem to have an AI commander on both sides. Any tips? I'd be very happy to find more missions like this :)
  6. Hi, when i start this game and join as the role of a squad leader it seems that there is no AI commander on my side. No bots spawn and no FOB gets built. What did i do wrong? I'd like to play this mission alone with only AI and me not being the commander