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  1. Thread is a discussion and related to this issue: https://feedback.bistudio.com/T127689#1770236 Since the issue is known for almost a year and hasn't been addressed - If anyone of server owners out here know a fix/workaround, please share. The Issue is unrelated to a type of game-crash and happens to any player who tries to reconnect to the server after the crash. It is not server specific either (however I haven't tested if it exists on all kinds of MP servers). It is a pretty critical problem which needs to be addressed, but I haven't found any workaround apart from: - Restarting a server. - Changing IP address on a client that got kicked. Looks like IP address gets blacklisted somehow? But I haven't been able to find any logs about that in logfiles. "Battleeye client not responding" has nothing to do with the reason of the kick and even complete reinstallation of battleeye won't help. Bis support shall pay attention to this issue and fix it, as from all the games with BattleEye enabled it happens only in Arma3! The issue hasn't been here forever, it is a thing of the last year, I don't know exactly what update have broken things, but it was fine before.
  2. Malcain

    ANZINS Terrain

    It's not graphics, I've checked. Everything on ultra. It's most likely, like Defunkt said, due to bad pattern resolution, as I can notice pixels/bad quality even without an optics when I take a look at about 30-80 meters range where the grass stops rendering/renders less(most noticable from above)
  3. Malcain

    ANZINS Terrain

    I just want to note that in the game it looks/feels somewhat worse and even more pixelized than what the picture can represent. Looking forward an update and thanks for all the hard work. Once the issue is fixed, the mod can become as important and overall quality improvement as official 2016 lighting update.
  4. Malcain

    ANZINS Terrain

    With Anzis mod on: Without Anzis mod on:
  5. Malcain

    ANZINS Terrain

    Hi. Awesome mod, improves a lot. But have you tried looking at distance textures via binocular/scope? They look awful compared to vanilla - pixelized and degraded.
  6. Malcain

    DHI Battle Dress Uniforms

    It's kind of unethical to call "just a hobby" all the content, without which Arma would be just another dead game. Edit: I may sound too much entitled, but "symbiosis" is a better term.
  7. I was referring to two BP effects when playing as zed(red filter+distance blur) and when you're at a very low health as a player(heavy blur+heartbeat sound):
  8. Malcain

    Gib effects

    High chances that it's due to the fact that different mods use different kind of ammo/damage system/models for zombies e.t.c., so the bloodlust mod needs some adjusting and work to support these mods. + it's not perfomance friendly, so some effects like blood splatters on the ground need even more adjusting. All doable, but takes time and not a highest priority. I agree it's a needed feature though, got it on my to-do list.
  9. Well it may not work for your scripts as they try to be universal and as widely usable as possible (I think it's a mod maker's job to further enhance infection). I myself plan to make infection in a movie-like style: You got hit - you're slowly turning into a zombie, a separate playable class. At first via add of temporary post-process red blurry visual effects. And eventually ending with a character's death and transformation(replacement) into a playable zombie. It is pretty doable and won't be too hard to add to BreakingPoint mod which already features a zombie class (will get my hands on it later), but I'd welcome described post-proccess effects added to your infection script!
  10. Hi. I have a goal to restrict faction to be able to wear specific gear only, I have achieved that via Problem is, it creates a duplicated gear if I put it on the ground/container or exchange it. To solve that, I am trying to add "take"/"put" eventhandler checks for duplicated gear (only headgear in this example for simplicity): Tried both with "put" and "take" EHs, but no luck so far. I am not very exp'd with EHs yet, so I appreciate any tips to achieve the goal.
  11. Yeah, looks like I got Arma'd. Well, the "Put" eventhandler coupled with "CBA_fnc_removeItemCargo" still partially solved what I was looking for, apart from the "exchange" case. If anyone knows workaround for the "exchange" case, let me know. This is the code example I've successfully tested to delete the duplicate items (so you cannot create infinite number of uniforms/headgear simply dropping them on the ground/in container). Thanks for help and tips!
  12. Yes, I already got replacement of gear working fine. My prob is that when I put off/exchange the allowed gear for not allowed, it will create a duplicate item in an opened container. Let's say I am only allowed to wear headgear "A": In container I see headgear "B". When I try to put "B" on: 1. the headgear "A" which was on me, will now be put into the container 2. The headgear "B" will get replaced by headgear "A" as it fails the check for allowed gear. 3. As a result we have headgear "A" on a player and the same headgear "A" in a container. I need to get rid of "A" in the container. Isn't there a way to delete specific item from an opened container?
  13. Yeah, that mod can finally solve the "1st person vs 3rd person" debate, which splits the community. One of the most crucial and long-existed issues, looking forward the release!
  14. Malcain

    [ MAP ] St. George Island

    Thanks for alpha release! Can't wait to check it out. One concern though: On a steam workshop it says that the map needs Apex DLC. But AFAIK DLC is not required for any map besides Tanoa. Have you tested it with anyone who don't have the Apex DLC? 3rd party maps shall not require it as I know a lot of other maps using Apex assets with no requirement for Apex.
  15. To be honest I think you are creating smth that has already been done better before. Saw some solutions of cutting down trees with axe in several mods. I think epoch had it working, also saw No Cure WIP mod has it working fine. You come to the tree with an axe in your hands and cut it down with attack animation. Consider looking into how it's scripted up there, may save you some time for other cool stuff you are creating
  16. Malcain

    [FOX] Advanced Urban Zipline

    You get permanently stuck if the place you are aimed at is at your altitude or slightly lower. Got stuck several times like that. Reason is that the animation will freeze until you reach the destination, but there is no safe-mechanic to unfreeze if you never reach it.
  17. Malcain


    Breaking Point has perfect MP bases - lockable houses. I'd like to improve it with visuals though: the more the house is reinforced, the more details are added to the outside look, so it's looking like a fortified base. Overall, for MP, it is better to look forward an already existing MP mod, and slowly integrate survival/immersion features into it, don't see any problem in that. Apart from the thing, which you mentioned - most SP/Coop scripts are pretty simple, while MP persistance/database/dedicated server support things are much harder to work out. You cannot simply copy-paste:) As a fan of MP survival, I've chosen BP as a start, but I'd like to add SP-quality expirience to the mission. Maybe merge it with some Ravage modules.
  18. Yes, I consider it totally as a server-side issue due to good reasons: If you throw your PC in a window, then use another PC with Arma installed, and try to connect using the same IP address - you will still get kicked. Created the ticket at Battleeye, don't hold my breath tho.
  19. I appreciate the help, but I've made it clear that I tried everything so far, before coming to the forum for help. My server has been running since August. I've also spoken with a guy who runs exile server, he has the same problem (but he doesn't bother seeking for solutions on bis services). There were reports about it on KoTH servers too(link in my previous reply+ticket). It is a paid hosting service (Hetzner.com) which I use. My country is blocking a lot of online services, it's also good for privacy reasons as I have no trust in our ISPs and government.
  20. changing something on the clients side - are you serious or trolling me? Do some research and you'll get an idea that it has nothing to do with the client. Ask yourself a couple of questions: - why server restart helps? - why changing IP (not the connection, but IP address(the numbers) - connection on client-side stays the same) helps. To give you more insight on how vpn services work: your IP stays the same, but the connection goes through a remote service provider who hides your IP, providing another IP address instead. So nothing is changed on client side, it is a connection routing which gets changed and the IP address of the packets the server is recieving from you. What's the problem with all that ignorance? I have described the problem and there are quite enough information provided in a ticked. How would the password help? I don't host it just for my friends. I see that problem since May with players reporting it to server owners, but the latter have no answer and usually don't bother reporting it, usual reply is to wait for server restart. Are you trying to prove me that there is no support and reporting a technical problem trying to get it fixed is a stupid idea? If you guys don't believe me and those who've made an initial ticket, take a look at this thread related to the same problem: https://forums.eutw.net/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=6914&p=59502
  21. It will make the light dim and even to extent of lights becoming completely unreliable. You will have to do several tests inside the ruins and make a scripted version for at least two different conditions: Night and Day (can be done via "If (SunOrMoon >0.5)" check). Reason is: even though SetApertureNew lets you set up a min-to-max aperture numbers, it doesn't work well if difference between numbers is too big. And for example, Setaperture 100 during the night will make ruins completely unplayable, you wouldn't be able to see a thing. Meanwhile during the day You will have to set up much higher numbers. I will do the MP tests and provide feedback on lightning and what can be done to make it even better once it's released.
  22. Have you read the detailed and well-described info about the issue on a feedback tracker!? Everything you've written is totally unrelated! It is not a client-side problem!: It happens on various servers including mine. It has been here for almost a year. ANY PLAYER which got a crash WILL GET KICKED once he tries to reconnect. The only ways the player have to fix the issue are: 1. Change his IP address(for example via vpn service) and connect to a server using new IP. 2. Wait for server restart. Please, don't write about basic things which I have already done several times. I have written it on a feedback tracker. Even complete reinstallation of battleeye+deleting folders+veryfying cache+turning off antivirus will not help! Why do you blame it on me when any player including you would get the same problem. It is not a BattleEye problem either! Why? There are ton of games using battleeye, but this problem is Arma-specific! Other games don't have that problem. Even Arma was fine over a year ago as it hasn't been here forever. I am seeking for a fix as now when I began to host my own server I am concerned about player expirience in the long run. I can change my IP any time after the crash as I have a good VPN service installed, other players may not have such privilege.
  23. I feel you. As I've got an even worse challenge: trying to convert an asset of facewear+vest+uniform+headgear into "clothing", so it doesn't take the actual slot apart from clothing, but still represents the character I want to create. Your assets are badass
  24. Brilliant! How will the ruins handle sunlight during the day? Since the entry and exit is scripted, I think it's possible to set them up in a way to be dark inside even during the day (SetApertureNew command comes to mind).
  25. "After game crash, reconnecting to the same server results in getting kicked for "Battleeye client not responding" Steps To Reproduce: Play on a multiplayer server. Have the game crash. Reconnect to the same server and wait a couple of minutes. It is explained both here and in feedback ticket. But since I don't see much action going on that one, it makes me think(and hope) that some server owners may had found workaround for it.