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  1. JasonTheRed

    GF Auto Population Zombie Script - Mod

    I redownloaded and now I get a bunch of errors having to due with Markers.
  2. Anyone know how to fix the Session Lost issue with this mod? Seems the server I played on (MonkeyMan) which has always used this mod now won't connect. There are players active on the server but I cannot join and it's down to this error: '@NATO\addons\mas_apc.pbo' not found
  3. JasonTheRed

    GF Auto Population Zombie Script - Mod

    I can't seem to get this to work. No errors but no spawning either and the credits for the script aren't loaded either. in initServer.sqf I have this line: [] execVM "GF_Auto_Population_Zombie\Credits.sqf"; // Please keep the Credits or add them to your Diary [] execVM "GF_Auto_Population_Zombie\GF_Auto_Population_Zombie_init.sqf"; When I launch the mission I enter as Zeus and do not see any spawning. I'm using MaxZombies and have the mod loaded as I can drop them in via editor or zeus. I have the latest scripts installed as well. Am I missing something?
  4. JasonTheRed

    1.90 update - Troubleshooting

    This is rubbish BI. Although I can understand your perspective that you can't possibly test all scenarios it's clear to me that this is a serious problem which affects many of your customers. This isn't an isolated incident AND today is the 12-Mar and you have yet to send out a rollback which means many of us players can't play. The solution IS NOT to force server owners to manually rollback their versions. You should release a hotfix which removes the changes causing this issue. I installed the latest update last night (automatic updates) and now I cannot access a single server. Awesome customer experience for an online multiplayer game. We as customers; server owners and players want YOU as the provider of the software we all paid for to be responsible for fixing this issue. Period.
  5. In an MP game I constantly get an error about the VD_AllowRandomPlayerLoadout variable not existing. I have the var declared in VD_Settings and it's included in init.sqf. The loadout never seems to run.
  6. JasonTheRed

    GF Auto Loot Script - Mod

    Cool thanks! I posted the mission here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1632673343. It's super simple and the map isn't great for perf but it plays pretty well.
  7. JasonTheRed

    GF Auto Loot Script - Mod

    @davidoss do you mind if I use your loot spawner in a mission I'm publishing? The fact it spawns loot around players (and deletes it) is great! Just making sure before I enable it. I've given you credit BTW.
  8. JasonTheRed

    GF Auto Loot Script - Mod

    I'm testing this and it seems a couple things are not working quite right. 1. Loot seems to spawn automatically regardless whether the player is nearby or not (script and mod version) 2. Loot DOES NOT spawn in military areas. I'm guessing because none of the military buildings are classified as "house"? 3. Loot continues to spawn in the same area which leads to loot spawning atop existing loot which leads to FPS lag. Any thoughts @GEORGE FLOROS GR?
  9. Hopefully someone can help with an issue I'm having... I get an undefined variable name when the scenario starts. The var referenced is from this line: if (VD_AllowRandomPlayerLoadout) then {call VD_Player_Equipper}; I've used VD's scripts before and have them all added as they should be. I'm not using horses or dogs. I just can't seem to figure this out.
  10. Have you posted the latest yet @Vandeanson?
  11. @Vandeanson I've done some more performance testing. I've found inserting sleep doesn't really help. However, as I'm using CUP+RHS+NIArms weapons the script has a lot of data to crunch; those arrays are huge! My current theory, and as I've tested so far is that when the script tries to assign mags the actual cfgWeapons lookup hasn't finished and therefore the array is empty. This sets off a cascade of mag failures. This doesn't seem to be an issue for the SW spawner as often and I suspect this is because there simply fewer iterations to go through before assigning cargo. What I've done is insert waitUntil calls for each of the cfgWeapons lookups. Tested a bunch of times and so far I'm not seeing the errors. I added this all magazine lookups for the equipper function. For example: _magazines = getArray (configFile >> "CfgWeapons" >> _weapon >> "magazines"); waituntil {(count _magazines) > 0}; _mag = selectRandom _magazines; As you can see there's a loop happening which doesn't proceed until the _magazines loop is not empty. Hope this helps! Also, as a performance request, it'd be nice if you disabled simulation on all the spawned AI (except the No Rest group for obvious reasons) until a player was within a certain range. This would help keep frames up for MP even with a large number of camps spawned.
  12. @Vandeanson don't forget about adding a SW spawner for when you don't want to use markers. I copied/edited your SW spawner to do this. However, it may be better to create a generic script for TC, BC and SW which handles setting the POSes based on a true/false check instead. Then you wouldn't need to duplicate the files.
  13. I have it working now. Needed to create a SW spawner for when you do not want to use pre-designated markers. The _mag errors are now the only issue; Multiple RHS not in cfg weapons seems to be the cause. I do not know what the equivalent of a try/catch is in C but maybe you could suppress the error logs and send them to the server diag log instead? One other thing I do notice is the BC spawns group up a bit. Noticing multiple camps all spawning within a couple dozen metres of each other; kind of neat as it looks like a commune. I suspect this is not intentional. Maybe each loop through the spawner should append/remove the location of each camp to an array in order to blacklist spawning near one of those existing camps? BIS_fnc_findSafePlace does have a param for blacklisting. I poked around to see if I could find simple way of appending/removing items into a Blacklist array but as of yet no joy. Anyway, this set of scripts are really nice!
  14. Hey Vandeanson - liking the direction of the scripts. I am not actually able to get this working however. Whenever I try to use the scripts I get tons of cycling errors as it tries to spawn BC. The errors fly by so quickly I can't tell you a list of line numbers but it seems to constantly refer to the fireplace; suggests there isn't one spawned. I've enabled automatic spawning based on location to player over using markers. Could this be the problem? Is that functionality working? I have the grabbed that latest version of the files (90% sure). However, there's a strange dependency on the EDN_Functions. The VD_Equipper is part of that file. Could you break out the equipper from the EDN code please? I also noticed the launchers arrays aren't used. Or if they are I can't find their use...
  15. JasonTheRed

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Anyone here know how I can find the scriptable states for the M1085 CPBS? I'd like to spawn this vehicle with the CBPS deployed via a script. In the editor I can do it but I'm working on some dynamic mission tasks but cannot find the functions/animations etc in the cfg or functions viewer. AND rhsmods.org docs seem very incomplete. Any help would be great!