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  1. MykeWazowskiii

    founders items

    I seriously doubt they'll take that away..i'm sure it'll always be there as long as you purchased the founders pack it'll be linked to your account. Hearing everything will be wiped makes me sad, but would be an unfair advantage I guess to those who are just starting the F2P
  2. MykeWazowskiii


    LMAO, oh duh! Now I have to do this.
  3. MykeWazowskiii


    The little blue tarp?
  4. MykeWazowskiii

    When single selecting ammo (xbox)

    It does this to me as well..i've noticed that when I select them slowly it doesn't happen but when I'm spamming the Y button, it'll start putting random shit in my inventory.
  5. MykeWazowskiii

    looting issue/not complaint

    I run into this a lot...actually got my ass killed yday. It's very hit or miss. Most times, I can pick up the loot no problem but other times I sit there for a good 10 seconds before I can finally get my guy in the PERFECT spot to loot a car and get my 1 wire, lol.
  6. MykeWazowskiii

    Maps switching every 3 days!

    Be cool if there were a way for the community to be able to vote for the map that comes out every 3 days...or is that too CoD'ish?
  7. MykeWazowskiii


    What's the challenge?! I like challenges!
  8. MykeWazowskiii

    After beta

    link to that dev stream?
  9. MykeWazowskiii

    Looting bug

    I noticed last night, there was a player in the water near the boat docks behind a building slowly making his way to the extraction point. I saw and killed him well before he made it to the pile of bricks (I saw his character fall over and die) When I jumped into the water, I was right on top of his body and could not loot his box. I could see it, and see his body still but couldn't loot his box. I'm guessing there's a bug to where you can't loot boxes that are in the water? Has this been brought up already? Just trying to help. Thanks guys! Having a blast on your game!!
  10. MykeWazowskiii

    Server optimization

    It's buggy, but they've not killed it. The bugs are to be expected AND reported by you - the consumer.
  11. MykeWazowskiii

    Xbox Random Crashes

    How often do you guys crash? I've crashed twice so far - once during a firefight and once when I was trying to evac after picking up the package. I've about, 10 - 15 hrs into the game with 2 crashes. Playing on Xbox One X with excellent internet. (400 Mbps)
  12. MykeWazowskiii

    After beta

    ALSO, I've heard that there may be times in the BETA that you lose everything (I'm guessing the'll do this if they make a huge change to something?), but at the end of beta going into live - you keep everything.
  13. MykeWazowskiii

    After beta

    From what i've heard and read, no - you keep everything you've acquired.
  14. MykeWazowskiii


    Yeah bud..it's gonna happen a lot. I got duo'ed yday a lot. Just gotta take it with the rest of the BS that comes with Early Access games. Developers are definitely checking the forum to read/address issues. I get really pissed when the game crashes and I lose everything..breaks my damn heart - esp when i'm DECKED out!
  15. MykeWazowskiii


    Reloading seems to be a huge issue. I go into the match, and have to press "X" 9 to 10 times before my character will actually reload the gun. Not sure if anyone else if experiencing this, but it is kinda frustrating. Also cycling through your weapons with "Y" rarely ever works. It's actually gotten me killed a few times and have lost major resources.