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  1. Sleepyc18

    FIX the DUOs issue ASAP

    I killed two players yesterday that had the drop and my game crashed as soon as i killed both of them at least the teamers didn't get the drop
  2. Sleepyc18

    VIGOR X FILES I think I just saw a Ghost ????

    I seen a character with that hat and an outfit i never seen he killed me and my boy might be a dev playing the game
  3. Sleepyc18

    So is it actually wiser to ...

    Some one tried that with me it never works just jump a gate or rail then the cowards go running and hiding i haven't died to a knife yet
  4. Sleepyc18

    Map Movement Solution

    I think we should be able to loot cars crouched depending on the spot on the car. Meaning if the icon is over the trunk we can search the car standing but if you want to search while crouched go to the trunk. Giving only one way to take damage depending on player position
  5. Sleepyc18

    Major Bugs

    When the gun stops making sound but the bullet count keep dropping you are firing and will damage and kill players. There is allot of sound problems i know but i got a double kill with a rpk when it happened to me. Spray and pray
  6. Sleepyc18

    Games are too short.

    Nope there is time to do both, i leave every encounter fully loaded with the crate or just fully loaded. I like to loot then get the drop then loot on my way to an exit. Forums are not where you complain about your game play, you give ideas and tell about game breaking bugs. Not enough time is on you, when i just want the crate I'm looking at 8 minutes when looting I'm looking at 10 to 15 minutes and when I'm doing everything looting the crate and hunting/stalking other players I'm looking at a 20 minute match. I like the game overall i got the founders pack so i can get good and stay good even with the changes the devs make. I don't mean to sound like a A hole but i see more complaints and request to make the game easier than i do glitchs. Help fix the problems before you kids (yes kids) ruin a good game with your fortnight and cod ideas. The game is about survival skills not winning every gun fight cause you won't.
  7. Sleepyc18

    My Ideas

    No don't do that that would make the game unbalanced. Why do so many gamers want a edge over others just get good and stop asking for easy wins go play cod or fortnight
  8. Sleepyc18

    Deconstrucing for blue prints

    Shooting range duh
  9. The only gun in the game that won't jam or give then problems is the es16a2 because that gun has burst fire
  10. Sleepyc18

    My Ideas

    No no no no no to all your ideas that would make the game feel like a kids game (ie kids play cod cause it's easy more adults play bf cause of the difficulty) no player will have an advantage over the next your tier system gives just that and the devs don't want that. Regarding the attachments (ie scopes and grips) if you want a scoped gun you have to find it and break it down to get the blueprint. Their will be different versions of the guns( ie you have a ak stock then one with a scope one with and extended clip and one with a scope and extended clip) that you have to break down to get. So the only way you can have an advantage is to go get what you need by playing the game
  11. Sleepyc18

    Is Ranking/Leveling an option?

    No the way this game is going i don't think a ranking system would be necessary, now the chalk board thing seems cool just to track kills. But this game is about the grind and time you put into it, without no other player to have a real advantage over another
  12. Sleepyc18

    Suggested tweaks

    I think the ambient sound of the environment mask the sound of other players. In the tunnel on fisk factory i can hear foot steps just fine until i walk out the tunnel. Walking in a building i can hear foot steps when standing still. The only time i can hear other players that are outside is when I'm not moving or they are shooting. So i would like to see adjustments in the sound. Once you have a blueprint for a gun getting another from a drop should grant you one gun of the blueprint rather than a blueprint you have no need for. Grenades should also be found by looting. Say give a green circle that would have a single grenade located in it. Cause one every so often from drops is good but not rewarding enough. Also i would like my sensitivity settings to stay rather than everytime i load the game up i have to change them, and give a description of what some of the sliders do. Another problem i have is player draw distance. I will be aiming at a player (I'm sniping) and he just running by but then they character disappears when i should still see the character. I have mostly all blueprints, when will you be adding the scoped guns into the game?
  13. Sleepyc18

    Friends joining lobby

    Just join the same encounter at the same time then compare where the air drop is coming if Air drop is in same location y'all on the same map. Ps i kill duos see yall soon hahahaha.