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  1. Same here. But if you download the workshop version for non-owners you can still use it (as a little workaround until this is fixed)
  2. Will the update also be available in the dev branch? By the way, it's super nice
  3. Is that really the case, also for vanilla ArmA weapons I mean? I do not know if I'm wrong, but I can not swap the GM RPG ammo with the Apex RPG ammo, for example or load the GM AK Magazine into the Apex / Contact AKs and vice versa. As I said, maybe I'm wrong here, but I suspect that you should actually be able to use the magzine in the other weapons, since they are the same weapons (classes). I'm playing on the Dev branch, so maybe I have not got the latest GM update yet. By the way, the next update looks pretty cool 🙂
  4. I have found another problem with saved loadouts in Virtual Arsenal: Grenades in the grenade launcher are not saved. Steps to reproduce: Open the Virtual Arsenal. Equip a weapon with a grenade launcher. Equip 40mm grenades. Try the loadout. Reload the grenade launcher. Go back to the arsenal Save the loadout Load the loadout. Try again. The 40mm grenade should now neither be loaded in the weapon, nor be in the player inventory. However, only the grenade in the barrel disappears, additional 40mm grenades remain in the inventory as normal. So far I have tried this with the MX3GL, AK12GL, Promet GL, CAR95GL and SPAR16GL and was always able to reproduce the bug.
  5. I hope I have not been misunderstood here. I did not want to complain. I know how big and complicated big projects like ArmA 3 are. I've been in the software development field for five years and have now switched to the administration/management/human resources division. I know all the problems like: you have 99 small bugs, you fix one, you have 110 small bugs, or how annoying team management is sometimes. I did not want to give the impression that the devs had to justify themselves how they spend their working time. Unfortunately I see these people over and over again who simply do not appreciate the greatness of A3 and BIS and who are always complaining about it. I think that's a pity, because to be honest, BIS is really one of the few companies that really cares about the players (in other words their customers). Of course, most people in the forum know better, but otherwise many people just do not understand that A3 is not just a game but a platform. As I've said before, I've never thought that the devs will show us their working time in detail, but rather a kind of documentary, or a making-of ArmA 3, which will vividly show what happens in the studio and how, for example, a new DLC is created. My intention is that you put the focus on showing how much work is actually in the smallest details, how long it takes and how much the effort is, until a new update for the players is ready and what areas of work (Coding, animation, graphics, etc.) are involved (maybe with a nice pie chart, people love pie charts 😮 ). An example would be a "Making of A3 Jets DLC and the Sensor Overhaul" Video Series. I mean, it should of course be a bit more detailed than the usual updates. Just something like a 15 minute video only about it such. the new Promet rifle was created, from planning, concept, design to coding and fine tuning etc. I have learned that the spoken word always weighs less than the written word. In other words, you can always tell people how great BIS and A3 are, they do not believe it until they see it. Personally, I also have a professional interest in it. Unfortunately, I have no experience with major projects like A3 and will probably not come in the next few years. Although I have management and management courses, in my studies we are very focused on micro-management in the team structure (for something like small teams of ~ 5 people) and I would just like to get a glimpse of the actual work of such a complex team as at Bohemia Interactive.
  6. Could you give a brief overview of how complicated it is from a development perspective, that in the actual arsenal it is possible to open the inventory? So an overview of how much and what would have to be changed, how much work you would probably have to invest in etcetc. Would that already be a 'major change'? I mention again that this feature would be VERY helpful if, like me, you have a lot of different loadouts for different units, classes, and roles. A general question: is there already a mod or a tool for the precise management of loadouts? I have not come across anything that is really helpful to me. And one more thing for the devs and the PR team: since the release I've always noticed that many people simply do not appreciate your work. I think that if you tell us in detail how much work you spend on certain things, fewer people would complain and it would be far better to trace what we as a community actually get from you on the silver tablet. Especially how much effort expansions / changes to the engine mean and of course how many people, how much work with all the trimmings in the completion of a single asset.
  7. Another bug report: you can not load loadouts in the arsenal where scopes are in the inventory. It only shows the error: "Loadout contains non-arsenal item *xxx*".
  8. I agree that A3 might need some UI improvements, but from my own experience in software development I can say that even small changes to the interface can cause a lot of problems. Also, updating what the colors of the weapons / uniforms / vests / backpacks would mean far-reaching consequences for existing loadouts, units, missions and compositions. So I'm afraid that we have to live with the fact that there are many pieces of equipment in infinitely many versions. Of course, this is especially annoying in the editor when it comes to items in containers. In fact, I would be incredibly happy if we could open inventory in the Virtual Arsenal (where you can edit the loadout instead of when you testing it). So you could at least edit items in the backpacks etc and change magazines and scopes.
  9. I have two questions: 1.:Is there a specific reason why we can not place trees or plants in the editor? (or could I just not find them?) 2.: Is it possible that we can better zoom in on the map in the area around the actual map? The area that is simply black now. For example, I would like to place an Aircraft Carrier Strike Group FAR (~ 50 Km) off the coast so that you can launch, land, and climb high outside the range of SAM's batteries, and to limit/regulate air support. Unfortunately, you can only really look at a comparatively small area around the map. Does this has something to do with engine limitations or is this simply the decision of the devs (esp the trees)?
  10. I guess, as it would take a lot of time and work to change that now, it probably will not come into the game, but I would also be happy if the color / camo was just a option, as with the vehicles. You could possibly introduce a category, such as the sight, silencer, bipod etc, which would simply not appear in the inventory of the player. As well as for uniforms, rucksacks and vests. That might make it easier to provide more colors / camo. I think it is a drawback for A3 that not all equipment and vehicles is available in color variants for all fractions. I would love to have a desert camouflage version of the CTRG stealth uniform. Or tropical camo for the shikra. And so on .. Furthermore, I think that the national insignia on the uniforms should be selectable as well as the other insignia. So you could have eg CTRG units from different countries. I find it almost annoying that the US or UK flag is on many uniforms. I would also like to have German, French and other teams with this equipment. I mean, creating skins is actually a simple but time-consuming job (I do not mean to talk badly about any performance, I mean just equipping the same vehicle with a dozen skins over and over) and I bet there are loads of good graphic designer in the community who would like to create such skins. I would be incredibly happy if the devs at least comment on why we do not get at least the skins that are already seen on screenshots of a few years ago, when A3 was still in development.
  11. Lbbde

    Arma 3 - Creator DLC Discussion

    That's a good idea and I would even extend this model. A content micro-management system for ArmA3. I've described several times that ArmA3 is best understood as a platform that focuses on the engine and the technicalities, and where the actual content is secondary. If we had the opportunity in the launcher to precisely select which content we would like to have installed or loaded at all, we could solve all the problems. I imagine it this way: Instead of the DLC and MOD tab we have a CONTENT tab. Here, all contents of ArmA3 are listed either alphabetically, by category or by package (DLC / MOD). We have the categories: Maps, Assets, Missions / Campaigns, Units, Vehicles, Gear. This could be further specified in wheeled and tracked vehicles, helicopters, jets, boats, as well as weapons, uniforms / rucksacks / vests, etcetc. maybe also after factions and sides and in any case one should be able to define also own categories. Here you have the option to choose two things: installed and loaded. If Installed is selected, it will also be installed on the PC, and if loaded, it is in the game. People with good internet and little storage and people with bad internet and lots of storage are both satisfied. Furthermore one should be able to decide with all content, whether one installs it or not, also with the Vanilla content. For example, people might opt out if they are dissatisfied with the setting of ArmA3, or they simply are not interested in installing nothing at all from the vanilla content and instead only using mods. This system would also be readily applicable to CDLCs. With Mods one is already indicated whether one needs other Mods for it. In the same way one can proceed with DLCs. In the game you would possibly just get a message that certain things are not installed, as it is now the case with mods. This should have a positive effect on both memory usage and load times.
  12. Looks like we will get great illegal chinese democrat Aliens from Mexico and I guess we will make a great deal with them. Anyways this is a great Expansion. Maybe the greatest Expansion ever made for a Game in the history of great game expansions.
  13. LeL, looks like more AK-12's. I am überhyped 😱
  14. There is a winter version of Weferlingen in GM. IMO it is some kind of official since it got the BI approved sticker on it and it is published by BI.🤔
  15. This was not about a "wishlist" or something like it. It was just a reaction to the latest news from BI. The latest screenshot/image they posted about the announcment literaly says "AAN news report: Russia to pass decision on crucial CSAT membership vote soon.". So I just thought MAYBE we will get a russian CSAT faction branch. It would make sense in some terms because we just got our first official snow map, many CSAT vehicles are already from Russia, Russia has a snowy landscape so it would by reasonably if we got white/gray hex for their vehicles, they could make use of the AK-12 and could get some new versions of it. Following this I asumed that we could get some white camo for the official vehicles to make use of the new snow map from GM. At the moment I have no wishes regarding the content of ArmA3. My desires are more technical in nature and will probably never be fulfilled, as the development of A3 is more or less over and it is much more complicated to change the core of the game than to create content. no offense ❤️ 🙂
  16. Will we be able to Test the new official Expansion on Dev Branch? The news says the 'announcement' will be on the 23th, so I guess it will be released later😮 Hope we will get some russian forces with snow/winter camo and more AK-12/AK-15's, since the screenshot shows AAN News about Russia and CSAT (and winter equip/camo for NATO aswell)😱
  17. Could we get an adjustment for the thrust on planes? At the moment the keys act like you push a lever. So even if you only tap shift oder x (for me) you increase/decrease the thrust by several percent. Imo it would be better if the first push change the thrust by only one percent and only after a short moment (like 0.5-1sec) it changes constantly like it does right now. This would make it way easier to drive on taxi or to hover with the VTOLs. If there is already an option for this that I just did not found in the controls please tell me, otherwise it would be über great if you could adjust it. 😄
  18. You can also reload via the standard action key (m mouse for me). This will not change the assigned target 😮
  19. Okay, a first conclusion: EXCELLENT! I get an overview of the content and am completely satisfied. Of course there are a few ways to improve here and there, BUT that's perfectly normal for such new content and for being just two people, you've delivered a really great DLC. to the ATGMs: I know you do not do that, or you should not, but we do it anyway. 😛 That's a bit offtopic now: I am completely satisfied with the whole concept of the Creator DLCs. We have been receiving new content and improvements for ArmA3 over five years, most of them for free. To be honest, anyway, the DLCs were only there to finance this development process, as I can imagine that the devs would have liked to give us everything for free if they could. In this game so incredibly much effort was put into making it an all around wonderful experience. The development of ArmA3 is now more or less complete. We got many wishes fulfilled, many of which we did not even know we had, but the developers thought of. Of course, many more wishes are left unfulfilled (dreams are limitless), but actually we should be really satisfied. I ask everyone to pause for a moment and to imagine what ArmA3 would look like today, how we would remember it, what influence and what meaning it would have, if it still was like on the release. If only new content had come to it, as with most other mainstream games. What would Marksmen, Helicopters, Apex, Jets and Tanks look like if we did not get massive improvements in gameplay with every DLC? The engine updates were always free and could be used by anyone, including modders. ArmA3 has always been about developing a PLATFORM, not just a game. As already mentioned, this development is almost over now and yet we still get new content. Of course, these creator DLCs are not quite what we would call the usual DLCs for A3, but that's not the point. The CDLCs fill gaps. Global mobilization could have been a mod, but the developers themselves said that it would probably never have been released without BIS's Creator Program. And even if these CDLCs do not all fit with A3, we can use them more than well. GM will be great with other mods such as CUP, and it fits in well with scenarios that deal with unequal situations, such as civil wars in a Third World country where NATO intervenes. And most importantly, by cooperating with BIS we are guaranteed that the CDLCs actually work together with A3 (maybe not always in between), which is not the case with many mods, especially if you want to use many different ones at the same time. Last but not least, the CDLCs are a way for BIS to continue to make money with ArmA3, while offering ambitious people, such as the Vertexmacht team, fair pay for their work. Of course, Bohemia deserves a share here because they provide the platform (and you have to admit that BIS is more equitable than other developers / publishers) and can use this revenue to fund more projects (like ArmA4, maybe :O). Long story short. If you do not like Global Mobilization, you do not need to buy it if you do not want it. I immediately bought it when it was available and will immediately buy every other Creator DLC. I'm not even specifically interested in the cold war era, in fact I'm more of a high tech fan, but I'm sure I'll find a way to use the content and I'm happy to support good developers like Bohemia Interactive and Vertexmacht.
  20. Two more things: 1. If you fire the Milan from the Tpz Fuchs in full speed, straight ahead, the rocket explodes immediately. 2. You can not turn on the beacon lights and that makes me very, very sad. It would be really cool if you would add that. 😞
  21. I found a little inconvenience. The missiles for the RPG-7 from Apex can not be used with the one from GM and vice versa. It would be very nice if this would work. 😮
  22. The new DLC looks great! Will there be another DLC pack to buy all upcoming DLCs together? Even if it would cost 50 Euronen, I would still buy it, just to support you further :O
  23. Is it possible to add an option in the Virtual Arsenal that allows us to access the character inventory itself? So you could change much easier and faster eg the magazines in the weapons, or put an extra visor in the backpack. That would be super handy now that there are the proxy mags. I would also like to have a possibility to edit several loadouts at the same time, so that you can adjust the uniform, backpack, helmet etc. quickly and easily for several classes. Even better would be an extra option to change all weapons (and mags) to their respective equivalent in a different color for multiple classes, so you can switch from green to sand, or hex to green hex, for example. Could you also please color in the khaki variants of the SPAR the shaft accordingly? The fact that the sand-colored versions are monochrome and the khaki is not making me uncomfortable.😳
  24. Is there any chance that someday we will be able to put a second primary weapon in the launcher slot? A sniper could take another light rifle, or a submachine gun, or a Marksman could take an assault rifle and a DMR.