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  1. Squad name: (URFR) Ultime Recours Francophone Timezone/location : GMT +1 (France) Gamemode preference (eg coop or pvp): coop semi-milsim Contact email: guro.uirrec@gmail.com Website address: https://units.arma3.com/unit/urbalthy Short description: French speaking group, even if your french isn't perfect we'll gladly accept you // Groupe francophone, même si votre connaissance du français est limité on vous acceptera avec plaisir Language: French
  2. teamleader's init can be found when you double click on him, there are some tabs that you can open and one of them is its init. It's an empty space where you can just paste your command line, same as "on activation", double click on the trigger and scroll down until you see the empty space entitled "on activation", it's just what line of command the trigger will run... you guessed it, on activation. hope i was of some help
  3. hey, just wondering what that franco prussian mod is, as i have been looking for a decent one for a looong time, thanks in advance :)
  4. Balthy

    Joystick translation halved

    did you check if your joystick drivers were up to date or something ?
  5. disconnected just when the error ocured, here's a link to download the rpt file : https://we.tl/gi20BYtJwj it was launched with some mods, here's the list if you ever need to know : https://we.tl/zYXcT1UNQT these links will expire in something like 48 hours *mission impossible style ^^'* Edit: 6 days left actually
  6. Ok, found it Now I just have to wait for a buddy to be online and recreate the issue, I'll send you the file right after that.
  7. Balthy

    Sound in one ear

    Just to make sure, Did you check that : 1. It's not just the headphone that doesn't work properly 2. Your driver is correctly set up, I had issues hearing in the back and realised my computer actually sent the sounds through a third point ... that didn't exist
  8. Well, Tried several times with a friend to recreate this issue. Never managed it, either with or without mods, on scripted or unscripted scenarios. So we tried to find that file you told me about, my friend is using windows 10 and the link you procured don't say how to get it with this version, and I couldn't find it either, despite using windows 7, because an issue had me lose all my app data file. So we figured it may not be an issue when there is only 2 players, we'll try again as soon as possible, wit has more people.
  9. Sorry for the delay I didn't think of it and I don't really know how to, but I'll try as soon as I can
  10. Greetings, Asking your help for an issue that we had with some friends for quite a while now. The issue is simple, when we try to log in any server hosted by any one of us with any mod (none being included in "any"), if the mission is already started, meaning that you can go farther than the lobby, you have something like an 80% chance of disconnecting instantly. It is not a kick, neither an error, nor a crash, but it shows to the other players : "user connected user disconnected" And that's all, nothing to the one that can't join, he simply goes back. This apply either while joining from the launcher or with the game already started. For some reason this error doesn't exist with other servers. We found a way to outsmart this bug, glitch or whatever it is. We get everyone to connect to the server while the host hasn't chosen a mission yet and this basically gets you to an infinite loading screen. There you can't be disconnected, so when the host launches the mission, everyone is in the lobby and you can play (hurrah !). But this doesn't fix everything, if a player was to disconnect for any reason (lost connection, out of power, horny gf) The only way to get him back in action is to do that all again from the start, which is quite a pain I'll let you know. So that's why I ask you to help us, we've been living this for 6 months now and the fact that we spent all the last afternoon trying to get everyone to play without managing it eventually motivated me to post this here.
  11. Balthy


    You could as well just make in a total random place your bunker so that the players will never find it without going through the "door", it would take ages using this method but with it you can pretty much do anything you want. I did so once for a map inspired from metro 2033, I'd give you the file but I don't think it would interest you much since it's in the salt desert of altis