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  1. Excellent mod/script. I have it working. However do I have to do something different for the dogs? i've not seen them spawn. Trader, Helicopter crashes and Bandit camps spawn ok. I in settings put dog spawns to 10, still none. ANy thing else I need to edit? Do I need to extract files from the JBOY dog folder? Thanks!
  2. Great mod. is there a way to stop and start the script in game? tx
  3. IT works! Just needs more range. THANK YOIU
  4. ... actually.. . the sounds won't play. Hmm have installed correctly. When I view the sound in the Trigger Init. I select play to preview and nothing. Other sounds work... god damnnit EDIT: Tried different profile, new map without mods.... still won't work. I wonder why?
  5. Is this beneficial over the module already in game?
  6. http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=3369 Above mod is great. However. Any way to change the animation from stuttering as ends each time? This zombie mod looks amazing, as the animations are awesome and the look of them. Also how to customise their health? Hmmm... thanks ps. Ryans Zombies, how come it doesn't include these more shufflingtypes of anim?
  7. Suplextron

    Max Zombies

    Thanks man! looking forward to it! Yes APparently something from warfare thai mod. He uses modified Ryans ZOmbies. He said he uses particles headmeat1 and headmeat 2. I don;t know what that means thanks
  8. Suplextron

    Max Zombies

    Thanks but, Headgore does work with ravage? thanks And how to make normal zombies gib when shot? Can't get it working with bloodlust. Plus I only want headgore on zombies, not human AI. Ryans has a module for this. I'm seeing if Alias can make another module.
  9. I want to have an AI positioned in a building . I think it's a ported building so I can't use a waypoint, instead disabling his path to make sure he doesnt walk through a wall to his death. Anyway, I have some Independent characters below. I want him to only kill them when my Blufor character enters the trigger. How do I do this? I searched online but couldn't find a clear answer.
  10. My mission works fine up until today, when I place new units in, at the mission start, they holster their weapon before exploding as if dropped from height. tried using e respawnOnStart = 0; in Description.ext but to no avail. Any clues what could cause this?
  11. Suplextron

    Holster and Explode?

    Yes I have.Thanks for replies. But I realised, my mission was saved as multiplayer mission I was trying to play it in single. Playing in multi fixes the problem. Not sure if that's still bugged but ok for now.
  12. Suplextron

    Max Zombies

    Thanks! Yes I did. It has improved but the AI of zombies needs work. For now I find Ravage to have the best Zombies along with ambient spawner. All it needs now is ability to have gibbing effects and decapitation of Zombies! That would be awesome!
  13. Suplextron


    I have Ace , ASR AI 13 and Incon effects. So Ace has it's own ragdolls that might clash with incon and AI that might clash with ASR? Or do certain take precedent? I've also noticed some untis explode on mission start>?
  14. Suplextron


    Please do! WOULD BE SO AWESOME!!!!
  15. Suplextron


    For some reason AI are not shooting zombies? Any idea why? They still attack other AI
  16. Suplextron


    Nice, can always use more Gore. Does it have gibbing effects? If you could make a gibbing effect when shooting zombies with heavy weapons that would be fuckign awesome!
  17. I have an MP mission that has a fair bit of AI and zombies (using chaching script) However when using ASR AI the slowdown is horrendous in some parts of Chernarus Redux. However this is annoying as ASR seems to make enemies aim more realistic. VCOM AI makes Zombies lie down. Any other work around to have enemies with realistic aim? dos ACE do that?
  18. Suplextron


    Mod is awesome. Ever thought about adding exploding heads and gibbing options to zombies? Also maybe a gore sound when shooting them with a hevay weapon IE a shotgun Slug to the head? I guess those are features of Ryans Zombies but the animations in that aren't immersive and the Zombies from Warfare Thai Ex are seriously buggy and the customisation is bugged.
  19. Suplextron

    Zombies & Demons 5.0

    Is this mod still being updated anymore?
  20. I was using a mod that managed to use the particle effects BIs headmeat1 and headmeat 2 on zombies, or so I was told. I can't seem to find these anywhere. Are they activated by scripts? There was also a large squelching sound I'm assuming it's in the same category?
  21. Hi, forgive me if what I ask isn't considered easy work. It's ridiculously hard for me hence asking for help. I will pay $25 but let me know if you want to make an offer. I want to create modules for Ryana Zombies and Demons. I'd like to make them allow Gibbing (flesh chunks) and maybe some different anims such as in Warfare Thai EX mod. Spawner that allows custom uniform and still exploding heads. Please contact for more details.
  22. So any takers ? Easy money. Now offering $35
  23. If I want to modify some modules and make them standalone, how would I go about this? Just Unpbo the mod I want to view the scripting from?