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  1. CAWA Gaming

    ANZINS Terrain

    yeah i know that for the future but now its working fine. thx again and rly great mod! do you know, how much influence it has on fps?
  2. CAWA Gaming

    ANZINS Terrain

    thx for the quick response. no its not 81 bytes. i got something with 79. i deleted and downloaded on steam again but still 79 bytes. on armaholic its good it seem. there i have 81byte.
  3. CAWA Gaming

    ANZINS Terrain

    yo! great mod! i just tested it on altis and got black squares again on the map. i used it with RHS mod. could be that a problem?
  4. CAWA Gaming

    [SP/MP] BeCTI

    yeah you can manage this in the parameters but mostly CTI servers have Fast travel on an ppl are using it. for crcti players is fasttravel a nogo. if you can find some time you are welcome connect every Saturday 1900 on Armanexus server. the server is stronk and the crcti runs good. under the week we arrange per discord or steam group chat.
  5. CAWA Gaming

    [SP/MP] BeCTI

    crCTI (Proman) is a little different from the other CTI. this was since OFP times. the crCTI Proman is keeping the original rules. so not having fast travel or mobile spawn is not negative, in my opinion is a nogo for CTI.
  6. CAWA Gaming

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    if the defs are reading this...the right click zoom in arma is to much. why u didnt kept it like in ofp? not so much zoomed in?
  7. CAWA Gaming

    Warfare/CTI Missions to play alone

    join us! https://angryinsects.de/ https://twitter.com/crCTI_ProMan?lang=de every Friday or Sunday big CTI party
  8. CAWA Gaming

    Arma3 Videos

  9. CAWA Gaming

    Arma3 Videos