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  1. Paralysis535

    Project Leviathen WiP

    Looks amazing
  2. Paralysis535

    Project: "Battle of Fallujah" Map

    Looks amazing I'm super hyped for this.
  3. Jeez this is gonna be my favorite map when it comes out
  4. Looks great i feel like im gonna have a bunch of fun doing warhammer 40k missions on this map
  5. Looks great this is my favorite jungle map
  6. Paralysis535

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    I know this has been asked a lot and you guys are probably sick of this question at this point but will this mod be on the steam workshop if so like what would be the chances of a rough time window? don't mean to be pushy sorry if it comes off that way lol
  7. Paralysis535

    STRV 103C - Swedish Cold war MBT mod.

    just asking will this be getting a steam workshop port in the future?