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  1. The issue with .dll not loading is BattlEye, it must be disabled. The example in the "getting started" guide does not compile, it is probably best to compile intercept from latest git instead of using the release, also #define NOMINMAX needs to be included on top of your stdafx.h.
  2. Tried compiling DLL from latest source, same error. The DLL never gets loaded due to that error. Tried 32 bit and 64 bit mode, same error.
  3. Tried this today... I don't think anything works with the release version, did not try to compile from source: 1. Tried following the wiki tutorial - it does not compile due to multiple issues. Made my own simple test code. 2. The .pbo creation guide is an attempt in misdirection. I *think* I got it right in the end. 3. Only to be greeted with SQF errors... looking at .rpt apparently 16gb of ram is not enough to load the extension? A ton of hype in this thread, but has anyone tried doing anything with it outside of a creatively controlled environment by the developers? Maybe I am doing everything terribly wrong - but maybe somewhat better instructions are required for this to be actually useful to anyone else. RPT download
  4. I have implemented the alternative resource system. On first glance things seem to be working alright, but more testing is needed still. The diff is here: https://github.com/Wyqer/kp_liberation/compare/master...prj:master The branch itself is here: https://github.com/prj/kp_liberation To enable the system, select "Alternative income" in the mission params, otherwise everything works like standard. The savegame is compatible, but it will not autodelete your storage areas. When the alternative management is selected: * The supply is a cap based system, anything you build uses some supply, up to your maximum cap. Your cap depends on the amount of towns you are controlling. * The fuel is the same as the supply, but it depends on the amount of factories (gasoline sign) you are controlling * Ammo is your currency. You earn it by blowing up enemy vehicles, there is no passive income. * If a friendly vehicle is destroyed the supply and fuel is refunded, but the ammo is not. * If a friendly vehicle is recycled everything is refunded * If an enemy vehicle is recycled you get ammo based on the magazine of the vehicle * Removed helipads, flight control towers, hangars - air vehicles no longer need those to be built * Removed recycle buildings - you can always recycle near a fob * Added bounty system from the older liberation version to earn ammunition. * Removed all the spawning resource boxes and storage areas I tried to balance it reasonably, but I am sure more balancing is needed. Also, more playtesting is needed, but everything seems to be OK so far without errors. SQF synax is horrible though... took me more than 10 hours to do this, way longer than needed, but then I never coded anything for arma before.
  5. Thank you, so far I am doing alright. I think I got most of it done apart from the build menu working against the alternate resource counters (both building as well as the visual greyed out part when you haven't enough resources available). Next step - hoping I did not forget a ";" somewhere and debugging. I am 100% sure the first build won't work at all at, as I've not done any major development in Arma 3 before. I do have 20 years of software development experience though, so that helps a little.
  6. I think you completely miss the point, stop spamming your nonsense and get some reading comprehension. @Wyqer I am implementing a switchable system. It's not going to be exactly like the old one, I am keeping all of the resource costs, so I will be tweaking the caps. I also removed all passive ammunition income and made it so that you get ammunition only from bounties, so without killing enemy stuff it is impossible to get anything. So it penalizes you heavily for being reckless - for example if you get a Wipeout, then just to pay back the cost you have to blow up 10-20 tanks and so on. Once I test it and it actually works, I'll publish it, maybe it'll make it into your main branch, who knows - I am trying to make everything modular and touch as little as possible in the mission.
  7. For the passive income you have to purchase a million trucks, which hits hard in the resources department. Every time you capture a territory you have to: 1. Build a storage 2. Build a factory 3. Airlift some crates. 4. Set up traderoute This is needed for every single territory. I don't see how it doesn't become tedious and repetitive. I've been playing commander on a few servers as well as my own and most of the time I spend on this b/s instead of playing, otherwise no one has any resources to get anything at all. I will probably fork your mod and add support for both resource options as a config option at the start screen. I know it will probably take a lot of effort, but I'll get it working. The only question is how to do the citizen rep stuff. Don't get me wrong, I do appreciate that you keep developing this and there are a huge lot of good things you have done with this mod, but I just do not agree with everything that has been done :) I am not trying to just complain for no reason - it is simply my feedback. I knew before posting that you probably will not help with this and I will have to do it myself, but why not try ;) You could not be more wrong, I wonder if it's the same mod we have been playing. The old system did not let you build imba stuff right off the bat and getting even a single Wipeout was a big challenge that required a lot of territory. The new system, especially with the "passive income", and if someone is just doodling around on the server, you build up absolutely insane amounts of resources over time. Hell, you can use Wipeouts as pilot controlled missiles and you don't run out, because it keeps coming in so fast after a certain point. I liked the cap/allocation system much better, because of how it forced the players on the team to decide whether they want more smaller vehicles or a couple strong big ones. You can't have it all because you rapidly exceed your fuel supply. If you turn off ammo bounties, then it becomes MUCH harder as well - but I like them on as it adds a gameplay element to the server, some competition.
  8. Is there a simple way to revert to the 0.924 resource system? Or something similar? The logistic system is somewhat a nuisance IMO... It detracts from the overall experience - the vehicles are not simulated regardless and when you only have a few people on the server it means one person has to sit and click nonstop. It's the reason I still run the 0.924 version with some mods, rather than this one :/ I know the "civil" stuff probably won't work, but that's not that important for us. If there is no interest from the author's side, I probably will have to copy paste something together myself from the two versions, and add a runtime option for "old resource management".
  9. projix

    ArmA 3: Callsign Minotaur

    I have a problem with the "High Peak" mission. First time it was OK, but I failed it. And now whenever i start it, after between 5 to 30 seconds Arma 3 freezes and I have to kill it from the task manager. I have no issues in anything else (other missions), it's not computer related, just something to do with this particular mission.
  10. I am at my wits end with this... I have a completely fresh standard server, absolutely nothing modified. On linux. Just downloaded via steamcmd. I made a simple mission where I set enableConsole to 2. If I play this mission on a local server, I have no issues, but if I load it on the dedicated I can not access the console in the Escape menu. What do I need to do to access it? What am I doing wrong? https://www.upload.ee/files/7546076/debug_console.Altis.zip.html