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  1. eunos

    Trigger problem

    Thanks for that. Great service 🙂
  2. Hi all I'm trying to set up a situation where the player's vehicle goes up a road, gets to the end, turns around and comes back done the road. On the way back down the road, it sets off a trigger. So it's passed through the trigger's area on the way but doesn't trigger it. So far I've tried link setting it to 'player present' but setting a condition in the condition field such that a trigger at the turn around has to be activated. But it activates as soon as the turn round one activates, not when the vehicle comes back down the road. i've also tried hiding the trigger and unhiding it with a trigger at the turnaround point, but that doesn't seem to work either. Any ideas?
  3. I've just go this and am trying to do the campaign but can't really get pas the early stages of First Impressions Matter. I've completed the task 'Enter M113' and the task, 'Take Querenhorst' has been assigned. The M113 starts to go towards Querenhorst but only manages a 100 metres or so before it stops and turns its engine off and that's it. Nothing more. Any ideas?/
  4. Squad name:-B Sqn 22 SAS Milsim Group Timezone/location: GMT/BST UK?#/EU Gamemode preference: Coop Contact email: 22sasmilsim@gmail.com Website address: http://bsqn22sasmilsim.co.uk Short description: B Sqn 22 SAS tries to bring a good balance between realism and gameplay. We welcome players of all standards including novices. Visit our website for full info. Language: English
  5. eunos


    Would it be possible to have a option via CBA settings to allow anyone to use it, in a similar way that ACE medical has the option to allow anyone to administer morphine etc? Thanks
  6. Sorry I was replying to @Diveyez to explain that you didn't need access to your website to set up an ACS
  7. It is possible to set up ACS. Just have Athena on what ever you going to use as your server, and then run server.exe in the acs folder.
  8. I'm looking for a map with the following criteria: As large as possible. Only a single large town but other small settlements/villages are OK Only a single airfield but other smaller strips are OK. Preferably not desert. Preferably an island. Any recommendations? Thanks in advance.
  9. eunos

    -mod= v -servermod=

    Thanks for the help. I think I understand (hopefully) If it's in the -servermod list then it will be loaded when the server starts up but the clients won't know that it's been loaded/needed unless it's also in the -mod list? So if I'm going to use something like ACE or CUP Terrains then they have to be in both lists but something that only the server needs would only be in the -servermod list? What about something like Enhanced Soundscape? As I understand it I would only need the bikeys on the server. Would that go in both lists or just -mod? Sorry for the questions but I really am new to this
  10. eunos

    -mod= v -servermod=

    Hi all Hopefully someone can explain: I'm setting up a rented dedicated server. We're using a 'parameters.txt' file to load up the mods. It says to enter the following: -mods=@mod1;@mod2;@mod3; -servermod=@mod1;@mod2;@mod3; As I understand it, the 'servermod' line lists the mods to be loaded when the server starts but what does the 'mod' line do? Does it do anything on a dedicated server? Any help appreciated
  11. eunos

    The East Wind: Escalation [RHS/BAF]

    Sorry for being a bit of a idiot but how do I play this? I've subscribed to it and all the required mods on Steam, I've loaded it and all the required mods but I can't see in 'Campaigns' or any where else. What am I doing wrong? Thanks