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  1. TheLocalPub

    Disabling ACE3 fall damage?

    I'm late to this. But was the answer found?
  2. TheLocalPub

    Armed Forces:UK Virtus Body Armour

    Hey @mikephoenix Well done with the mod. I've used this since pretty much release within a large British unit I was part of for about 12 years, before switching to a new more open and larger community, that has direct ties to the old and informus United Operations Arma group. Since joining the new community, I've become a member of staff. During my free time, I look to ship new content to the community where it's appropriate. In my previous community, we used the whole mod, but in the new community we wasn't looking to use all the assets in this mod. See we have a custom launcher that allows us to edit our mods and cut them down in size so we can have a smaller modpack with only content that WILL be used. We have plenty of uniforms, backpacks, and even the 3CB webbing already in the pack, so the use for the aforementioned items from your mod would most likely not be used. The main feature of your mod imo and many others is the armour and helmets. At the current time, we're attempting to complete our British faction in the pack. By using 3CB to cover most of the British stuff, a few mods like Cold war rearmed have the Chally 1 and CUP has the chally 2, where as you would provide us with the most up to date British personal armour. If you were okay with potentially compiling a lite version of the mod with just the helmets and armour would be great! If you didn't want to do the work, I see you use Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License, so if you were happy for me to edit the files themselves and repack, I could do that to save you the time and effort? A reply with a yes or no would be much appreciated. Regards Pub.
  3. @terox The download link at the top isn't working. Was looking to use and test this! Please fix if you can. Thank you :)
  4. The "shooter" is a var for the current single OPFOR unit. The addaction works after the sleep time and and when used it removes itself just fine for that single unit (Which I intended) but I wish to expand the mission so that instead of having an OPFOR unit that everyone knows from mission start will be the "shooter" I hoped to have it more random by making one of the civs at start be chosen by random to have the addaction which would then enable all the following stuff I listed. EDIT: Let's forget about the script that does all the playing music, loadouts, and so on. What I really wish to know is how do I get a random Civilian player at mission start to be chosen to have the addAction and a hint informing them they are said shooter? sleep 0; if ((side player) == civilian) then { _random = selectRandom [civ1, civ2]; shooteraction = _random addAction [ "<t color='#C00000'>BEGIN CARNAGE</t>", { execVM "shooter.sqf" }, [], 1.5, true, false, "", "true", 0.1, false, "", "" ]; }; EDIT: Above is what I have now and I believe far as I can tell it works fine. It randomizes the chosen person. Looking at my code above, does what I've wrote seem like it works without issue? i.e would this code cause an issue I'm not initially aware of while play testing?
  5. Evening people So I'm currently in the process of making a missions which is coming along rather well but I've now ran into a problem (which I was aware would happen), and I'm unsure how to go about it. Context: Upon spawning there two sides "west" & "civilian" When the CivPop players spawn I wish for one of them at random to be selected to have a certain option and also be hinted they are the chosen player. The option I wish for them to have is an "AddAction" which when activated will execute a script.In that script I wish for it to force that unit to switch Side to "east", change their loadout, play a sound file, hint to "west", and then remove action. Currently I have a onPlayerRespawn.sqf file with the following (Var shooter is currently on "east" side) sleep 5; shooteraction = shooter addAction [ "<t color='#C00000'>BEGIN CARNAGE</t>", "shooter.sqf" ]; Within the shooter.sqf is the following shooter say3d ["pumped", 25, 1]; shooter removeAction shooteraction; All of the above code works fine, it's quite simple, I've got the sound file to play fine and the action to be removed; but now how would I go about the rest. Upon spawning: Choosing random CivPop player to have said option and hint informing them upon spawning When activated: Forcing chosen player to side "east" Forcing chosen player to change loadout to what I list To play the above sound file and finally remove action Any help would be great. I'm still quite Amature to development for Arma but I have a passion to learn. Sadly I'm stumped .
  6. Cheers gents. Like I said I'm amateur at best when it comes to this but looking st what you've wrote makes sense now someone has laid it out for me. Once again thanks.
  7. Evening folk. So I've always been interested in scripting and general mission making for Arma even since I first played the series. Recently I choose to actually take steps to learn the above and attempt to make a mission (Of which is going decently well) Now while making the mission in question I've came to a point where I want to be able to make multiple objects at once disappear upon the chosen action being activated using the addAction command within an INIT; I've managed to with the following to make one rock disappear using the hideObject command but I'm unsure how I'd make multiple variables do the same using the same action command. rock1 addAction ["Move big fucking rock", "hideObject rock1"]; I presume this is very simple... Very, but I'm like stated above amateur at best so I'm using every moment to learn. Any help?
  8. Morning lads. So finally I've gotten time and came round to getting back on track with making custom markers. I'm currently in the process of making all Blufor, Opfor, Neutral, and Unknown markers from the "App-6aHandbook, a .pdf formated "Land component handbook" from the British Army of what all standard Nato markers are as of up till today. The photoshopping, and editing as a whole isn't a problem. My problem lays with actually getting them into Arma 3 as a mod in which people can use an place down these markers on the map either in the editor or while in-game. Any light shedded on how to do so would be great. I've seen this thread https://www.reddit.com/r/armadev/comments/1mfb0l/idiots_guide_to_making_a_custom_marker/ ,followed it, and still managed to not get anywhere. If someone could possibly just list In a step to step guide of how to do so I'd appreciate it. Cheers in advanced.