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  1. I agree with your assessment atchodas. For me both Ganzo and Garry are the best. Ganzo is at the top though because those perks are just so awesome to start off with. I did go on a 40k run in veteran with Garry. I got bored and really wanted to start over so I sacrificed my run to the wolves.
  2. Aptos

    bleeding difficulty

    I've been playing in veteran for a while now and the bandages is not that huge of a problem. Maybe you should avoid zombies not every one has to be killed. Also, t-shirts and shirts can be torn for makeshift bandages.
  3. Aptos

    End Game?

    I take no risk in the night time. I just sleep. And yea, it gets really dark.
  4. Aptos

    End Game?

    Well I don't play Farmville haha. I visit 3 military bases, 2 cities, 2 firehouses, and 3 villages on my day runs. I have an SVD, 2 Remingtons, the 2 ammo Shotgun I think it's called IZH? and both types of the AK. This is why I'm saying game is complete for me. I can't go to the next difficulty. Btw, I think the .357 ammo is for the Magnum.
  5. Aptos

    End Game?

    I am on day 21 in veteran mode. I have a deployed tent with a second undeployed tent inside, got lucky I guess. I built a fence around the tent to protect it because in my previous run my tent was destroyed for some reason. I am hoarding weapons and ammo while my farm makes crops. My game is complete. I am also curious to know if there is anything I'm missing because otherwise, I'm done. I think devs need some way to finalize the end for a sense of accomplishment.
  6. Aptos

    Rare Gun?

    It's a sniper. I love the sound it makes when shot. It's definitely rare. Chances are better in islands 2 and 3 in the military bases. 85% or so chance to one hit kill.
  7. Aptos

    Minidayz mobile version tents

    I would really like an official confirmation. Otherwise, if the tent breaks over time there's no point to using it. I wanna say it lasted about 10 days before it fell apart. If my tent broke due to zombie or bandits then encasing it with fence/walls is necessary to protect it. On the other hand I've managed to survive 5 days without a tent but I'm sharing to run low on 12cal for the Remington. No luck in finding another tent.
  8. Aptos

    Minidayz mobile version tents

    Hello, I'm loving this game very much. Have played it for a week now. My latest run has been for 22 days. In the process I found a civilian tent. I was very happy to find this because I thought I could store items permanently. Well I went on a run on day 20 or so and when I returned the tent was broken down. It was disheartening to see the tent broken because I had scavenged some good loot. I picked out the best things and left the site panicked and disappointed. The rest of my things stayed the ground and when i returned to the site at night time, the things I left behind were no longer there. So, my question is, can the tent be broken somehow, by zombies maybe, or does it have durability usage like weapons and eventually brake? I do recall seeing 100% on the tent bag before deploying as if suggesting it has durability.