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  1. Hi Blackheart_Six, Thank you for your interest in the framework, I am at your service if you have any questions. To answer you, the dependence on ace and CBA is not mandatory could be removed. They are mainly used for spawns functions. I just have to consider the users who use these functions, not to cause them harm. What is your opinion on the question?
  2. CHANGELOG version 1.0.9 ## 11-03-2018 - FIX move in cargo for MP
  3. Hello guys, I take this break to ask you your impressions on the framework. Does it meet your expectations? Do you encounter particular difficulties? Do you have any proposals or wishes? I'm glad to see that the framework is used by 122 steamworkshop subscribers. It deserves that I don't leave the case. Have a nice day. RedBelette
  4. Hello Guys, Sorry, i am very busy for the moment, i can't work on the framework as i want. Maybe the situation could be resolved after this summer. Stay in touch ;) RedBelette CHANGELOG version 1.0.8 ## 07-15-2018 - FIX when you try to configure earPlug with description.ext
  5. CHANGELOG version 1.0.7 ## 02-06-2018 - ADD capabilities to recieve code instead string for the executed job. - ADD capabilities to recieve parameters - ADD remote action for all the types of actions see action mecanism for more details Note: all default values allow scalability Some examples:
  6. Gît flow initialized and refactoring of gît repo. Only core project inside. Next feature... params and codes insides action mecanism.
  7. CHANGELOG version 1.0.6 ## 20-05-2018 - HOTFIX: Resolve default value on the init - HOTFIX: Partial hotfix for RF_fnc_moveInCargo and RF_fnc_spawnByHeli
  8. Your attention please! Version 1.0.5 has two known bugs that will be partially resolved in version 1.0.6: - RF_fnc_moveInCargo still causes me problems and affects RF_fnc_spawnByHeli. A fix exists so far but is not optimal for multiplayer. I continue the investigation. I am also open to discuss ;) - The default values are mismanaged in the initialization of the mission. Workarround: add this configuration in the desciption.ext. class RedFrameworkConfig { class missionCfg { addItemEarPlugs=true; putInEarPlugs=true; putSafeMode=true; }; }; Other communication: I'm going to review my features production way to guarantee the stability of the framework. Indeed, my eagerness to release the features have produced its mistakes, you see me sorry. For info, I chose Git-Flow to structure my work. To make clear: New features will come out at regular intervals (ex: every month) and hotfixes (will come out every week if necessary). Controller my eagerness will help you, at least I hope so;) I will let you know when this change is effective.
  9. CHANGELOG version 1.0.5 ## 13-05-2018 - FIX counter variable's name mistake, '_' missing
  10. At your service my dear @Rockapes ;)
  11. CHANGELOG version 1.0.4 ## 10-05-2018 - ADD Configure your mission with features: add and put earplugs, security safemod for weapons. // Example description.ext: class RedFrameworkConfig { class missionCfg { addItemEarPlugs=true; putInEarPlugs=true; putSafeMode=true; }; }; MISSION TEMPLATE Add TGV mission template (french comments) : https://github.com/RedBelette/RedFramework-TGV-Template
  12. CHANGELOG version 1.0.3 ## 10-05-2018 - ADD RF_fnc_lightningBolt to flash on desirated area. - ADD RF_fnc_spectator create the spectator's mode on client - ADD RF_fnc_addSpectatorAction to addAction your object with the previous spectator's function. - ADD RF_fnc_zSpawner to spawn Zombie and Demons with more performance in MP
  13. Thanks @Rockapes and @Macmachi for your comments. Don't hesitate to send me your feedback and recommandations. This will be greatly appreciated ;)
  14. CHANGELOG version 1.0.2 ## 05-05-2018 - FIX RF_fnc_moveInCargo: brute force moveInCargo with infinite loop protection MISSION TEMPLATE ADD Simple mission template : https://github.com/RedBelette/RedFramework-Simple-Template
  15. CHANGELOG version 1.0.1 ## 05-02-2018 - ADD RF_fnc_moveInCargo - FIX RF_fnc_spawnByHeli with the new move in cargo (MP fail)