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  1. I was wondering if you could answer me and shed some light for me, is there any place for me to find a complete tutorial on how to do animations? Do I have to set it up somewhere first? Like a tool? And create a file, or is all done trough scripting? I'm completely new to this and would like to learn, but have no clue where or how to search, already searched a lot and only found things to use in 3den
  2. [WIP] UnderSiege Gear & Uniforms

    The uniform is Cunico/RHS G3, but thanks for the tips man
  3. [WIP] Sagarmāthā Zone

    Congratulations, looks incredible
  4. [WIP] UnderSiege Gear & Uniforms

    He just obsessed with this, and he loves to please.
  5. US 75th Rangers

    The Multicam from Crye Precision usually is a little darker, but that also depends on the batch that was produced, the authors in the mod only replicated what they see in photos, Crye has a partner in Brazil, and I have their gear, the multicam is spot on, But in the mod there is also a multicam that is more lighter and more tan, this will depend pretty much on the batch, and manufacturer. But thanks for the reply guys
  6. US 75th Rangers

    There are things to be done, in the plate carriers relm the one that comes the closest to the Medium Size plates is the AVS, all the other ones are ranging from Large to extra large, Sahio is doing his best, we will try to get all of them in the same size (Height, width, thickness) In relation to the Medium size plate because seems to fit better in the A3 character body type and size PS: And by plate carrier I mean the plate carrier so, armor carrier size is different from a plate carrier. Usually is 2 inches taller than the plate carrier in the same size. Eg: Medium armor carrier is 2 inches taller than a medium plate carrier, due to the fact of the body armor being taller, is also wider too. But that also depends on the model of soft body armor being used
  7. US 75th Rangers

    The logic behind the usage of battlebelt is that you can comfortably carry a part of the weight around your waist, and distribute it in a way that the risk of damaging your spine and vertebrae is smaller. For example, I used to carry only 3 rifle mags on my carrier, one IFAK, radio and 2 grenade pouches. On my battlebelt I carried a dump pouch, 2 pistol mags and 2 extra rifle mag in my side, this way I kept a low profile, allowing me to Hug the ground more when going prone. About fitting a ton of gear looking silly, well yeah... But not all operations are "Fast" Raids, there are a lot of LRRP and other Long duration ops where guys would carry shit ton of gear. Just depends on the situation
  8. US 75th Rangers

    I didn't had the swatch, but downloaded a print Siege sent me of the swatch he used for the velcro and molle on the AVS, I think that just one person should do one swatch, for example he created a Mcam one that looks awesome, if I went ahead and created other, I might make it look similar but would always be different, so Once someone create a good swatch, we will stick with that one. just tested it on the LBT 6094 and is good to use.
  9. US 75th Rangers

    From a contact I have inside the SFG, the gear, weapons and vehicles used by the SFG and the Rangers is practically the same, except for some modifications that are done in respect of the type of mission... Everything is really modular
  10. US 75th Rangers

    Pm me please
  11. US 75th Rangers

    Oi...want in this debate... Want my hands in any Intel that I can gather to have the mods the most accurate possible. Thanks guys.
  12. US 75th Rangers

    We are running towards the modern (2014-2018) gear for the main mod. That means Multicam Crye precision combat uniforms. CPC and AVS plate carriers. But we are going to make a DLC like addition to the mod, to add gear like Some UCP Combat uniforms. CIRAS and MBAV armor carriers. Making the gear from the (2007 - 2013) era.
  13. US 75th Rangers

    Gotcha thanks, we will keep it to the NSW units.