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  1. So ArmA 3 has come a long way since the old days, one of which being a full working 3D Editor, which allows us to make amazing things in an easy way. But I always found it lacking of one thing, and as you might've read from the title, that's the ability to add trees and some bushes, perhaps even grass and flowers. All these things exist within the game, and can be spawned in via scripting commands, but I find this way to be rather complicated, and not user friendly. I can understand performance would go down if people would spawn in 1000 trees.. (would it though?) but sometimes, adding 5 trees to a small, hand-created neighborhood, can give so much more atmosphere to the environment, that it makes user-created missions better and feel more alive. So.. my question, can we have Trees, Bushes etc. supported and placeable within the 3DEN Editor?
  2. So, on the USS liberty - i had in mind to create a "paradrop" mission (have units drop onto it). However, I discovered that the rear upper deck is not accessible in any way (except through dropping), thus - units that land there cannot leave the area.. kinda a bummer. Would like to have that part changed so it can be reached.
  3. So - I like the 3DEN editor and all, but the amount of times I accidentaly started a mission, by pressing [ENTER] is more than the amount of times that I actually wanted preview the mission. Is there a way to disable the ENTER key from loading the mission? I already checked the "Controls" but couildn't find it there.
  4. If things aren't reported, then they won't be fixed :)
  5. Hey, I was wondering if there was a way to do the following regarding artillery. 1. Disable the Artillery Computer on one or multiple artillery systems, but keep it on, on other vehicles. 2. Only allow artillery to fire on the mode: "Close" or "medium" if done via Artillery Computer (or any way really). ~PingWing
  6. I don't know if anyone has noticed, but landing the Blackfish has become really difficult with just the keyboard and mouse, due to it forcing the new "throttle" system. Is there any way to: A. Turn it off? B. Report it as unwanted behavior :D Or .. is this just me, I am not the best pilot out there, but landing this beast has become nearly impossible, and I've tried it many times, I've only been able to land it when the throttle was just right and the speed not too low.