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  1. Night Fighter Mods: Blastcore, F/A-18 Super Hornet BETA
  2. ARCTech Accessories ARCTech Accessories is a WIP project with the goal to add custom accessories and accessories combos into ArmA. We want to start a Mod team with more modelers and coders as by now we only have two people and want to expand into more projects for ArmA. If you want to join us just PM me. After the first 2 hours this is what we get: Feel free to join our discord server: https://discord.gg/Gyb6fhd Dev Team: Kal: Models and textures Lerry_BR: Textures and config
  3. Lerry_BR

    ARCTech Accessories

    Sorry but this project is dead. Also if any of the moderators can close this thread it would be nice
  4. Lerry_BR

    US Military Mod

    What about Military Uniforms (80's-90's) since the US is the problem.
  5. Lerry_BR

    US Military Mod

    I've sent u a PM
  6. Lerry_BR

    US Military Mod

    We already have kneepads as hidden selections.
  7. Mods: RHS, Ruha, Yuemod, COS, VSM all-in-one
  8. IDK if u guys are aware of this but when you climb stairs it starts the animation making it look really weird.
  9. Mods: RHS, 3CB, Armed Forces:UK, Extra RHS Uniform Re-textures, Recolor, Polpox, Ruha, GEARSOC, ASCZ Heads, Hidden Identity V3 and Nikoaton Poses.
  10. Mods: RHS, 3CB, Armed Forces:UK, Project Zenith, Project Opfor, VSM, Extra RHS Uniform Re-textures, Recolor, Polpox, GEARSOC, ASCZ Heads, 3den Objects, Rismarck, Nikoaton and Direone Poses.
  11. Lerry_BR

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    It's from Numb#3 a mod that got banned from the workshop cuz it had ripped content.
  12. Mods: Faces of War, IFA3, Recolor, Rismarck Poses and ZSL Poses
  13. Mods: VSM, Project Zenith(Retextures), RR Opscores(Retextures) and Recolor
  14. Mods: VSM, Project Zenith(Retextures to be released), NIArms AK and Recolor
  15. Mods: Project Zenith (Retex), RR Ops Cores (Retex), Recolor.
  16. Hello everyone. I want to present my very first Addon which will include some retextures from Project Zenith. Right now i don't have any name ideas so I'll call it Project Zenith Retextures. Right now the mod only have G2's retextures but I will include retextures for the Gorka's and Coldweather uniforms. My plan is to make the most textures as possible as well as some mixed ones. And yes the textures are in separate pbo's so you can grab only what you want. This pack includes the following textures: -Plain Black -Storm Grey -Flecktarn -Tropentarn -Kryptek Typhoon -British MTP -Multicam Black -Multicam Tropic -M81 -M90 -M95 -UCP -Vegetato And here you can check a list on what's planned I may also accept requests, but I don't guarantee you they will be in the final pack. And of course suggestions, critics and ideas will be much appreciated. Download Link: STEAM Special Thanks: Vanschmoozin for Project Zenith and his Templates Echelon International for Support and Ideas Neo, Drowpper, 斜funny眼, Medeiros, Aerostein and others for the Feedback and Support
  17. Lerry_BR

    Project Zenith Retextures

    I also updated the AOR-2 Should look better now.. And started working on a little thing
  18. Lerry_BR

    Project Zenith Retextures

    Tried to do something like a PCU. This is what I got
  19. Mods: Recolor, Direone's and KokaKolaA3's Gesture Pack (Lite)
  20. Mods: Recolor, VSM, Project Zenith(Retexture), Road Runner Ops Cores(Retexture) and WIP ARCTech Mod
  21. Lerry_BR

    Project Zenith Retextures

    Some more progess
  22. Lerry_BR

    Project Zenith Retextures

    DDM4 AOR-2 Retexture and Road Runner Ops Core Retexture
  23. Lerry_BR

    Project Zenith Retextures

    So i decided to shift the focus of the project to make only Tier 1 Camo textures. I will probably make this new version in a separate mod. I actually plan to make more than only Zenith retextures. My goal is to add insignias, custom faces and maybe new models too. But this is what i have so far. AOR2 will be changed Other things are really early WIP so i dont want to show them for now...
  24. AFM = Advanced Flight Model
  25. Some feedback. Don't know if you guys are already aware of this issues but anyway. 1- When you turn out with the commander in the leopard 1a5 the camera is placed in a weird position. 2- The Esquilo is having some problems with the AFM. For example after i turned on the engines it started to enter the ground and exploded. 3- This one is a minor issue. The driver hands in the Marrua don't touch the steering wheel. Loving the mod so far, cant wait to see what you guys have planned. Keep up with the good work.