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  1. I want to attach my units with dark blue lines to a respawn position module (f5), however I cannot get get it to work. To give you an example of what I mean: Here you can see the units are grouped and attached to one unit leader (light blue lines), but are also attached to the respawn position module (dark blue lines). If I add more units, which I need to do, I cannot add them to the respawn position module. I have tried holding CTRL whilst trying to drag a line between a unit to the respawn module, like I would to attatch them to a squad leader, but nothing. I have also tried holding ALT and doing the same, moving them ontop, etc, nothing. Can someone please tell me how I can attach new units to the respawn position module? Thank You.
  2. So that is the file that I export to either .png / .jpeg and save in the images and use on the A-10 as a primary texture?
  3. We are running a server that uses some main RHS equipment. The majority of our players use Steam to download the modpack for easy installation, therefore we cannot edit the mod files themselves directly. We also wouldn't want to edit the mod files directly without RHS's permission. Therefore we need to get the texture file for some RHS vehichles (A-10) included and use the Eden editor, inside the int, to place a temporary texture onto the A-10 and other RHS vehicles. The texture would be inside the missions > images folder therefore would not hinder any players who use the steam workshop to download RHS entering the server. The current problem I am having, is I cannot get into the .p3d file to get the texture for the A-10, so I can rexture it in photoshop, and use it on the RHS A-10 model as a temporary texture that would be loaded from inside the mission file.
  4. There is no way to export the texture, then add it as an overlay via the mission file and eden editor int?
  5. I did send a message, however I never got a response. So I apologies about that. This is the first I've gotten a reply.
  6. I'm trying to retexture the RHSUSAF A-10, however I cannot open the .p3d file to get the texture map so I can assign it in the eden editor, so I can retexture. Any way to get the texture files for RHS Files?
  7. I have been busy the past week or so with our server, however here's a sneak peak of a vehicle that will be in the v0.4. This is just one of the NATO land vehicles. I've completed them and will be uploading information soon!
  8. The Pack I'm working on currently will contain UN assets of all vanilla outfits / vehicles. I'm working on the UN Vehicles (Ghosts hawks, A-164's, CAS', Armoured, etc.) but I will be working on UN outfits simultaneously. Infact I've just created a UN Heliicopter Pilot skin. To create a blue helmet / UN outfit for vanilla (no requirements) won't take me that long and I may just add it rather soon :)
  9. Currently working on some UN vehicles that will hopefully be released soon. This is the current state of the hummingbird / pawnee. More assets being added, working on more. Any feedback is appreciated! ~Trinket.
  10. Sadly yes, to no avail.
  11. Hi, I'm currently in need of a hummingbird / pawnee texture, however I cannot find one anywhere. All the ones I currently have looked at either lead to deadlinks or links to downloads where there is no pawnee / hummingbird texture. Would love if anyone had a link to a big list of arma 3 vehicles (hummingbird, blackfish, etc.) or a pawnee / hummingbird. Many thanks, anything is appreciated. ~Trinket.
  12. Trinket

    Looking for Texture Developer

    If you're still looking for someone to help you, just throw me a message. I'll be glad to help.
  13. Trinket

    Looking for texture artist

    I can do this for you, send me a message if you're still interested.
  14. Throw me a message, with what you want, etc. and I'll see what I can do for you :)