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  1. This is where I need to be really careful not to rant. I've reported some fundamental bugs, and the reports go unheeded. For example, an unclosed curly brace will cause an SQF file to not load, and to produce no error. I hate to think how many hours of my life were wasted chasing down that one before I figured out the underlying problem. Also, if you end a code block with an assignment statement, the result of that code block is undefined. Not nil, but undefined. Another needless waste of a chunk of my life. Then there's the parser wigging out if you attempt to create a quote string with single-quote-double-quote-single-quote. It needs to be four double-quotes. There are also some trivial ones that would really help with our mission gameplay such as the T-100 Varsuk not being able to fly a flag. We rely on those to avoid friendly fire incidents. The only response was "We'll look at it". That was a year ago. Just too many bugs.
  2. Heh. I'd prefer to see "ainvpknlmstpslaywnondnon_medicother" not have the medic reach through his body with his left hand to hold the rifle slung on his right side. The animation is fine if no rifle is slung and it's also fine if the medic is holding a pistol while a rifle is slung. It's just being unarmed with a rifle slung that throws it off. Then there's switching to a pistol from no weapon while kneeling, which goes through a launcher animation before drawing the pistol. Ironically, if healing someone with a pistol out while kneeling, the medic will holster the pistol, perform the heal, and smoothly draw the pistol again. No launcher animation. Drawing a pistol while standing or prone works fine. Oh, and add the multiplayer aspect of getting into the back of a truck. The player getting in will see the mounting animation, but everyone else just sees him standing until his character teleports into the vehicle. That's just off the top of my head. I better stop before I start ranting.
  3. Yes. Once or twice I've been one-shot by AI at close range without a sound, and I've certainly had times when my suppressed CAR-95-1 is firing on full auto without making a sound. I can only imagine that this is a result of some recent fix or performance improvement because the bulk of the sound dropouts on my suppressed weapon occur when the sounds of battle are raging. I consider it a bug because the dropout is abrupt and I always do a double take to make sure that I'm actually firing. There's just not enough visual recoil on that weapon to use that as a cue. I certainly can't rely on the tactile feedback of recoil.
  4. I also see units going unresponsive to waypoints from time to time when they have AI features disabled. I disable "cover", "suppression", "target", "autotarget" and "autocombat". I'll have to play with enabling different permutations of those features to see if that gets them moving again. Occasionally I can move their waypoint with Zeus and they'll get moving.
  5. When a weapon is removed (removeWeaponTurret), ARMA leaves the weapon's magazines in place, complete with partial ammunition counts. So when you add the weapon back (addWeaponTurret), the original magazine is instantly loaded. If a player is in the turret, all they see is that they either have or don't have access to a particular weapon. There's no need to fiddle with magazines or ammunition counts. For anyone fooling with this, remember that those two commands must be run locally to the turret. Use turretOwner to figure out where to remoteExec the commands. So the real complexity of weapon control systems is in the user interface and knowing how to get the commands executed on the right computer. For single player, the latter can be ignored.
  6. Remove the weapons. We have a weapon control system that works that way and it sure seems like the simplest solution. Part of the appeal of fiddling with the weapons directly is that when they're put back they're instantly loaded.
  7. JB47394

    [SOLVED] Array trouble

    Absolutely sure.
  8. JB47394

    [SOLVED] Array trouble

    In your script, you have the line _allNodes = _allNodes apply... Apply will create a new array which is then assigned to the local variable _allNodes. After that, the caller's array is never touched again. Instead, You have to modify the existing array. So use a forEach on _allNodes and fiddle with the array contents.
  9. If I turn off simulation for a boat while a player is nearby, the sound of lapping water follows the player around, even through respawns. 1. I've deleted all (getPos player) nearestObject -1 objects 2. Nothing is attached to the player (attachedObjects player) 3. diag_activeSQFScripts shows only my own scripts 4. allMissionObjects "" shows only normally-typed mission objects or roads (typeof == ""). Does anyone know where this sound is coming from and whether scripts can get access to it to turn it off?
  10. Because I have no interest in spending the time to find out. I have a long list of development tasks and the return doesn't justify the potential cost. The UI has input elements.
  11. Does anyone know how to show a display on top of the Zeus map? I can put a display over the main display (46), the main map (12), and the Zeus display (312), but not the Zeus map. This is because the Zeus map is a background control (idc 50) and not a separate display. So putting a display up just hides the controls of the Zeus display, including the map. Close my display and those controls reappear. If I put up a dialog, controls such as the EDIT and CREATE panels (in "controls") will remain up, but if I try that with the Zeus map up (in "controlsBackground"), the map is again hidden. The only thing that seems left is creating controls right in the Zeus display, on top of any controls that are already there. That attempt will probably end badly and I probably won't pursue it. So I'm looking for a lifeline here.
  12. Thanks, Quicksilver. It's good to learn how you guys created the circles. Unfortunately, we have circles of arbitrary radius, so we'll have to stick to our object-intensive approach. For those curious, Quicksilver creates a single, vanilla, simple object. They are colored by faction and come in 100, 200 and 500 meter sizes. Here's a 100m one for East (colored red). createSimpleObject ["a3\Modules_F_Curator\Multiplayer\surfaceSectorEast100m.p3d", _positionASL] There are surfaceSectorEast, surfaceSectorWest, surfaceSectorCiv, etc. p3ds in modules_f_curator.pbo
  13. I eventually figured out what I was after. Here are two functions that create and delete a circle on the ground. Because it's just a bunch of objects in a circle, it's much like @Harzach's solution, except that I can simplify things because I'm using decals, not objects. As a result of the particular object I'm using, the line segments are always white and always 4 meters long, so large circles can generate hundreds of simple objects. That said, I haven't seen a significant performance hit on my 1070ti with as many as 400 segments. I did, however, include a way to draw a segmented circle (the _spacing parameter on TEST_CreateCircle). If anyone knows of a p3d for other line segments in vanilla ARMA, I'd appreciate hearing about them. TEST_CreateCircle = { params ["_center", "_radius", ["_spacing", 1, [0]]]; private _segment = createSimpleObject ["a3\roads_f\Decals\Decal_white_line_F.p3d", _center]; private _bounds = boundingBoxReal _segment; private _lineLength = (_bounds select 1 select 1) - (_bounds select 0 select 1); deleteVehicle _segment; private _circumference = 2 * _radius * pi; private _segmentCount = ceil (_circumference / _lineLength); private _stepAngle = 360 / _segmentCount; private _segments = []; private _angle = 0; for "_i" from 1 to _segmentCount step _spacing do { _angle = _i * _stepAngle; _segment = createSimpleObject ["a3\roads_f\Decals\Decal_white_line_F.p3d", AGLtoASL (_center vectorAdd [sin _angle * _radius, cos _angle * _radius, 0])]; _segment setDir (_angle + 90); _segments pushBack _segment; }; _segments }; TEST_DeleteCircle = { params ["_lines"]; { deleteVehicle _x } forEach _lines; }; //mycircle = [getpos player, 400, 5] call TEST_CreateCircle; //[mycircle] call TEST_DeleteCircle One thing that I found interesting was that if I created the simple objects with AGL coordinates (simple objects are supposed to get ASL coordinates) then they'll show up, but line segments close to the camera won't be drawn. At least, that was the behavior I got while drawing circles at Altis's main airport. I mention it in case anyone else has seen strange behavior in their simple object decals (e.g. roads and such).
  14. This is what I ended up with to bring the turrets local. _vehicle setOwner clientOwner; waitUntil { local _vehicle }; // Completes in 0.1s waitUntil { allTurrets _vehicle findIf { (_vehicle turretOwner _x) != clientOwner } == -1 }; // Completes in 2-4s The turrets will go local if they're just left to do so. There's no need to add anyone to the driver's seat, nor does that appear to accelerate things.
  15. Is there a way to force ownership of a turret onto a particular machine? I know that turretOwner is available, but I don't see a setOwnerTurret or setTurretOwner, and setOwner doesn't seem to include the turrets. My scenario: Zeus spawns an empty vehicle. At the appropriate time, a server script takes the vehicle and puts crew into it and sends it on its way. To do this, the script ensures that the vehicle is first local to the server, then spawns the crew up and issues the appropriate assignAs and moveIn commands. The driver goes in just fine. Unfortunately, the turrets on the vehicle are still local to the Zeus client and the moveIn commands for the gunner and commander fail. As a result, those two have to go through the process of moving to the entry locations on the vehicle and then mounting up. Sometimes the driver starts off without them. None of that is desirable. Note that after the AI have mounted up, the turrets are indeed local to the server. Repeating the process with that vehicle works just fine, as it does if the vehicle is spawned on the server.