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  1. Thanks for the information, Larrow. The resulting "right" text is right justified and, as you pointed out, the entire row is selected on a click. As I cannot seem to duplicate the interface, I'll just build one around ListNBox.
  2. I'm trying to reuse the RscDisplayConfigure dialog box. It's the one that lets players change keyboard bindings. I'm using it as a basis for setting mission-specific keybindings in a package that players will be familiar with. I don't actually use it for much other than showing the lists of mission-specific actions that players can bind. The complication comes in when trying to load the list box showing the actions and their current key bindings. It's a straight listbox, not a listnbox, and it appears to use an ancient capability of list boxes to have two columns. This is configured via the attributes mainCollumW [sic] and secndCollumW [sic]. My problem is loading the control. A straight lbAdd isn't going to get anything loaded into the second column. I've tried all sorts of notation silliness such as a comma-separated list, a tab-separated list, an array (syntax error), and even a string of an array (both single and double quote versions). Does anyone know how to work with a two-column listbox? I can hack things up and swap out the listbox for a listnbox, but it doesn't look the same. A listnbox will select the entire row while the two-column listbox only selects the first column. So I'm trying to find an old timer who figured this out.
  3. Released. The new update produced the change. 1.96.146070
  4. I cannot use createVehicleLocal in a multiplayer game run through the editor. The command returns objNull. To test this, I ran an empty VR world with one character of type "B_G_Survivor_F" and used the debug console to LOCAL EXEC the command typeOf player createVehicleLocal (player modelToWorld [5,0,0]) In single player that works. In multiplayer that does not. Each mission system that I have that relies on createVehicleLocal has stopped functioning in editor multiplayer sessions but continues to work normally in dedicated server multiplayer sessions. Needless to say, having to reload a dedicated server for every code change won't do much for my productivity.
  5. As development appears to be winding down, there's one thing that I'd really like to see from ARMA in the realm of audio changes. The volume of the Direct channel. It's not usable as it is. If you're standing next to someone in a calm area, then yes, you can speak to them. But the volume needs to be much higher - or tunable by script. As a reference go by the radio mods available. Their direct volume is much higher and it works. Those of us unable to use radio mods are relying on the game channels, and that means that we must use the Group channel because Direct is unusable. I fear this is one of those things where the ARMA code just won't allow such a change without breaking other things, but it's something that I'd really like to see fixed before the product finally lapses into a development coma. Naturally, if there's some existing means of boosting the volume of Direct without affecting anything else, I'd love to hear about it. EDIT: It looks like there's a way to increase the volume of the Direct channel. It is accomplished by having each player increase their game's EFFECTS volume, and then using fadeSound in the mission scripts. Because fadeSound doesn't appear to affect the volume of the Direct channel, the net effect of doing these two things is to raise the volume of the Direct channel. We were playing with this last night and by setting the EFFECTS volume to 50% and using a fadeSound of 0.2 (80% reduction in volume), both direct channel and world volume levels seems to be pretty reasonable. This was while using the JSRS sound mod, which I think is even louder than the vanilla sound effects. Putting earplugs in calls for an even more severe fadeSound. If anyone knows of any hitches in doing things like this (other than deafening players when they move to a different server), please let me know.
  6. JB47394

    Make all DLC Maps Free

    The base post is pointing out a real problem, which is that the current DLC system contributes to a fracturing of the player community. Everyone wants those who build content to be compensated, but there are other fee structures possible. Server operators could pay for the right to host a Livonia map, transferring the cost of map development to multiplayer operators. If you want to play solo, you pay only for the cost of the base game, which includes all future content. If you want to run a game with your buddy, you pay for 2 Livonia slots at perhaps $5 per slot. You can play with that buddy, or with a different buddy, but never more than 2 players on that map. If you want to play with 4 other friends on Tanoa, you pay for 5 Tanoa slots at perhaps $4 per slot - whatever is appropriate to the map. Stratis slots are cheap, at $1 per slot. Big operators drop a few hundred dollars to configure the server so that a hundred players can connect. None of those players has to pay for the map because they already have all standard maps available to them for fee on the client side. This would mean that if there are 10,000 total multiplayer slots for Livonia maps, then Bohemia would see $50,000 as payment for Livonia. I'm just making up numbers. In contrast, if there are 50,000 players and they all buy the Livonia DLC, then Bohemia sees $250,000. But all 50,000 players won't pay for the DLC. Perhaps only 10,000 pay, meaning that Bohemia would see the same revenue either way - but the player community wouldn't be as fractured as it is with the current DLC payment system. Instead of fracturing, there would be an additional headwind to server sizes (server operators would have to pay more for larger servers). But server operators already have to pay more for a larger computer to handle a larger number of slots, so having server operators pay for slots would be a natural tie-in. And the slot payments would be one-time instead of monthly or annual - though that's another possible fee structure. I'm sure there are many other possible ways to fund development of maps, including the equivalent of a Kickstarter system where Bohemia puts up suggested environments, and players pledge money to get those environments built. Done that way, modders might be able to run some Kickstarters of their own. Then there's the blackmail approach, which is to remind the player about payment, as Bohemia does with various DLC content. Perhaps paid server slots aren't the solution either, but the current DLC system does have consequences for the player experience.
  7. JB47394

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    I'm not permitted to use mods on this server, and I'm unaware of any way for a mission PBO to modify config entries. If there's a way, I'd love to hear about it.
  8. JB47394

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    My vanilla configFile entry for that path has no values or subkeys. Should I expect values to be listed, or are the vanilla brains using the internal defaults of the engine? And are the values you show the engine defaults? Only the AIBrainCountermeasuresComponent entry has any values. maxReactionTime, etc.
  9. This is where I need to be really careful not to rant. I've reported some fundamental bugs, and the reports go unheeded. For example, an unclosed curly brace will cause an SQF file to not load, and to produce no error. I hate to think how many hours of my life were wasted chasing down that one before I figured out the underlying problem. Also, if you end a code block with an assignment statement, the result of that code block is undefined. Not nil, but undefined. Another needless waste of a chunk of my life. Then there's the parser wigging out if you attempt to create a quote string with single-quote-double-quote-single-quote. It needs to be four double-quotes. There are also some trivial ones that would really help with our mission gameplay such as the T-100 Varsuk not being able to fly a flag. We rely on those to avoid friendly fire incidents. The only response was "We'll look at it". That was a year ago. Just too many bugs.
  10. Heh. I'd prefer to see "ainvpknlmstpslaywnondnon_medicother" not have the medic reach through his body with his left hand to hold the rifle slung on his right side. The animation is fine if no rifle is slung and it's also fine if the medic is holding a pistol while a rifle is slung. It's just being unarmed with a rifle slung that throws it off. Then there's switching to a pistol from no weapon while kneeling, which goes through a launcher animation before drawing the pistol. Ironically, if healing someone with a pistol out while kneeling, the medic will holster the pistol, perform the heal, and smoothly draw the pistol again. No launcher animation. Drawing a pistol while standing or prone works fine. Oh, and add the multiplayer aspect of getting into the back of a truck. The player getting in will see the mounting animation, but everyone else just sees him standing until his character teleports into the vehicle. That's just off the top of my head. I better stop before I start ranting.
  11. Yes. Once or twice I've been one-shot by AI at close range without a sound, and I've certainly had times when my suppressed CAR-95-1 is firing on full auto without making a sound. I can only imagine that this is a result of some recent fix or performance improvement because the bulk of the sound dropouts on my suppressed weapon occur when the sounds of battle are raging. I consider it a bug because the dropout is abrupt and I always do a double take to make sure that I'm actually firing. There's just not enough visual recoil on that weapon to use that as a cue. I certainly can't rely on the tactile feedback of recoil.
  12. I also see units going unresponsive to waypoints from time to time when they have AI features disabled. I disable "cover", "suppression", "target", "autotarget" and "autocombat". I'll have to play with enabling different permutations of those features to see if that gets them moving again. Occasionally I can move their waypoint with Zeus and they'll get moving.
  13. When a weapon is removed (removeWeaponTurret), ARMA leaves the weapon's magazines in place, complete with partial ammunition counts. So when you add the weapon back (addWeaponTurret), the original magazine is instantly loaded. If a player is in the turret, all they see is that they either have or don't have access to a particular weapon. There's no need to fiddle with magazines or ammunition counts. For anyone fooling with this, remember that those two commands must be run locally to the turret. Use turretOwner to figure out where to remoteExec the commands. So the real complexity of weapon control systems is in the user interface and knowing how to get the commands executed on the right computer. For single player, the latter can be ignored.
  14. Remove the weapons. We have a weapon control system that works that way and it sure seems like the simplest solution. Part of the appeal of fiddling with the weapons directly is that when they're put back they're instantly loaded.
  15. JB47394

    [SOLVED] Array trouble

    Absolutely sure.