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  1. Hot Middle East Mods: RHS, DHI Uniforms, NIArms, CUP Maps
  2. Skynet and terminators in 40's Mods: IFA3 AIO, Max Terminator, nikoatin static anim, Polpox artwork supporter
  3. Delta Operators and Colombian Police Cooperation Mods: RHS, NIArms, DHI uniforms, Colombian Armed Forces, nikaotin static animations
  4. FFI is updated to have some British weapons, but it will be updated again at some point. For this release there is only going to be a faction showcase (with easteregg mission if you can find it 😛). I have another mission and a campaign in works, but I have very limited free time lately so it will not be released with this update, nor Amphibious Assault will be updated.
  5. All new weapons have custom animations, including sten. The guy in the video is not operating sten properly as there is more chance for magazine to jam if you hold it that way . El T tweaked it a little bit so we have standardised color for british.
  6. This comment only shows how much you really don't understand the process of making a mod, and the fact that you haven't actually used it in a long time, yet you still have an audacity to say its broken. There are issues, yes, but a lot less than you are stating. We are working on a daily basis to improve gameplay and fix bugs, but if we don't have a proper report or an issue, ex. "I have been waiting for improvements for several years, but I see only beautiful screenshots", how can you expect anything to change? I find it ridiculous that you made a new account just now to bash on the mod on its official thread. Please, if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it, and if you want to report an actual issue, please check out this link, or join our official discord for live support.
  7. Thank you for showing interest in the mod! Static animations are used only to promote new content, and full HQ textures will be available as soon as legal details are figured out. For more information, please carefully read this post.
  8. @Havish all tasks that have red "1st release" sticker are coming out in this update. Welcome to the forums btw!
  9. It's all going to be the same update - Brits stick together 😉
  10. 30 seconds Yanks! God be with you! Mods: IFA3 (WIP)
  11. Not planned for this update
  12. River Patrol Mods: UNSUNG, Polpox Artwork supporter, direone static animations
  13. @Madshepherd right click on the asset; Find in Config Viewer > LIB_HORSA_RAF* > UserActions * = example Not all vehicles have that ability though Hope it helps!
  14. "I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat." - Churchill Mods: IFA3 (WIP), Rismarck's WW2 pose pack, ZL2 static poses
  15. Do you plan to add Inverse Kinematics to the mod?
  16. Familiar faces... Mods: IFA3 (WIP), Rismarck's Static animations
  17. Tonight, we had a team bonding event to finish off a long year with some fun gameplay. We play tested our two new gamemodes: WW2 Rush and Search & Destroy. For those who are not familiar with this already, we decided to make something that would bring more fun to multiplayer community by taking inspiration from most popular, and belowed gamemodes from Battlefield and Call of Duty. Those two modes are constantly getting worked on and updated by getting input from different sources. On top of all, this was our first playtest using new terrains and British units and weapons! For those who couldn't make it to the stream, worry not, just check the video below! https://www.twitch.tv/videos/356525784##
  18. Delta, gear up! Mods: RHS, NIArms, DHI Uniforms, TAC Vests, static animations
  19. Thanks! Yes, there will be new one(s) in the next big update.
  20. BEHIND ENEMY LINES Mods: RHS, Tyrk's uniforms, NIArms, CUP Terrains
  21. Jaki

    US Military Mod

    is hidden selection, like knee pads going to work with it if we combine it with US Military mod?
  22. Delta Force Involvement during Operation Gothic Serpent Mods: US Military, RHS Pack, UH-60 Pack, Mogadishu, NIArms, M16A2 by Gstavo, TAC Vests
  23. Jaki

    US Military Mod

    Hey, sorry for bringing up this semi-old thread, but I stumbled across rolled up sleeves uniforms in eden and that made me search through this whole topic about it. I know you are now mostly focused on Nassau project along with personal life, but is there a chance you'll come back to US Military mod at some point?