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  1. ACRE2 Release 2.8.0 This release adds new God Mode speaking, allowing administrators or game masters to talk with each other or to the entire server, bypassing distance. Administrators can setup custom groups via the God Mode API and only allow access to specified players. Spectator received a new feature - ability to listen in on radios and observe who is currently speaking on them. Clicking on a player now shows a new radio selection UI. Anyone speaking on the selected radios will be displayed in the top right corner with the radio they are speaking on. Support for other Spectator displays may be provided with use of the Spectator Displays API. Notification System received a rigidity update and support for custom displays. Curator (Zeus), Arsenal and Spectator displays (Vanilla and ACE3) will now show notifications on top. Documentation now contains a list of all public API functions for easy reference. Additionally some issues regarding antenna positions calculation and signal were fixed. Complete Changelog and Download
  2. ACRE2 Release 2.7.4 This patch release features a number of optimizations and continued improvements after last release. ACRE2 is now compatible with Tobii EyeTracker thanks to @eadelon. Core communications pipe between Arma and ACRE2 extensions received a performance improvement using extension callbacks. Loading speed was also improved by threading antenna and map file searching. Complete Changelog and Download
  3. ACRE2 Release 2.7.3 With no new features but many bug fixes (including some very old ones) and quality of life improvements, this release presents a push for stability and smooth use. LOS Multipath signal model fix stands out among other important changes. Complete Changelog and Download
  4. ACRE2 Release 2.7.2 This smaller release contains a lot of fixes as well as some requested functionality by the community. Complete Changelog and Download
  5. ACRE2 Release 2.7.1 This release marks a large push for numerous improvements, quality of life enhancements, fixes, customization options and compatibility with Contact (Enoch) DLC (1.94). Community contributions include rewritten and redesigned Volume Control by mharis001, featuring a slicker user interface and cleaner code, and TMZulu' various settings for customizing Transmit Notification colors. Last but not least, Brett implemented proper tags system in TeamSpeak metadata, solving crash issues when multiple radio mods (such as ACRE and TFAR) were loaded at the same time. Vehicle Info UI showing Intercom and Rack status has been fixed and is now compatible with latest Arma 3 update (1.94). Other fixes include several issues with radios, such as not receiving transmissions or having too long range), racks and intercoms. Together with Brett, many Zeus bugs have also been squashed and Zeus' push-to-talk for Speak from Camera now automatically activates voice in TeamSpeak. Terrain Loss coefficient default has been set back to 1.0 after recent improvements in radio and signal handling. There are now also more signal models to choose from should you wish an easier or different signal calculation. Finally, Livonia (Enoch) compatibility has been moved to main mod folder so users no longer need to load a separate mod for full experience on the new map. Complete Changelog and Download
  6. ACRE2 Release 2.7.0 This release marks the introduction of two new systems in ACRE2: the Ground Spike Antenna (GSA) will help RTOs and command elements to stay hidden behind cover or laying prone without sacrificing signal quality and, thanks to the efforts of Brett, a much improved Zeus support has been introduced that covers spectator mode, hearing nearby players, external radios and talking from the camera location. Complementing these additions, API functions have been prepared by the ACRE2 Team to help spectator modes listen to player radios. Another improvement in this release is the inclusion of a UI for the intercom. The new UI, donated to ACRE2 by RanTa, models in detail the functionality of the AN/VIC-3 Full Functional Crew Station. New functionality has been added to the intercom to match the UI improvements. On the signal propagation side, casual communities may find this ACRE2 release quite appealing since it allows for the first time to select the signal propagation model. Through CBA settings Arcade, LOS Simple, LOS Multipath (default) and the new experimental Longley-Rice model can be selected. Additionally, antenna inclination mode has been added, which will help boosting your signal strength by manually or automatically aligning, within a certain range, the antenna direction as close to the vertical as possible. Finally, noticeable improvements in the UI have also been made in the form of getting rid of the Arma 2 notification system, in favour of a more modern and stackable solution. And last but not least, support for the upcoming Contact DLC has been added (in form of an optional mod for now). Complete Changelog and Download
  7. ACRE2 Release 2.6.4 This release provides compatibility with TeamSpeak 3.3.0 and is now backwards compatible with TeamSpeak API versions 19 through 23. It also fixes SEM 70 UI scaling. Complete Changelog and Download
  8. Following some requests, we have released Global Mobilization compatibility as a separate Steam Workshop item! Compatibility in form of an optional is still distributed with the main download, in hope to satisfy most use cases.
  9. It has been before we posted here. 🙂
  10. ACRE2 Release 2.6.3 This release provides compatibility with Global Mobilization's Weferlingen terrain, in form of an optional mod. Additionally, it includes various fixes and enhancements. Complete Changelog and Download
  11. ACRE2 Release 2.6.2 This release introduces some quality of life improvements, adds requested events and improves some components. Complete Changelog and Download
  12. If possible, stay on 3.1.10, there is an issue with TeamSpeak that we cannot do much about at this time. You may downgrade TeamSpeak using the link @Dedmen provided: Thank you for your understanding.
  13. ACRE2 Release 2.6.1 This update fixes some bugs found in the 2.6.0 stable release and improves on usability of Vehicle Racks. - Radios can now be removed from vehicle racks. - Fixed API function acre_api_fnc_addRackToVehicle now works as expected. - Enabled switching radio channel on rack radios using key shortcut. Note that radios accessible only through intercom do not have this functionality. The player must be able to open the racked radio UI in order to do this. - Added an option to start/stop using all available rack radios in a vehicle. Complete Changelog and Download
  14. ACRE2 Release 2.6.0 This update brings the following features to ACRE2, with a strong focus on vehicle gameplay that includes vehicle racks and an overhauled intercom system emulating VIC-3 functionality. Vehicle Racks (requires ACE3 Interaction Menu) Vehicle racks are back to ACRE2. The use of racked radios translates into longer transmission ranges due to their increase in power and the use of larger antennas. The current system supports the following racks: AN/VRC-103 for the AN/PRC-117F AN/VRC-110 for the AN/PRC-152 AN/VRC-111 for the AN/PRC-148 AN/VRC-64 for the AN/PRC-77 SEM90 for the SEM70 (with GUI interface) Overhauled Vehicle Intercom (requires ACE3 Interaction Menu) The new intercom system integrates with the vehicular radios, allowing transmit and receive functionality to seats without physical access to the racks. In addition, it brings support for multiple intercom networks and the ability to tweak intercom volume among other features. Together with intercom, comes the infantry phone feature, which allows members of mechanized infantry to communicate through the intercom system with the crew inside an armored vehicle. External/Shared Radios (requires ACE3 Interaction Menu) It is now possible to share radios with other comrades without the need of giving them. This works for personal, backpack radios and vehicular radios. API API functions that deal with vehicular radios have been added for mission makers. Namely: acre_api_fnc_addRackToVehicle acre_api_fnc_areVehicleRacksInitialized acre_api_fnc_getMountedRackRadio acre_api_fnc_getVehicleRacks acre_api_fnc_getVehicleRacksPreset acre_api_fnc_initVehicleRacks acre_api_fnc_isRackRadioRemovable acre_api_fnc_mountRackRadio acre_api_fnc_removeRackFromVehicle acre_api_fnc_setVehicleRacksPreset acre_api_fnc_unmountRackRadio Improvements A new version is not exempt of optimizations, improvements and fixes, like the signal calculation fix after the 1.82 update. Translations have also received some attention although 100% localization is not yet accomplished. Documentation A more in depth documentation and description of the new features, both for users and mod makers, can be found on our wiki: http://acre2.idi-systems.com/ Complete Changelog and Download