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  1. ACRE2 Release 2.11.0 New release after a year featuring The Bra terrain compatibility for S.O.G. Prairie Fire by @Dahlgren and VOIP Information API by @killerswin2 allowing implementation of Enforcer systems to force users to connect to ACRE or purely informational use (note: Enforcer system is not provided with ACRE2). A logging issue with large data packets that were causing hitching has been fixed thanks to @JonBons, who also added a friendly debug tool for diagnosing compartment attenuation behaviour. TeamSpeak 3 Client 3.6.0 was just released, and with that, our compatibility with the new API v26. This release also marks the first release built with the new HEMTT v1 build system, which already found some significant config issues that were fixed and improved. Complete Changelog and Download
  2. ACRE2 Release 2.10.0 New radio joins the ACRE family - the BF-888S is a low-cost portable UHF radio with range of up to 5km in ideal condition and 16 programmable channel presets. Thanks to @Jsmuk for integration and Clark for the model. Compatibility for two Creator DLCs: Western Sahara and CSLA Iron Curtain have been added by @Dahlgren. Attenuation system received 2 configuration updates as well, the attenuation factor between a turned-in person and another turned-out person, as well as attenuation factor for turned-out positions between different compartments. Thanks to @Timi007 and his illustrations showcasing the new configuration for mods to use. Lastly, internal speakers of all radios were updated with an additional low shelf filter effect, making it more apparent the audio is coming from a speaker. Complete Changelog and Download
  3. All terrains packaged in regular .pbo files are supported with dynamic terrain parsing. Only (C)DLC terrains require a compatibility pack due to encrypted .ebo files. Compatibility for those is done either by the (C)DLC team (best quality) or us (by exporting the required data into an external file we can read and gets packaged into a regular .pbo).
  4. ACRE2 Release 2.9.1 Smaller update featuring S.O.G. Prairie Fire's new Khe Sanh terrain compatibility (thanks to @veteran29) and support for precompiled SQF Bytecode (SQFC), drastically improving launch and execution time. This update also brings numerous fixes and improvements. In addition, @Drofseh prepared a set of Antenna Gain Pattern videos visualizing the signal pattern of the antenna over the supported range of frequencies. Gain patterns can be used to determine the best frequencies to use in specific conditions with a given antenna. A list of antennas and their gain pattern visualizations can be found on our wiki! Complete Changelog and Download
  5. That is the default Arma radio being converted to a 343. You can either remove the default radio or change the radio it gets converted using an API function. 77 only has 1 channel. You change frequencies on it, not channels. You can get the frequency, but that's a bit more involved. We have no plans of updating the Arma 2 mod or TeamSpeak plugin. You can set yourself as away, ACRE will not reset that. Same result though.
  6. ACRE2 Release 2.9.0 This release adds new Gestures when using the radios. Using vanilla animations, it comes with support for two types of radios. Some radios will play a chest touching gestures, and others will play an ear touching gesture. Thanks to @Cyruz143. Compatibility for the new Creator DLC: S.O.G. Prairie Fire has also been added in collaboration with the Savage Game Design team. In addition to terrain compatibility, it also adds support for using AN/PRC-77 in the co-op campaign. Additionally, ACE Arsenal Stats were added as well as additional and improved API. Thanks to reports and ideas from the community, voice position is now smoother, especially noticeable in vehicles. Complete Changelog and Download
  7. New Community Home ACRE2 community now lives together with ACE3. Head over to ACE3 Slack and join the #acre2 channel! We will continue to post new development builds and other information there. Thanks to @ACE3Mod for the long-lasting cooperation! Read more on our Wiki
  8. State of ACRE2 With new developments and funding for the next iteration of ACRE, support for ACRE2, the flagship product of IDI-Systems, is sunsetting, but it is not going away! Read more on our Wiki
  9. Better late answer than never, but we don't follow this topic very much, primary contact is our GitHub. https://acre2.idi-systems.com/wiki/frameworks/god-mode You can see well-known issue on our GitHub: https://github.com/IDI-Systems/acre2/issues?q=is%3Aissue+is%3Aopen+sort%3Aupdated-desc+label%3Aconflict There are none open at the moment, but that does not exclude smaller incompatibilities, especially with mods/scripts that modify inventory in a way that breaks radio IDs. Basic Vehicle Intercom works without any interaction (automatically activated on vehicle enter), but any further interaction (eg. switching intercom channels, opening the UI and changing volume in it) will require ACE3. There are keybinds as well, but they do not activate without ACE3, maybe something that could be improved. There are no "alternate" frequencies in ACRE, you have one frequency (or internally TX for transmit and RX for receive, but radios don't expose that). You can use acre_api_fnc_getRadioChannel to get the current channel of any radio, be it racked or personal.
  10. ACRE2 Release 2.8.0 This release adds new God Mode speaking, allowing administrators or game masters to talk with each other or to the entire server, bypassing distance. Administrators can setup custom groups via the God Mode API and only allow access to specified players. Spectator received a new feature - ability to listen in on radios and observe who is currently speaking on them. Clicking on a player now shows a new radio selection UI. Anyone speaking on the selected radios will be displayed in the top right corner with the radio they are speaking on. Support for other Spectator displays may be provided with use of the Spectator Displays API. Notification System received a rigidity update and support for custom displays. Curator (Zeus), Arsenal and Spectator displays (Vanilla and ACE3) will now show notifications on top. Documentation now contains a list of all public API functions for easy reference. Additionally some issues regarding antenna positions calculation and signal were fixed. Complete Changelog and Download
  11. ACRE2 Release 2.7.4 This patch release features a number of optimizations and continued improvements after last release. ACRE2 is now compatible with Tobii EyeTracker thanks to @eadelon. Core communications pipe between Arma and ACRE2 extensions received a performance improvement using extension callbacks. Loading speed was also improved by threading antenna and map file searching. Complete Changelog and Download
  12. ACRE2 Release 2.7.3 With no new features but many bug fixes (including some very old ones) and quality of life improvements, this release presents a push for stability and smooth use. LOS Multipath signal model fix stands out among other important changes. Complete Changelog and Download
  13. ACRE2 Release 2.7.2 This smaller release contains a lot of fixes as well as some requested functionality by the community. Complete Changelog and Download
  14. ACRE2 Release 2.7.1 This release marks a large push for numerous improvements, quality of life enhancements, fixes, customization options and compatibility with Contact (Enoch) DLC (1.94). Community contributions include rewritten and redesigned Volume Control by mharis001, featuring a slicker user interface and cleaner code, and TMZulu' various settings for customizing Transmit Notification colors. Last but not least, Brett implemented proper tags system in TeamSpeak metadata, solving crash issues when multiple radio mods (such as ACRE and TFAR) were loaded at the same time. Vehicle Info UI showing Intercom and Rack status has been fixed and is now compatible with latest Arma 3 update (1.94). Other fixes include several issues with radios, such as not receiving transmissions or having too long range), racks and intercoms. Together with Brett, many Zeus bugs have also been squashed and Zeus' push-to-talk for Speak from Camera now automatically activates voice in TeamSpeak. Terrain Loss coefficient default has been set back to 1.0 after recent improvements in radio and signal handling. There are now also more signal models to choose from should you wish an easier or different signal calculation. Finally, Livonia (Enoch) compatibility has been moved to main mod folder so users no longer need to load a separate mod for full experience on the new map. Complete Changelog and Download
  15. ACRE2 Release 2.7.0 This release marks the introduction of two new systems in ACRE2: the Ground Spike Antenna (GSA) will help RTOs and command elements to stay hidden behind cover or laying prone without sacrificing signal quality and, thanks to the efforts of Brett, a much improved Zeus support has been introduced that covers spectator mode, hearing nearby players, external radios and talking from the camera location. Complementing these additions, API functions have been prepared by the ACRE2 Team to help spectator modes listen to player radios. Another improvement in this release is the inclusion of a UI for the intercom. The new UI, donated to ACRE2 by RanTa, models in detail the functionality of the AN/VIC-3 Full Functional Crew Station. New functionality has been added to the intercom to match the UI improvements. On the signal propagation side, casual communities may find this ACRE2 release quite appealing since it allows for the first time to select the signal propagation model. Through CBA settings Arcade, LOS Simple, LOS Multipath (default) and the new experimental Longley-Rice model can be selected. Additionally, antenna inclination mode has been added, which will help boosting your signal strength by manually or automatically aligning, within a certain range, the antenna direction as close to the vertical as possible. Finally, noticeable improvements in the UI have also been made in the form of getting rid of the Arma 2 notification system, in favour of a more modern and stackable solution. And last but not least, support for the upcoming Contact DLC has been added (in form of an optional mod for now). Complete Changelog and Download