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  1. Out4Blood.ToxiC

    [FOX] Realism

    when it will be downloadable ?
  2. Out4Blood.ToxiC

    Bring up the Bridge Layer, Engineers!

    @mondkalb Is it possible to have this mod?? Because i bought the DLC and its not in there. If it does'nt work that well it wouldn't matter for us 🙂
  3. Hello,
    we are trying to set up a Public Milsim Server with acre2, but we somehow need to manage that it controlls automaticly if the Players are connected to our Teamspeak.
    Can you help us somehow, we tried almost everything and we don't know what to do anymore. We really want to use ACRE2 instead of TFAR.

    Thank you for your help!
    77th Airborne Division 

    1. Out4Blood.ToxiC


      That they can't play on the server without beeing on our Teamspeak.
      We hope you can help us somehow with it.


    2. ACRE_Team


      That is currently not possible. However, we are still interested in standalone solutions, but no ETA or plans at this moment.