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  1. Alright I found the problem. I first had to addVehicle to the group. After that assign the units to the vehicle and order them in. This is working now. Thanks allot tho for trying to help me out! Much appreciated!
  2. This doesn't seem to work. They don't get out of the vehicle. I used doGetOut unit1 and that does work. But then they still don't go into the car. I made a fresh VR scenario and tried to assign the units to a car, and then order them in. Still the same results. However, when I make one of the units the group leader instead of myself they do board the vehicle. But then for some reason the car gets locked for myself. Also I want the player to be group leader and not the AI.
  3. I'm sorry. I typed it wrong here. This is what I am using: unit1 assignAsCargoIndex [car1, 1]; [unit1] orderGetIn true; This should work, but it doesn't for me.
  4. I am making a mission where I have 2 AI + the player himself in a boat driving towards the shore. When at the shore I need them all to board a hatchback. Whatever I try I can't get this stupid AI to do the right thing. I've tried the most common option: unit1 assignAsCargo [car1]; unit1 orderGetIn true; Unfortunatly this doesn't work. The AI just keeps sitting in the boat. If I add the orderGetOut command first they DO get out of the boat but then just walk a bit around. When I make one of the AI's group leader, they hop out of the boat, walk around and then order me to get in the boat instead of the car. I also tried it with waypoints but that gave the same results. Does anyone know how I can get this to work? At the moment I am so frustrated of the AI that I just want to teleport them in. But that would not look very nice.
  5. How did I not see that... I thought the combat mode effected the behaviour aswell. Thanks allot!
  6. I am making a scenario where I need to have all the groups on the EAST side to change their behaviour. I tried to use foreach on multiple different ways but nothing seems to work. This is what I tried: { if (side _x == EAST) then { _x allowFleeing 0; _x setCombatMode "RED"; }; } forEach allgroups; { if (side _x == EAST) then { group _x allowFleeing 0; group _x setCombatMode "RED"; }; } forEach allUnits; Can someone help me? Thanks
  7. Hello everyone! Currently I am making a mission with the new arma 3 Jets assets. The mission is mainly foccused on the Jet DLC, but can also be played without it! The mission is 90% finished but the last things I need is some voice acting. In the mission there are 2 characters wich talk. I can speak english but not very solid. I can voice over 1 character, but It would be really nice if someone who can speak a little english helped me out. I only need like 10 sentences for the voice over. If you would like to do some voice overs for my mission then please contact me. The services you do will not be paid, but il put your name in the credits of the mission! Thanks!
  8. !(nearestObjects [player,["Land_Carrier_01_hull_04_F"],60] isEqualTo []) && {(nearestObjects [player,["Land_Carrier_01_hull_04_F"],60] select 0) animationPhase "Deflector_1_hydraulic_1" > 0} This is already the "Full setup". Just use this code as your condition and make a activation.
  9. Thats just what I needed. Wil try it out right now! Thanks everyone!
  10. Iknow. But for know I dont see any other ways to do it.
  11. For now im just using a triggerzone. But this is not consistant as some people take off later, or earlier...
  12. Hello everyone. I am making a mission with the new carrier ship, and I want to use those cool new animation. I know that by binding allot of "moves" with "playmove" I can make the AI carrier crew do the desired launch animations. But now comes my problem. I need to know the timing when the ai should start doing to animations. I want the animations to start when the player is initiating the "launch action". Is there a way to check this, so the ai will start their animations? Help will be much appriciated! Thanks
  13. Okay, il try it out thnx
  14. Hello everyone. I am trying to make a Multiplayer mission where people have to get teleported into a vehicle. I got a Blackfish called "unit1" flying, and I want every player in the server to be teleported into that vehicle. I have tried many different command but nothing seems to work. I thought "moveInCargo" should work, but that only works on local units, not remote units. Things that I tried: {_x action ["getInCargo", unit1]} foreach allPlayers Player1 moveInCargo [unit1, 1]; Player2 moveInCargo [unit1, 2]; Player3 moveInCargo [unit1, 3]; Player4 moveInCargo [unit1, 4]; Player5 moveInCargo [unit1, 5]; Player6 moveInCargo [unit1, 6]; Whatever I try, only me (The host) gets teleported into the vehicle. Other players don't. Does someone know how to make this work?
  15. Hey man. This week I didn't have any time to test it, but yesterday I made a whole new script since it still doesn't work. Only problem is that this script also doesn't work. I made 2 script. "initServer.sqf" = This script creates the markers on the map, displays text and has all the timing in it. Once some time is over it will make a global variable become "true". "initPlayerLocal.sqf" = This script will wait untill the global variables from "InitServer.sqf" become true. It will then create local triggers on the markers. I tested this with my friend today, and he doesn't get affected by the triggers. They are not created by him I think. Do you know how I can make this work? Scripts: https://pastebin.com/S5RJ7rce initPlayerLocal.sqf https://pastebin.com/vrgvGAe7 initServer.sqf