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  1. Switched to Ubuntu 22.04 LTS recently and was not able to start the GUI Binary for Ubuntu. No start or error. Then tried the CLI Version and it returns error "No usable version of the libssl was found". It can be fixed by installing the needed dependency as I mentioned on Github. https://github.com/SteezCram/PboViewer/issues/5 After that it runs as expected, nice and thx for this @SteezCram
  2. Posenpaul

    Coop Gamemode - FOB Operations

    Thanks for sharing, I would like to play it with my friends and therefore tested it today solo and had the following problems. - Custom loadout saves are not possible (as mentioned already from corporal_lib) - no hints for weapon cache on killing enemies - probably no weapon cache spawned at all* *Tried for a very long time to find it with normal play, then I gave me admin rights on my server and searched for it with GameMaster, was not able to find it. Tried Provins and Chotain.
  3. Tried it, for me disableUserInput will always block the whole input or the mouse will stuck in last movement. I'm not able to see how this should solve my problem for only headmovement possible when sitSown ist active. Further soldier is not able to use mouse for the Action to stand up again.
  4. Thanks for the input Pierre, I'm not at home currently I will check it out this evening or if too tired tomorrow. I will let you know how it works. 🙂 btw Thanks for the Mag repack Script, use this in all my missions. So simple, soooo good. 🙂
  5. Hi beno_83au, thanks, I found my own "hacky" workaround. After I give the unit the action for standUp he will constantly check the direction. As setDir will not have any influence on freeLook, player will sit on the chair in the right direction, but is able to use freeLook. The whole script: I think this is solved as good as I can with my little knowledge of SQF.
  6. Hi Arma friends, so here is now what I got. Tried on dedicated and seems to work fine, even with JIP people. I get rid of the second script and have now all in one script. with addAction in init of chair: The only thing I hate about this script is that players can spin around on the chair after sitting down. Is there any possibility to avoid this. Perfect will be head movement still allowed, but all other movement not. Like disableAI "MOVE" for AI, but only for players. I tried enableSimulation, but that will freeze the whole unit and my player should be able to look around. Thanks in advance for any help.
  7. Hi beno_83au, thanks for your fast answer, I tried both and had same issues, but after looking into setPosASL and setPosATL I was really questionig if it is the script and tried another chair. Ok here is what the same script with setPosATL (not attachTo) does with different original (not modded or creatorDLC based) Arma3 chairs. Normal plastic chair (Land_CampingChair_v2_F): Rugged desk chair (Land_DeskChair_01_olive_F) On the rugged desk chair I can adjust the z level without any influence, but above -1.2 he will sit 1 meter above the chair, -1.21 or more he will drop into the water below the aircraft carrier. So, my problem was solved, even with setPos and getPos it will work now if I use other chairs, but I will use setposATL, because it seems more reliable. Thank you beno_83au. I will not close the thread right now, I will test my scripts tomorrow with friends on dedicated server and maybe I have additional questions, but if all work fine on dedicated I will share my final scripts here.
  8. Hello Arma Friends, first of all I have to say I'm not an experienced scripter or coder, but normally I get my (simple) scripts done with search function here, YT vids and learning by doing, but I'm stuck on this and need help. I will explain what I already tried. I was not able to find a good mod/script for sitting on chair (except ACEX and we're not using ACE) or SlideShows and for the next 5-6 missions we want to have those two features in our 8-10 people coop missions. Slideshow on tv screen was simple and done! 🙂 Sit down and stand up was also ok, but in a normal building or anywhere else, but we're starting our mission from the aircraft carrier that comes with Vanilla Arma (USS Freedom). On this carrier I have problems to get my player sit down on the chairs correctly. I tried different things with getPos and setPos, but that doesn't work on the aircraft carrier, so, I tried setPosWorld and getPosWorld to get the Z value right. Also, this will not work, anything I tried my soldier will sit 1m above the chair or will be in the water below the aircraft carrier. So, now, I tried attachTo, and with this I get my soldier perfectly sit on the chair on the aircraft carrier, but problem is after attachTo player is not able to do any actions or at least look around. Is there any possibility to give player the option to look around and use action menu after attachTo? Or is this the complete wrong way I'm trying. Thanks in adcvance for any help or just link to wiki where I can find my answers myself. Code for sitting down (addAction in chair): Code for stand up (not tried yet because of the above mentioned problem):
  9. Hi Psychobastard, thanks for fast info. Got it from armaholic, is this not the newest version of your script? http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=24088
  10. Hello Psychobastard, first, thanks for your hard work on this script. I want to give your script a try on my next mission for our small friends community. :) Up to know we're using ACE, but we want to keep it more simple, but also more realistic than basic vanilla. If your script works fine in the first test, we will use this with Vanila instead of ACE. One question: I made a simple mission just for testing it on my dedicated and the stabilize, revive, drag, carry, unload/load features are working fine, but I realized that unconscious player can use the TFAR anyway AIS_TOGGLE_RADIO is set to true in your setup sqf. Any idea or known issue?
  11. If this is only squad on server and a coop mission and you don't want to work with GetIn waypoint you can sync(SetWaypointActivation not normal sync) land waypoint with a trigger. Trigger 0,0,-1 and no activation, but in condition line: {(alive _x) && (_x in heli1)} count (playableUnits + switchableUnits) == {alive _x} count (playableUnits + switchableUnits) This will count all alive players + playable KI chars in Helicopter and compare it with all alive players + playable KI chars Land waypoint will be not completed before this is true, Helicopter will not start before all units in helicopter.
  12. Thanks Pierre, tried both, but will not work on dedicated Server. EDIT! Sry, works. I had a wrong script path in the module. :) Thanks
  13. Even with good informations from Pierre I didn't get a solution for respawning vehicle with addAction and Full Arsenal on dedicated server. But that doesn't mean anything, as I told before I'm an absolutely beginner. I used custom made inventoryin the vehicle and no arsenal. I respawned vehicle with my custom made inventory. That will be ok. If anyone can post a solution how to respawn vehicle on dedciated server with Arma respawn module + remoteExec script for adding complete arsenal to that vehicle I really apreciate. I don't need it anymore for the mission, but just want to see how that can be done. Hope to learn something from it. Thanks.
  14. Thanks Pierre. In the meantime I already recognized myself that this local effect cannot work on dedicated server and also found the remoteExec in the Wiki, but I don't figure out how to use remoteExec correctly with addAction. I think example 4 wil be exactly what I need. I will give it a try after work today. I will give an update if I got it running on my server.