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    [Resources] How to make a Terrain

    Good morning everyone; i know this topic might be dead . I m new to creating a map. so I have done follow some videos and I did import some files into terrain builder but still a long way to a map. still, didn'tt do the layer.cfg ( still empty cus I need to learn that ) and if anyone welling to help I will be in your debt.
  2. this is my result, thank you very much Z21121 Z21121 under UN Mission Z21122
  3. thank you very much i will be posting how it will be looking
  4. hello I would like to ask you for help in making decals for my mod C130J ( CUP) I m making Tunisian Air Force C130, when I just retexture with text on it, it looked mirrored on one side and found your decal pack and I like it and I want to know how u did it so that I do like it or help me with it this is what I m trying to recreate and this when Tunisian Air Force sent one of its 2 C130 J to UN mission So Tunisia has only 2 C130J(30) the 1st S/N is Z21121 with Code TS-MTK and 2nd is Z21122 with code TS-MTL both are under the 11th Squadron I will be in debt to you if you helped me out
  5. Mootaz25kh

    Mod visibility in Zeus

    https://pastebin.com/ViWt7VPs i need help with my mod as it's not showing in zues
  6. So a few weeks ago I got permission from CUP guys to use their Assets but hit a wall with config, as started with infantry uniform but I couldn't get it to work so any help with that. don't know if this got asked before but if so post a link to the topic
  7. Mootaz25kh

    Help with Using CUP assets

    the uniform came out nice bty IRL for reference
  8. Mootaz25kh

    Help with Using CUP assets

    thx guys I already got help in discord .... but i guess I will keep this thread on so that any future bugs I come across as I don't know coding in general even though back in 2016 I created a mode using vanilla and some other mods assets
  9. Mootaz25kh

    Help with Using CUP assets

    this the config https://pastebin.com/GEU8mCyP this is how it looks, by the way, I have a running mod using vanilla and it works fine but when I want to try using CUP I got this error.
  10. Hello @Foxhound thx to a friend i finnally made cinematic trailer for the mod https://youtu.be/YVsgdXNTbfI
  11. I Proudly Present TUNISIAN ARMED FORCES MOD After Hard Work and Lot of time i finaly release Beta Version For Tunisian Armed Forces Mod the mod Includs : Infantry SPECOPS Cars : Oshkosh MRAP Truck : Hemtt Tank : Leopard 2 Revolution Armed Boats Pilots UH-60 Helicopters ALCA Fighter UAV F-16C Flags Some Music TAF Mod Requirement 1 ACE + CBA ( optionnal i never test it without them ) 2 RHS USA 3 NIARSONAL Steyr + M60E4 + FN MINIMI 4 F-16 Standalone 5 UH60 + NH90 7 TMT MOD Credits to respective of Addons owner i inherite and sorry for not posting picture now because i'm using laptop low graphics and if anyone that gonna download my mod share HD picture very welcome to post pictures and anyone gonna download my mod and find a bug or error just report it and post here or to my Facebook page Download Link Google Drive Download Link Support me if possible : this my donation link or mail : mootazkhelifi0@gmail.com
  12. https://mega.nz/#!Gt4GjDrZ!gWbGCK5mwlS_zv1HFCcgLx5Xw3d5xhRaMtGv4QTiLTw mega link
  13. Hello i updated to mod to version V0.5 Beta Steam workshop https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1349448152 Mega is still uploading @foxhound
  14. hello guys earlier this week i uploaded the mod to Steam Workshop Tunisian Armed Forces -- Steam Workshop
  15. Mootaz25kh

    Naval Expansion Mod

    cool i like it i propose : leviathan , or Poseidon hhh or Carthage God Of War Anath hh
  16. Mootaz25kh

    Devas Turkish Armed Forces (TAF)

    great mod my friend i would help with infantry uniform but from the A3 uniform style and even the helmet ( the Green backs helmet may help ) because i find working with RHS US soldier bit hard hhh if i find someone can i would ask for help to create me this
  17. Mootaz25kh

    AI takeoff from USS Freedom

    is their possibility of creating a addon with the scripts like a modules you link it to fighter in top of uss freedom and it takeoff
  18. hello i created a Patreon page for my mod to be honest my computer is very old and financially not well so i hope i got support from the community and be able to upgrade my pc and hopefully make some giveaways as thanking to all my supporters Tunisian Army Mod Patreon page
  19. is the update can be found in steam workshop
  20. Mootaz25kh

    [ALiVE, SP/COOP 1-20] Inshallah [Insurgency]

    @HeroesandvillainsOS hello your mission looks interesting but sadly here name is offensive and using it may look insulting to me as Muslim 1st and Tunisian 2nd, In sha Allah means god willing and has nothing to do with terrorist ... you should have kept religion out of the game
  21. Mootaz25kh

    can i import my own 3d tank model to arma 3 ?

    is it possible to import from Solid Works and top solid
  22. Mootaz25kh

    Arma III Publisher error

    if you uploaded in item see item states for every sub a download
  23. hello in last few days I was trying to publish my mod to steam workshop and in every attempt, it appears only to friendy-only is their a way to fix that
  24. use this link, i fixed size issue
  25. there is an error in the link when my friend clicked to download this happen