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  1. How did you create the sattelite image? It does not look like the google maps image.
  2. Well, APEX for example has a whole different version of the This Is War track.
  3. So, what will happen when you use APEX or Marksman music in your mission? When you place it via a trigger and select the track? Probably would work fine for people who do not have the dlc, when copying the file and placing it in the mission directory right?
  4. I have the same issue, would like to know an answer too.
  5. Nice, work looks really good. Funny I am currently working on my own Island Giglio which is basically next door to your island. Currently don't have the time to work on it though so it is nice to see someone else is making a map of an Italian island.
  6. Gauroroth

    CfgHQIdentity Falcon?

    I meant "Falcon" aka captain miller, from the campaign. Since I used some of the .ogg files from the campaign it would be strange to hear him talking and have a different radiochannel. Thank you Midnighters I will try this although I am not that good at scripting and it would have been nice just to have this channel already present like the other ones.
  7. Does someone know what the CfgHQIdentity is of Falcon? I already tried the ones mentioned below here: "Base" "HQ" "PAPA_BEAR" "AirBase" "BLU" "OPF" "IND" "IND_G" Falcon does not seem to be part of these.
  8. Gauroroth

    Camp Pendleton Terrain

    really? well, if you go to the pmc wiki you should find information about terra incognita under real world data.
  9. Gauroroth

    Camp Pendleton Terrain

    Why not use this? http://pmc.editing.wiki/doku.php?id=arma3:terrain:satellite-texture-terra-incognita It makes excellent sat images. Just select your region, zoom in so you are on 100m so it is 1m = 1px. Then save the selection als oziexplorer file and wait until it has downloaded the file.
  10. Gauroroth

    Road int

    How would you flatten only one road in TP? When I use the roads.shp file it flattens every road I placed.
  11. Gauroroth

    Road int

    I am having the same issue. I think however that you will need to fix this yourself since BI stated that users have to check afterwards. It is not guaranteed that terrain processor will do everything perfectly. The settings you showed do what is showed here so I don't think it will resolve your issue when you change anything. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Terrain_Processor:_Heightmap:_Road_Integration I do not know why this happens to me though, looks way to off.
  12. Gauroroth

    PBO Creator for ArmA 3?

    Finally fixed it!!! The exclude from PBO setting of the PMC wiki was the issue. When I restored the default settings everything worked as it should.
  13. Gauroroth

    Malden DLC discussion

    found a video of exploring malden. Might want to skip some parts.
  14. Gauroroth

    PBO Creator for ArmA 3?

    Did what you said, I see those error messages again that it cannot find the picturemap and all those other files i mentioned earlier. Sorry if I am wasting your time guys, I couldn't foresee it would create so many problems to make the PBO.
  15. Gauroroth

    PBO Creator for ArmA 3?

    Yes I did, but that's not the issue. PBOProject does not want to find my files, I have no clue how to deal with this.