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  1. Ah, nevermind. Found the DLC parameter is needed. Question answered 🙂
  2. Hey man, not sure if I am going crazy but when trying to do this: _g_O_patrol = [_p_spawnPatrol, east, AI_SKILL, [3,6], "Men", "OPF_F"] call Zen_SpawnInfantry; that should get some vanilla CSAT faction guys it always prints theres no men in the faction. I also tried some modded ones with no luck. Manually running: ["Men", east, "OPF_F", "All"] call Zen_ConfigGetVehicleClasses; from debug screen in editor comes up with empty array. ["Men", west, "BLU_F", "All"] call Zen_ConfigGetVehicleClasses; This is also an empty array. However when I simply do: _g_O_patrol = [_p_spawnPatrol, east, AI_SKILL, [3,6]] call Zen_SpawnInfantry; It does spawn CSAT guys.. Any pointers?
  3. Any plans of turning this into an addon instead of a misson script by chance?
  4. Hi guys, Recently started giving scripting a bit of attention but ran into a problem. Iam trying to create a simple script that would put hit markers onto targets and subsequently addAction to delete them. The last part is what Iam struggling with as I am not able to get the spawned spheres into array to delete them: _targets = [0,0] nearObjects ["TargetBase", 9999999]; _bulletholes = {_x addEventHandler ["HitPart", {_spr = "Sign_Sphere10cm_F" createVehicle [0,0,0]; _spr setPosASL (_this select 0 select 3);}];} forEach _targets; hint format ["%1,%2,%3", _bulletholes]; _targets just looks for TargetBase objects _bulletholes tries to create the Hit Markers using eventHandler HitPart. But when i try to use the bulletholes variable it just returns count of spheres created, not the objects themselves. Thanks for your help, Simple