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  1. Hey all iIm been having a problem now where the game is stuck on creating. Brand new install of ARMA and TADST. On TADST all that happens is 10:54:32 Dedicated host created. 10:54:35 BattlEye Server: Initialized (v1.214) 10:54:35 Host identity created. 10:54:35 Game Port: 2302, Steam Query Port: 2303 and then just stops. I'm trying to get a BMR map to work btw. nevermind i got it to work
  2. So i have a new computer and set everything up as usual. I used TADST and the BMR insurgency mod that we wanted to play on. So i set up my port forwarding and everything was going smoothly until i tried to join my server. I am stuck on the Stratis loading screen and nothing else happens. Plz Help.
  3. So i have a BMR server with TADST and im trying to use IniDB to save my server once i shut down my pc overnight and its not working.Could someone tell me what to do inorder for it to work.
  4. Hey i have a BMR Insurgency server that we play on. The thing is im trying to figure out how to save the map when i close the server. I am trying to use inidbi to save it but im having troubles with. Could someone tell me what to do thank you.
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    BMR Insurgency

    Hey im been trying to make my BMR Insurgency mod save on my server im not sure how. I use TADST for the dedicated server and have Inidbi and im not sure how to make it work. May someone please help me