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  1. This program is dead. After the recent Arma 3 update, dedicated server suddenly shuts off after "Dedicated Host Created" information.
  2. After 1.76 update when I'm playing as Zeus and after 5-10min trying to open a map then the game crashes with the same error as the topic is about
  3. Hi, thanks for deciding to read me issue, so let's get started. I used to use my dedicated server to host the game and then play on it with my friends (dedicated server was hosting on the same pc as I'm playing on) and there was no issue with that. After a long time of playing, we took a break from Arma 3 around the begging of August.Now we came back and I see that there was an update more or less related to the Arma 3 Dedicated Servers, which broke my dedicated server - I'm using TADST and Arma 3 Dedicated Server from Steam Tools to host the server. Problem is that when I launch the server (server says that server launched properly) I can't see it on LAN, neither on the Internet - Direct Connection also doesn't work. All my ports are forwarded as they were before, the server is the same as before because I didn't change any options and yet before it worked and now it doesn't. Please, if you know any advices or ways to fix it and to be able to play again with dedicated server please share them with us https://pastebin.com/jpi0tkQx - Log from RPT file https://imgur.com/uFCix7y - Picture of server window @EDIT: SOLVED: There was a problem with server version, steam didn't update it by itself.
  4. Alright, again thank you very much ^^
  5. Here is my classnames_extension.sqf
  6. Damn.. Thanks very much! @edit Vehicles works great and im happy about that, but now there is a problem with enemies in town. There is no enemy in town or even on whole map + I can't capture the town.
  7. I deleted the "," but it's still not working. There is something else wrong? :/
  8. Oh, alright then. But anyway thank you for you work ^^ @edit I tried to do something by myself but it doesn't work. In build menu there is not even a single added vehicle. I tried with overwrite = false also but I didn't change anything. Any tips for me? :)
  9. I will be very greatful if you will put all Russian vehicles, all USA vehicles and units + still there will be vanilla units. Because I would love to fly and ride with USA vehicle but from time to time take a Russian vehicle.
  10. Would you like to share already modified file? Because I don't really know how to do that. I figured it out how to open classnames extension.swf but still I have no idea how to put RHS assets there.
  11. I have some issue with RHS, because in Build Menu I can't build any of RHS Vehicles. However in Arsenal I can use every item from RHS. How to fix it? :/