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  1. Hello Is there a way to use the arma 3 standard hmd instead of your hud/hmd? Greets mike
  2. TitansWeasel

    Cant get the Jet Croshair

    Hello Flight path is straight and level, 500kmh and 300m. It does not matter if I'm zoomed in or not, I just don't get it. But thanks for your time man. Greets mike
  3. TitansWeasel

    Cant get the Jet Croshair

    Hello Thanks for your fast reply. I know what the cross hair do and what I have to that I should get it. I'm placing the 164 in the editor loaded with gbu 12. Get in the air, select the gbu and switch to the pod. But I only get the cirkle above and the cross of the pod. But not the croshair to aim with the bombs. The only way I can aim the bombs is with the hud/hmd. Greets mike
  4. Hello Can someone give me a hint. Im not able to get this croshair when i fly my jet with the GBU12. There are no mods active an in the dificulty options is everything enabled. https://www.directupload.net/file/d/5711/xunxop76_jpg.htm greets Mike
  5. Hello im working on a config for my clan. i wrote an config for the melb helicopters, so that we can use ace hellfires on it. it works fine, but the position of the missiles is not correct. that is the part in the TransportPylonsComponent section. i tryed to edit the UIposition, but it does not work. maybe someone has an hint for me. greets Mike
  6. Ah, ok Thanks for the info.
  7. Hello Is it right that your latest sitrep is restricted to your patrons? I loved to read them, know what you are working on, and what we can look forward to. Would love to see them back for everyone. Greets mike
  8. Hello Thank you for the new AGM 84s. Can you tell me the maximum standoff range of them? greets Mike
  9. Hello Thanks for the answer. Is there something we can do to correct that? Greets Mike
  10. Hi firewill We have a lot of problems with the ccip of the planes. We are not shure if its a bug or we are doing something wrong. When i do a freefall bomb drop with the gbu54 at the f-16, i have to arm where the ring hits the line of the ccip. Than the bombs are spot on. When i arm at the middle point of the ccip all bombs are to long and impact behind the target. With the a10 it is even worse. Are there some procedures for the free fall bomb drop or is it the ccip it self? Greets Mike
  11. TitansWeasel

    F-14 Tomcat Series Standalone

    Hello The Downloadlinks of the first two Skin Packs seems to be broken. F-14 1st Skin Pack - "Black Lion's Pride" F-14 2nd Skin Pack - "Reservists" greets Mike
  12. Hello I have seen that you includet the FIR_AV8B but not the FIR_AV8B_NA. Also the F-15SE from Firewill is missing. Would be nice if that types would be includet also. greets Mike
  13. We are just using helicopters of the cup mod. The Black Hawks (transport and daps), Little Birds, CH-53. greets Mike
  14. Hello I just want to ask if there is an compatibility mod for Cup Aircrafts. regards Mike
  15. TitansWeasel

    Make Pilot carrying his helmet under arm

    Can you show us a link of the video? Greets mike