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  1. It worked! Thank you, R3vo! Though I still don't know what I did wrong lol. I'll keep studying. I want every player on server to be able to have that scroll menu so I guess I'll start digging. Thank you for the advice!
  2. Thank you for the reply! I'm trying your code now but it doesn't seem to work. Maybe because I'm not on dedi server? (I haven't installed dedi server on my PC yet) Also, the first 3 lines that I wrote above are needed on top of your code? I tried so and it works halfway (there are the scroll menu). The problem is the game seems failing to refer to myCuratorModule. It says 'Undefined variable in expression: mycuratormodule'. Here's the code I tried, which I copy-pasta your code.
  3. Hi, I'm trying to create script that make players gain/leave access to Zeus on the go, but I'm struggling with a variable. What I'm trying to do with the code below is to have a player a scroll menu option to gain access to / leave Zeus. When I try to select the scroll menu in-game, an error comes up saying "Undefined variable in expression: _mycuratorplayer". I'm guessing this is the wrong part: _myCuratorPlayer = player; but I don't have enough knowledge what exactly is wrong. Can anyone please guide me what I should do? (Sidenote: I posted pretty much the same thing on reddit but the answers people gave me was to use already existing addons, which will also work. However I want to make my own addon for the community I'm in as my small contribution to it, and that is why I also posted here to get help.)
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    Wrong color format

    It's a bit late to reply but I hope this can help some people out there still struggling with this problem... If you edited mission.sqm manually to remove/add AddonsMetaData, you have to make sure "class AddonsMetaData" says like this; class AddonsMetaData { class List { items=10; // <- this number has to match how many MataData classes are written below class Item0 { blah blah blah } class Item1 { blah blah blah } ... So if you got class Item0 to Item9 then you got 10 classes, and the number at items=XX should be 10.