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  1. Can anyone point me toward a digital Tanoa topographic map for graphics associated with a homemade mission? I downloaded everything through steam and don't have the bonus folder in my directory, and I've had no luck with the topography cheat code as well. Is there a place to download the file? Seems to be in Bohemia's best interest to have it out there for fans and developers.
  2. Faction / unit creation tool It would be great if there was a way to create factions/units in the editor or with a graphic interface mod for the script challenged. Does anyone know if this function is already out there somewhere?
  3. You guys certainly stay busy, thanks! Do all the Load Bearing Equipment (LBE) options have the same load capacity? It'd be great if the models with buttpacks and bandoliers had a higher capacity. As example, the bandoliers were/are used to carry and keep accessible a second basic load of ammo (7 mags). It's a small thing but would up the realism a notch if we could do that in game to make those models more than cosmetic. It's just a very minor realism issue and maybe not minor to implement, so certainly not something to prioritize. Thanks, PS- I don't know the first thing about modding but if anyone can point me in the right direction to learn how to modify capacities for Arma gear, I'll give it a try.
  4. Keystroke to drop ruck (supports react to contact drill)
  5. Has anyone else noticed the footbridges are gone when loading the game after the patch? Maybe just me and I need to delete and reload again.
  6. Wow! This mod just reinvigorated ARMA: * Creeping through the jungle and getting scared out of my seat by enemy's I walk right up onto. * Jungle sound is awesome and immersive. * Music in the Huey rocks! * Ability to pack so many troops into the Huey; how many passengers can we stuff in there? * Uniforms * WP Grenades !! (I'm going to keep the unsung mod loaded even on other era scenarios just to keep the WP) (maybe make the smoke last longer?) * Napalm !! Lovin'it!! (even better if you can keep the flames going as long as a typical smoke grenade lasts to simulate secondary burn) * Bunkers, sniper trees, and spider holes are super immersive Great work. Let us know where to drop off the beers, you earned them!
  7. Looking for a unit, preferably: * Play Sun evenings or afternoons U.S. timezones. * Realism group. * Using Unsung mod would be a bonus.
  8. Gebb

    3CB BAF Weapons

    Awesome work. Probably a noob question but are the L86 rifles more accurate or have different range than the L85 in-game? I noticed the stat bars for them were all the same (except for the weight) so I'm wondering if that's not accurate and the L86 rifles are modeled to be more accurate at range? Thanks, the new weapons, gear, and units have really added a cool new perspective to the game!
  9. Gebb

    Eden Feature Requests

    I'd like to be able to create a faction in the 3D Editor. As example: military advisors to either a Red, Green, or Blue faction.
  10. I'm looking for an ARMA 3 group that uses ACE on Hawaii timezone (AUS and Pacific US also good). Thanks,