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    How do I have units from an INDEP faction become OPFOR? The specific case is the US Army from the Iron Front mod. I'm trying to have them become OPFOR in a Warlords scenario to fight BLUFOR Wehrmacht. The player slots work and are all OPFOR. However, any squad reinforcements are INDEP.
  2. brekiy


    Just tried to make a mission where I have an originally INDEP faction (that is, in the editor it's INDEP) acting as OPFOR. I switched the playable units to OPFOR and they work, but whenever I call in reinforcements they come out as INDEP and start shooting at me. I can't really see where in the update I can fix this.
  3. The new weapon sound/recoil update is A+. They're so fun to shoot, just to hear them and see them recoil in iron sights!
  4. brekiy

    Less Explody Aircaft

    It says he edited the vanilla base classes. If RHS inherits from those, then they are probably affected.
  5. I'm making a personal mod that replaces the vanilla weapons carried by NATO, AAF and CSAT with those from CUP. I got the weapons to show up on the units ingame, but the units themselves look different. I think it is because I set the inheritance from the base soldier as in the first block (B_soldier_AR_F). In this case, the Autorifleman shows up wearing a plate carrier in MTP instead of the vanilla green. I tried the second block to see if I could inherit from the soldier, and then change only the carried weapons, but it refused to load. Does anyone know how to change just the weapons carried? class B_soldier_AR_F : B_Soldier_02_f { weapons[] = {"CUP_lmg_M249", "CUP_hgun_Glock17", "Throw", "Put"}; respawnWeapons[] = {"CUP_lmg_M249", "CUP_hgun_Glock17", "Throw", "Put"}; magazines[] = {"CUP_200Rnd_TE4_Red_Tracer_556x45_M249", ..., "Chemlight_green"}; respawnMagazines[] = {"CUP_200Rnd_TE4_Red_Tracer_556x45_M249", ..., "Chemlight_green"}; }; class B_Soldier_lite_F : B_Soldier_lite_F { weapons[] = {"CUP_arifle_M4A1_ACOG_Laser", "CUP_hgun_Glock17", "Throw", "Put"}; respawnWeapons[] = {"CUP_arifle_M4A1_ACOG_Laser", "CUP_hgun_Glock17", "Throw", "Put"}; magazines[] = {"30Rnd_556x45_Stanag", ..., "HandGrenade"}; respawnMagazines[] = {"30Rnd_556x45_Stanag", ..., "HandGrenade"}; };
  6. brekiy

    Arma 3 Aegis

    Looking forward to this mod's release!
  7. Going to repeat a question here. I've seen the tanks fire HE shells at infantry where the AI in vanilla tanks and mod tanks do not. How did you guys get it to work?
  8. Did you make sure you have an account on the bug tracker site?
  9. Hi, I noticed that the tanks seem to automatically use HE shells on infantry and AP on tanks. ASR AI might have something to do with that, but can you share how you guys made it so?
  10. AFAIK this is a config bug and will be fixed in the next patch, as well as for all the other factions that use custom radio voices.
  11. The new weapon recoils are really nice. I especially like firing the MP40 now; it shakes around and you have to control it.
  12. brekiy

    G.O.S Quick Mount

    What a godsend. Awesome script.
  13. The one in this video literally shoots faster than the one ingame. Also, is there a way to remove the heat haze when firing weapons?
  14. When I use the Maxim, it seems like it just has a ridiculously slow fire rate. I can shoot faster with the semi-auto rifles than this thing. Is it intentional?
  15. Is it okay if I write up some configs for the alternate camo troops of the RACS and SLA factions? I noticed that they have a few different camo schemes, but that only riflemen have been implemented. I wanted to make it so each camo would have a full set of troops to go with it.